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April was a 19 year old girl who worked a a coffee shop near her house. She was fun, hard working and super outgoing. Brandon was a 19 years old guy who had a crush on April since he first saw her and worked with her. Will they get together or will Brandon fail to tell her the truth?

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The meeting

April worked at her brother’s coffee shop. Josh knew she was a really hard worker and was good with customers. April would talk and be kind to the people who came in. Another worker was Brandon, Josh’s friend’s brother. Brandon was just as hard of a worker as April. Brandon and April went to the same school since grade school. April wasn’t popular and tended to hide in the shadows. But Brandon knew she existed and loved her with all his heart. They were very different. April was outgoing but hid in the shadows and Brandon was outgoing and didn’t hide. He was proud of who he was and didn’t care what others thought. April never spoke to him or knew about him. They never really met.
One day April was restocking the sugar and stuff. She was humming aloud to a song that was playing in the shop. She loved music but wasn’t good enough to sing aloud to her. Brandon wanted to talk to her but wasn’t sure what to say. He walked up to her and tapped on her shoulder. April turned around and their eyes met, “Hi.” Was all April could say. She got lost in his eyes. Brandon smiled, “Hi.” There were no customers in line. April liked him. He was interesting. Customers in the shop started to chant, “Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.” April blushed and looked over at her friends who had started the chanting. They smiled at her and continued, “kiss. Kiss. Kiss.” Brandon smiled and moved the hair from her face and kissed her gently.
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