Second Chance

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Best selling author Avery Williams has sworn off relationships for the time being. After getting cheated on by her scumbag of a boyfriend of 3 years and having him stalked her afterward when she refuses to get back together with him. She had just about enough of everything that’s going on. So she decided to sell her apartment in NYC, packed her bags, and moving back home.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

As Avery stands in the middle of her now-empty apartment in New York City she can’t help it but feel a little bit of regret. After all she had called this place home for the last 4 years. But when she looked over at the big damaged on the wall in her living room any regret was washed away. She needed this, really needed this. She sicked and tired of having to look over her shoulder. She wants to live a normal life and just to be able to breathe.

“Hey the movers are almost done with everything. You sure you got everything?” said a female voice from behind me. Avery turned around and saw her best friend Jessie standing by the doorway of her apartment.

“Yeah, I got everything. I just did another run through.” I said while taking one last look around the apartment and walking toward Jessie. I meet her 4 years ago she was just hired and was put as my new editor. We hit it off right from the start and became the best of friends. After everything that happened with my ex she helps me a lot and was there for me from the very beginning. I was sad to be moving away and won’t be able to see her as often. But she reassures me that she would visit me often.

“Well girlie then let’s go you got a plane to catch and with New York wonderful traffic we should leave now,” said Jessie as she pulled me out the door and start locking it up. Then both of us started making our way toward the elevator. After pushing the button we waited for a couple of seconds till the elevator came and we both got on.

Once we got to the main lobby and walked outside to wait for Uber that I had already booked when I was upstairs. I turn around and took one last look at the building before facing forward and closing this chapter of my life.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you to the airport? I don’t mind Avery,” said Jessie as the Uber pulled up in front of us.

“I’m sure Jess. You know I’m not good with goodbyes. If you go with me I’ll most likely end up crying my eyes out and would probably miss my flight,” I said as I let out a small chuckled at the thought of us both holding each other and crying our eyes out at the airport.

“Fine! But you better keep me updated. I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t know that you arrived safely in Brooks Town,” said Jessie as she gave me one last hug with tears falling her pretty face.

“Okay, I promise. I got to go now that Uber driver looks like he about to leave me any minutes now,” I said after pulling away from Jessie.

“Bye, you know I love you right Avery?” asked Jessie as I slowly walked toward the waiting car.

“Of course! And I love you too Jess. Thanks for everything.” I said while opening the car door and getting in. I told the driver my destination and turn to open the car window and wave one last time at Jessie as the car drove away.

I finally turn around and face the front when I couldn’t see Jessie anymore. I closed my eyes and let out the breath I hadn’t realize I been holding. Everything that happened in the last 4 months had worn me out.

After graduating from college and making the big decision to move to NYC I was excited and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. I lived with a friend of mine that I meet during college when I first moved to New York. I’m an aspiring writer. While trying to make a name for myself I work different part-time jobs to make money and also spent my time witting online. It was about 6 months after moving to New York that Jessie company emailed me about the story I was writing online. They told me they liked my story and was wondering if I wanted to publish it. I of course jumped to the chance and the rest was history.

I guess you can say that I was lucky that my first book did so well. And all the books that I wrote after also did well. In no time I was able to move out of my friend’s apartment and got a place of my own. I was invited to another fellow author release party and that was where I meet Derek Rawling. He charmed his way into my life and we began dating. I thought I was living the perfect life. That was until one day when I was out grabbing lunch with Jessie that a woman approaches me asking if I knew a Derek Rawling. That was when she told me that Derek has been cheating on me with her. She only found out about me 2 days ago when she was using his phone. She was angry and thought that I should also know what scumbag he was.

Of course, I had my doubt so I text him to come over my place after work. Once he got there I confronted him and after half an hour of making up excuses he finally gave in and confess that in fact, he had been cheating on me. I broke up with him then and there and told him to never show up in front of me ever again.

That was until I started feeling like someone was following me. Then I would come home to flowers being left at my apartment door. Then I would get small gifts once in a while. What freaked me out was when I got a card with a picture of my and Jessie when we were at our yoga class. I immediately went to the cops but it was not enough and since I don’t know who was doing all this their hands were tied and they can’t do much.

But then I started seeing Derek in places that I would be at. Then one night when I have gotten home late I saw him snooping around my apartment. When I called out to him he had run away. But then he would start calling me and texting me asking for forgiveness. He would show up unannounced and kept begging me to forgive him. I had turned him down multiple times, Jessie even told me to call the cops on him. But I didn’t and that was a big mistake. I went on a weekend getaway with Jessie only to come home to see that my apartment was broken into and everything was destroyed.

We immediately called the cops and good thing Jessie talked me into getting a security camera installed in my apartment. So we showed the videos to the cops and was shocked to see that it was Derek that had broken into my apartment and destroy everything. With all evidence the cops put out a bolo for Derek and were searching everywhere for him. Even with that Derek kept texting me saying I was his and that we will get back together.

Finally, after 3 months the cops were able to locate and arrested him. He has been sentenced to 2 years in jail I had a restraining order against him. But everything was just too much for me, I kept having a nightmare and always looking over my shoulder even though I know he’s in jail. After breaking down and talking with my parents they suggested that I can move back home. A change in scenery can maybe help and being around family would also be better too. And with my job as an author, I can work from home and just email Jessie everything.

So after some thinking I decided it was time to go back home and start a new chapter of my life. I put my apartment on sell and with the help of Jessie we began making plans for me to move back home. I felt like I can breathe again and was excited to be moving back to Brooks Town.

“Miss we’re here,” said the Uber driver snapping me back. I thank him and got out of the car and going to the trunk to grab my carry on and walked into the airport.

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