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S*x, Virgins, R*pe, Love, Murder, Abuse, Ex's, Car crashes, Miscarriages, Coma's, and Life, in general, is what 25 year old, Stephanie Taylor has to go through every day. Her dad was arrested for the murder of 2 innocent kids, and robbing a bank. Stephanie had just finished college and decided to move in with her 4 brothers and their roommates. Her ex is back is back in the picture, and so is one of the roommates. Best of both worlds, right? Life takes a turn when she gets the interview of a lifetime, and she is turned down, because of her fathers' happenings. Her boss, Mr. Daniels is a rapist, child neglecter, but also one of the richest men in the city. When life is going downhill, she meets again with her childhood friend, Ethan Tucker. PTSD and Depression got the best of her... what happens now?

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Moving In & San Grayce Bank


Dear journal,

Today is May 22, 2020. I am 25 years old. I know I am probably too old to be keeping a diary or whatever you want to call it, but it helps with getting my emotions out. My name is Stephanie Taylor. I have 2 older brothers, James 28; Kylo 27; and 2 younger brothers, Karson 22; Hayden 21. We are all pretty close in age so we get along really well.

Last month my oldest brother James asked me to move in with him, the boys, and a few of their roommates that I had never met before since I just came back from college. I graduated a couple years later than most students because I decided to get my Masters in medicine. I agreed to move in and today I am officially moving in! Side note - living with mom and dad is really boring.

I slid the notebook away from me and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I was heading downstairs when I felt my phone vibrate.


I’m too hungry to deal with this.

I sat down at the island and found a full meal layed out that most likely mom made. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, and more. She didn’t cook full meals unless it was for special occasions or if she was stressed.

“What is all this for? Are you okay?” I asked, in a concerned way.

“Yes, I am fine. I am just sad that you are moving in with the boys. I will be all alone!”

“You will have dad; what do you mean?”

She chuckled “Oh yeah… I forgot. I just don’t want my only baby girl to leave!”

“The boys only live ten minutes away.”

“Really? It takes me half an hour to get there.”

“That is because you barely know how to drive.”

That was only a partial lie.

Just then, my dad came down stairs in a Superman costume...cape and all!

What was he wearing?

“Dad, what the hell are you wearing?”

He responded calmly, as if nothing was wrong. “A Superman costume.”


“You know I am a children’s entertainer.”

“But on a Tuesday morning at 9:00 am?” I asked as I started making a plate putting small proportions of everything on my plate.

He turned his heel and walked back upstairs ignoring my question. Mom gave me a look clearly saying ‘go check on your dad’.

I walked upstairs and opened the master bedroom door slightly. Only to see him shove something black into his top drawer and throw - what looked like an empty black backpack- to the corner of the room. I wasn’t concerned about it until he yelled at me.


What the hell was that for?

I slammed the door out of the pure natural reaction of confusion and ran downstairs, feeling an anxiety attack rush over me. I sat down on the couch as mom ran to me in a rushed and panicked way. Both sweat and heat were the only things I could feel on and around me. I felt myself shake and begin to get dizzy. The shaking was a mixture of being hypoglycemic and having an anxiety attack.

My dad ran out the door not even daring to stop and ask if I was okay, which was weird of him. My anxiety turned from concerned to hurt and anger.

The front door was about to close when I put my hand in between the frame almost smashing it, not caring.

“What is wrong with you today!” I yelled.


And with that he grabbed the door handle and slammed it shut. I stood in the doorway completely frozen.

My mom gave me a tight hug, apologizing for whatever that was.


My phone went off once again, and this time I decided to answer it.

To Stephanie: “Hey sis, what time are you coming?” -James

To James: “Like… one or one-thirty.” -Stephanie

To Stephanie: “Okay.” -James

I walked back to the island and at my plate of food in silence. When I finished my plate I got dressed into a white T-shirt and light blue jeans, not caring that my hair was in a messy bun. I moved all of my boxes into the trunk- which wasn’t much- and drove the ten minutes to James and the boys’ house. I hadn’t seen my brothers in a few weeks so it would be nice to see their faces again.

