More than just a pretty face (GxG)

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After a tragic accident that nearly destroyed her family Christina find herself on the outside looking in. Nobody seems to notice or care that she is completely broken on the inside. She finds herself isolating herself from her friends. That is untill she meets Amy. The girl next door who seems to have mastered hiding behind her humour and wit. Will Amy be able to help Christina feel whole again? A/N. This was my first book on Inkitt, and I can currently making some much needed corrections. The chapters with " * " are updated.

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*1. The girl next door(Prologue)

Amy's POV
She isn't like the rest of them. To most, she is the stereotypical popular girl. In fact, she is the queen of Lake View High and that's all anyone can see. But I know she is different. It's not like we're friends, actually, we've never even spoken. She probably doesn't even know who I am or that I even exist. I'm not some weird stalker or anything, I just happen to be her next-door neighbor.

Her next-door neighbor who is completely in love with her but will never stand a chance.

Three years ago Christina and her family moved next door. And the moment I saw her I realized how gay I am. By total coincidence, her room and mine are both on the second floor of our homes and again by total coincidence, we have windows facing each other. There are some tree branches in between blocking most of the view. But sometimes at night, I can see into her bedroom window.

Again I cannot stress enough how I am not a stalker. I always turn around when she is undressed or in any other compromised position, but besides that, I do find myself staring at her sometimes. How can I not? With her wavy strawberry blonde hair that came halfway down her back, and green eyes that you could get lost in. She had a long and thin athletic body with just the right amount of curves. At five-foot-seven she has the perfect height for the runner that she is. I on the other hand am a good three inches shorter. Not athletic (at all) and I have short brown shoulder-length hair. While she would have lunch with the cheerleader and the jocks, I would be with my two best friends. While she would go to the mall shopping and hanging out with friends, I would be alone watching movies or reading. And while she would be dating the ultra-popular captain of the football team I would be staring out my window longing for someone who will never be mine.

I’m not a total loser, it's just that I'm invisible. Going about my days not having to deal with any drama or unwanted attention and for the most part, I like it this way. She is the only reason I regret being invisible.

You might wonder why I'm even interested in someone like Christina Marks. Why would I be interested in someone for such vain reasons as beauty or popularity? But like I said she's different. I see how she is with her family and the love she shows to her little brother when I see her playing with him in their backyard. I sometimes overhear the conversation with her mother that go on late in the night. In the last three years, I have learned who she really is and not the mask she put on when she leaves the house. I see the kind and wicked smart chick she is, and it just makes me fall for her more every time I see her.
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