flowers for Delilah

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a girl who has a love for flowers has to move at a young age so when she has to move she is heartbroken. when she sees the house she goes into the back yard to see if there are flowers but instead she finds a boy the same age as her and becomes best friends. The years that follow they grow a bond that is really strong she tells Oliver all about flowers and hes tells her about minerals . as they grow older so dose her feelings for Oliver but the unexpected happens and their highschool experience would possible change their future for better or for worse.

Romance / Poetry
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The goodbye

where the flowers bloom so does hope

Delilah has always had a love for nature her favorite place to be was outside even when it rained, the kids around her thought her was weird and her family thought shell get over it so they let her be. every project was always about flowers it was like they were her happy place her whole life was flowering the rest of the little girl’s lives were about big pink dresses and bows bigger than her head. Delilah thought her life was perfect until she received the worst news ever she would have to move, she didn’t have any friends so she didn’t really have to say goodbye or miss anyone it was the flowers. She would miss the roses, tulips all the wildflowers she could never remember the names too, and most of all the daisies.

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