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He might seem like a player, but when he shows her his way of love in Erskine, Texas, she can't bare a second without him. Then, something Trumatic happened.

Romance / Drama
Symone Sanders
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 “Party”

“Places, places everyone!” My teacher says. *SNAP* “Ok, you can get back to work now.” The lights turn dim as everyone is getting ready for the valentines dance. It was 7:00 pm and the dance started at 8:30. I go to the back of the room turning the music and the disco lights on. I then observe the view from the pink balloons standing on the ceiling. Then, my attention turns to the tables. On top of the tables were a red cover, on top of the red covers were a few pink balloons tied down to a weight. I noticed That not all of the balloons were on the tables, so I some more on. Shortly after I was done, I hear my name. “Shea!” I turn around where the voice was coming from, then I see Zack pointing at 2 garbage bags on the floor. I gave him a thumbs up, then took the trash outside. It’s was fairly warm as a wall of air hit me. I throw the trash into the trash can. Then as I was about to walk inside, I hear footsteps. “You come around here often?” The voice said. As far as I know, he could be a rapist, I all know for sure about him is that he was a guy. Then I thought “Who the hell are you?” Then, reassuring myself, I thought that maybe I know him if he stepped into the light. Then he did. Then I was confused. I know EVERYONE from Erksine, so I figured he might of just moved here. He was wearing a suit and tie, he had jet black hair, and a flower in his hand, “For you, m’lady” he said. I examined the flower and immediately noticed that it was plastic. Then I realized that the exact same flower was in the front of the building to greet the people when they come for the dance. “Ah..... and that’s supposed to impress me?” I said. His flirty smile turned became an embarrassed frown, then, ever so slowly, he put the flower behind his back. “So where are you fro-“ he started to say. I knew his game. If anyone stood out here he would hit on them too. All he wants is a one-night-stand. “This” I almost started out screaming. “I see this every day, and if anyone else stepped out here you would hit on them too, and if this is your way of getting what your twisted little mind wants, then your wrong, so you can do us all a favor and just leave.” Then I saw the color drain from his face. “I— I’m so— so sorry, I’ll leave now.” As he was leaving, something said something to me, it told me to let him in, not into the building, but into my life. Then I grabbed his arm and made him face me, “No, I’m sorry, I got ticked off......everyone who comes to Erksine deserves a happy welcome.” I said. He smiled. Then something hit harder then anything ever hit me before, it was my conscience. Then without thinking I said 3 words that would change my life forever, “Wanna come in?”

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