As I arrived, noticing that Karson and Hayden were waiting on the front porch, I felt my heart race from excitement of seeing how much my younger brothers had grown. The first thing I did was get out of the car to hug my brothers. I opened the car door holding my arms out. I put my arms around Karson first and surprisingly he didn’t hug me back- which was weird because usually Karson was the most energetic and happiest of us all.

“Karson, what are you doing! Hug me back.” I said while chuckling awkwardly.

He put his hands on my shoulders gently pushing me away from him. “Did you see?”

“See what?” My smile dropped and my furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

Hayden looked at me as if I was crazy. “Come inside, I will show you he is all over the news. People don’t know it is him yet but we noticed his scar.”

Who are they talking about?

I walked inside and sat on the couch, my heart pounding in anticipation to find out what they were so worried about. I found another one of my brothers, Kylo, on the couch talking on the phone in a panic. Hayden turned the TV on and it went straight to the channel I’m guessing was on last - the local news. The first thing that was shown on the screen was a blurred picture of a man with the title: Shooting and Robbery at San Grayce Bank by Man in Superman Suit. My heart dropped when I remembered what dad was wearing when he left the house. Now I knew why he had a black backpack and the item he shoved in his top drawer was a black object, that I just couldn't make out.

I have to call mo-


My mom was calling me.


I picked up. “Mom, are you okay? Did you see?”

“Yes! I saw.”

“I don’t even know what to say. But to be honest that could have been anybody!”

“Honey, stop making excuses. And for proof, look closely, the picture shows the scar on your dad’s hand.”

Why does she always have to be right?

I didn’t even have to look back at the TV to believe her. “Okay, well do we tell the police that we know who he is?”

“They already found him.”

“Oh. Wow! He has never done something like this before. What’s wrong?”

“Umm… let’s talk later.”

“Ok then… well what’s going to happen to dad?”

“I have no idea, but I am worried.”

“Me too. Update me if you figure anything out about dad.”

“I will.”

I got off the phone with mom and by then the boys calmed down and showed me around the house. He was showing me upstairs until we came to the part where I had to meet their roommates. We stopped at the first roommates door, and Kylo didn’t even care to knock on the door; he just swung it open.

Laying on the bed was a tall guy -probably around 6’1 or so- on his phone. He had curly, dark brown hair with dark brown - almost black - eyes. He jumped up from his bed and threw his phone on the bed, holding his hand out to greet me. “Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Jeremiah, and you are…”

He is so ho-

“Hellooo?” Kylo waved his hand in front of my face. I didn’t even realize I was gripping Jeremiah’s hand too hard until I heard him curse under his breath “Ow! Sh!t.” I was too busy noticing how cute he looked, I was practically drooling over him.

“Umm… sorry! I am Stephanie. Nice to meet you too.”

I let go of his hand and immediately felt the blood rush to my face, only being able to imagine how red it actually was.

“Your face is turning red, Steph. You okay?” Kylo asked knowing that I was blushing.

“Oh whatever. You are so annoying.” I whispered as I hit his chest with the back of my hand.

We laughed and went to the next roommates door which was across from Jeremiah’s. I was more prepared for this person because I had met him before, once or twice. I already knew his name was Terance, he was 26, he had a sister named Liah, and that he was the “class clown of their house” as James described him. I knocked on his door, stepping in front of Kylo so he wouldn’t burst through Terance’s room. Terence was known for his golden eyes and dirty blond hair. He was a good 5’11. The door opened quicker than I expected it to.

“Hey Stephanie! I haven’t seen you in a hot minute. ”

“Hey Terance!” I said as I gave him a friendly hug.

“How are you?”

“I’m doing pretty good, you?”

“I have been doing good, have you met Jeremiah and Augustus?

“I have met Jeremiah but I haven’t met Augustus yet. Could you introduce me?”


Kylo went downstairs to make sandwiches for everyone while Terance walked me to Augustus’ room. “Auggie is so nice. You and her are going to be best friends probably. I can feel it.”

