Coffee Shop Romance💖💖

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Could this be love?

After their first kiss, it was like everything was different. When they were working together it made work fun. April knew Josh wouldn’t let her date Brandon. And Brandon knew that too. But he could feel a feeling he never felt before. It was strange. Everything was better with April at his side. It made him feel stronger than before. April worked harder than before. She smiled more and was way nice to customers. It was weird to Josh to see the two of them being like this. Could it be love? Or was it just something strange. Josh planned on finding out. Josh knew about the kiss and didn’t care. He thought it wears just to make the customers happy and stop chanting.
The next day was a day off for April and Brandon. Brandon walking to the park and started to write a song for April. He knew she would love it. He knew that the coffee shop had a open mic night. And his plan was to play the song in front of everyone. April was at home and planed on texting Brandon. She grabbed her phone and found his name in her contacts. She clicked on him and texted him: Hey Brandon. What are you doing right now? He replied as fast as he could: Nothing really important. Why? What’s up? She took a second and said: Just wanted to know if you wanted to come over and hanging with me. He sent a smiley face and said: Sounds awesome. I’ll be there in a bit. She thinks of Brandon and says to herself, “I can’t tell if I love you.” She set up the couch and made snacks. She smiled to herself. Everything was going to be perfect. Josh called April, “Hey sis. What are you doing right now?” April sighed, “Nothing. Why?” He laughed, “I’m on my way over there. Just thought I could hang out with my sister.” April gasped, “What now?” Josh smirked, “Yeah. Why did you have plans?” April was kinda mad, “Yeah. I kinda did.” Josh acted shocked, “with who?” April sighed again, “Brandon.” April could hear Josh say something under his breath. It sounded like “What the hell would she wanna hang out with him? Are they dating?” April smiled as the door bell rang. April hung up her phone after saying, “Bye, bro. Talk to you later.” She answered the door and smile. There standing on her front porch was Brandon. April smiled, “come on in.” Brandon smiled, “April?” She looked into his eyes, “Yes, Brandon.” He stepped closer to her, “I love you.” April turned the brights pink in the world. Back in high school, April and Brandon were part of totally different groups. April was one of the nerdish emo groups and Brandon was on the basketball team. April wasn’t popular and didn’t have many friends. But Brandon on the other hand, was kinda popular and had a lot of friends. But he loves her. Why? How? Since when?

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