The Billionaire's UNPLANNED Wedlock

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"Only few days and I grew so close to Samuel Lindsey, the conquering billionaire, that we are at last getting married after so many hurdles. Everyone around us is happy for the decision but are we happy? I wondered" Rosalie Roberts have always been a woman of self respect and never wanted to get married thinking every man in the world gets married only to dominate their woman but when she met Samuel Lindsey he started to change her beliefs. And as their wedding day arrived the thought of marriage again started to threaten her. Her confusion grew, is she doing correct by giving up her life for share with a man who seemed completely different from her and whom she hardly know.

Romance / Erotica
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A man in his early-twenties walked up and down gripping his phone in anger. He then looked at the blank screen of his mobile stopping in the middle of his room and felt like throwing it away somewhere as the person he was calling showed no interest in picking up the call. Thus, he checked the number of calls he made to the same person and that boiled up his anger more. The last call he made was twenty minutes before and was the tenth call to the same person but no response came, sooner or later. By then everyone understood that this poor fellow is in real bad mood and can thrash out everyone who goes in front of him at that moment.

“Why keep a phone along when you can’t spare a minute to call back or even less picking up an important call?” he grunted and again dialled his brother’s number hastily.

The same response crashed back like previous times, it said the person is busy in another call and suggested to leave a voice message instead. Daniel by then had enough and almost threw his phone up in the air. But soon before the destruction his brother’s words rang in his ear.

“Daniel you are a big boy now, start working somewhere or else this would be the last phone bought by me for you. And remember, by mistake or by rage if you break this one down then no more phones until you get a job or join our company” these were Daniel’s brother’s words when he bought the latest phone for Daniel.

Recalling the words Daniel silently breathed deep and kept his phone over his bed. He simply hated the fact that how his brother is always busy with something or the other in that world which he hated; his brother’s company. Thus, he made an instant plan to ask his brother to sue everyone who keeps Samuel busy in office and scratched his head trying to calm himself down.

He closed his eyes and just then Daniel’s phone rang, His brother’s name, actually workaholic brother, flashed over Daniel’s phone’s screen.

“So here the busiest of the busy person is calling me” he chuckled while picking up the call.

A call from his brother is always a blessing for him and at this crucial time he considered it to be more than that. But soon Daniel’s happiness died listening to his workaholic brother’s reply.

“I am in a meeting, I will call you back later” and the blue eyed creature had cut the call before this poor muscle man Daniel could have explained the reason for his desperate calls.

He this time out of frustration and anger threw the phone in air without caring about the next consequences. To his luck the phone didn’t fall down and only toppled over his bed until it touched the pillows and stopped its motion. Daniel then sat down over his bed and was taking deep breaths while he saw a figure approaching towards him.

“Mom” he called out.

His mom silently sat beside him and patted his back.

“Your brother is very busy these days to increase the performance of our company…” but before his mother could have completed Daniel cut her off in middle.

“That’s never fair mom… he just can’t ignore everyone like this for his work and his company” Daniel was very hurt, his voice sounded so.

“Few more months and I promise that your brother will be back to you” his mother tried to assure but both of them knew the amount of love Samuel has for his company, so, there can never be any chance that Samuel would keep all his works backseat to give time to his family, BUT…

Hope never dies.

* * *

Another tale was going on in the other part of the city. Rosalie Roberts has again refused to go and meet the man her parents have decided for her to get married. And this is the third time she is making excuses to cancel the meeting somehow but her parents won’t listen.


“I don’t wanna get married, why you both don’t understand that?” sitting back over the couch I said defeated.

I knew I can’t do it again and again, meeting new people and rejecting them every time and as a result disappointing my parents. Also, I have reason for that but who will make my parents understand it?

“Listen child you are our only daughter and we can’t see you getting drenched in your work so much and have no other life for yourself” Mr. Roberts, my dad, took the seat beside me and explained.

His voice was calm while I saw my mother fuming through the corner of my eyes. She was ready to give me back any moment soon if I continue these tantrums of mine. But this time I was determined to clear off everything so that dad and mom don’t eat up my head anymore talking about my marriage.

“Listen dad” I paused as a click sound came from the entrance of our house.

The next moment the door got opened and there stood her, Maria, my childhood friend or better to say my growing up partner. She looked at me astonished because she wasn’t expecting to see me sitting in pyjamas while we had a girl’s night out that night. Then quickly understanding the matter she turned to go but how I can allow my only hope to go away at the time of crisis?

“Stop right there” I said aloud as if ordering.

She turned back at us and smiled sadly. She had no way out of the situation and probably cursed me inside her head.

“Maria come here and explain, that, boys these days have become very cheap and never respect woman” my heart said she would say what I asked her to but my mind said the opposite.

On one side I wanted her to support me and get me out of the situation but on the other side I wanted her to stay mum. This conflict has its own reason.

“What will Maria say” and then my mother barged in, she couldn’t hold back her tongue for more “she herself has such a cool and cute boyfriend”

What!!! Mom met her boyfriend? When? Where? And my eyes met Maria’s. Seeing me gawking at her she simply bent her head and didn’t dare to open her mouth.

“I met her boyfriend past month when they were out for some wedding shopping, so how can you expect her to explain it to us because what she is doing with her life is what exactly you should do as well” I badly wanted to cry but for the moment I wanted an escape.

“Now Rosalie listen” mom kept on saying “at least go and meet him once and then decide”

I don’t even want to meet him then why the eff I will decide something? I grunted but putting up a smile I turned towards my room to go and get ready for the cause seeing no other option.

“Child if you don’t want to do arrange marriage then you can go for a love marriage and for that say yes to that cutiepie Arien” how many shocks more for one day? Ohh!! Lord.

“How come you know about Arien?” I cross questioned without the intention to answer anything.

“We are your parents…” and we know blah blah blah…

“Okay Mom, okay Dad I will meet the boy, now let me get ready”

I walked off without waiting for any further discussion and as we, Maria and me, entered inside my room I looked at her. Her head was still bent and I waited for an explanation.

“I have a plan that can get you out of the situation” her voice was almost inaudible “listen Allie” I became attentive as she explained every nook and corner of her plan.

My eyes grew wide and I jumped in joy. My saviour at last got a plan to save me.

“I love you girl” I kissed over her cheeks and she rubbed over the spot narrowing her eyes.

I was happy, very happy as I walked inside the closet and chose clothes for me. And after I got ready we both girls went to our hall.

“Bye Mom, bye dad” I said waving my hands in air and walked away.

The man who wanna marry me, just wait dear to face me. I smiled evil and started my car.

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