“Good! At least there is one other girl here other than me.”

“Yeah… I guess.” He said awkwardly.

Terence knocked on Auggie’s door a couple times before opening it slightly. After she saw it was just Terance and I, she swung it open with force, not even jumping at the sound of her colliding with the wall. “Hello! I am Augustus, but you can call me Auggie!” She squealed while forcing her hand out from her back to shake my hand, almost tripping forward.

From that moment I realized how good of friends we would be. I introduced myself and we all went downstairs to eat the sandwiches Kylo had made for us.

When we finished eating, everyone helped me move and unpack all the boxes - which didn’t take long. My room was next to Terneces and across from Jeremiah’s

from Jeremiah’s. It was around 5:00 PM when I was hanging up the last of my clothes and fixing the rack of which my shoes were on.

Augustus came into the room with her jaw on the floor. “We have to go shopping!”

“Why? What do you need?”

“It isn’t what I need, you need new clothes.”

“No I do-”

She cut me off. “Yes, you do. Don’t lie to yourself. So tell me, how old are your clothes?”

I knew she meant it out of trying to help but I don’t think she knew how harshly she sounded. I told her to give me a few minutes to get ready and pulled out my journal.

Dear Journal,

I have good news and bad news, I will tell you the bad news first so the good cheers you up. Dad got arrested for a robbery and shooting at San Grayce Bank and now he is all over the news. The good thing is, I am officially moved in and I met all of the boys’ roommates. Jeremiah, Terence, and Augustus. A few minutes ago “Auggie” asked me if I could go shopping with her since she thinks I have bad clothes. I haven’t gone shopping for new clothes in quite a while, because no matter how much I eat, I never really gain weight. My metabolism processes food too fast, the name of my condition is malabsorption syndrome. In other words, I have to eat a lot so I don’t get hypoglycemic or suffer from malnutrition.

Anyways, on a completely different note:

Earlier today I met the hottest guy I could have ever seen. Tall, chocolate eyes, chocolate skin, a single dimple, and an amazing smile. I am only 5’7 so the difference between our height is huge but I don’t care. I’d just clim-

“Climb what?” I heard a husky voice behind me and slammed my notebook shut, noticing who it was.

“Umm… J-Jeremiah, what are you doing in here?” I stuttered.

“Auggie told me to tell you,” His voice went up two octaves to mock her. “Hurry the hell up, because they close at 7:00.”

I chuckled “Oh, okay then. Thanks.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” He said while smirking and nodding his head to my book.

“How much of it did you read?” I once again felt myself blushing.

He began to recite what he read. “Earlier today I met the ho-”

I covered his mouth, yelling. “STOP!,” My eyes went wide and I went pale. “How did you know it was y- I mean,” I cleared my throat. “That could have been anybody.”

“Well then who was it?” His voice was muffled under my hand.

“That is none of your business.”

“I think it is because, who else in this house has ‘chocolate eyes, chocolate skin, and is tall’? He said after peeling my hand away from his face.

“All of my brothers are tall and Terence is pretty tall too.”

“I don’t think you write in your journal about how hot your brothers are.”

“Maybe I could be talking about Terrance.”

“He has blue eyes, stop making excuses.”

“Why are you trying to get me to say that I was writing about you? And better yet, why are you still in here.”

“See you later Stacy.” He said as he turned his heel leaving the room.

“My name is Stephanie!” I yelled from inside my room, not caring if my brothers didn’t know what I was talking about. I laughed and rolled my eyes, thinking of what I should wear to go shopping.

I decided on a white casual dress with black and white checkered vans. I put my hair into space buns and wore light makeup; a little mascara, tinted lip gloss, and light blush. I had only taken 5 minutes to get ready so by the time I was done, Auggie was waiting by the door.

I walked up to Augustus saying, “ I’m ready! Lets go.”

“Hold up, we have to wait!”

“For what? I thought you said we had to hurry up?”

“The boys and I decided that we are all going to go shopping together since we are going to go to the club later tonight.”

Oh no! All of my overprotective brothers and two hotties all in the same club! That wont be good!

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