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In love. Get over it.

April and Brandon got together and were the cutest couple ever from what her friends said. She smiled all the time and was definitely happier. They were in love and everyone congratulated them. Expect Josh. He knew the type of guy Brandon was and didn’t want his little sister to get hurt. Brandon’s brother, Aaron, warned Josh. He told him, “don’t let her get too into him. If I know my brother and I do, He’ll play with her feelings for a few weeks at most then dump her in front of his friends and laugh at her when she cries.” It kept replaying in Josh’s head over and over.

Brandon was treating April like a queen. He loved her since forever. One day, Josh came over to her as she was working. April turned and faced him, “Hey Bro. What’s up?” Josh told her, “You Know I love you, right?” April nodded. He continued, “I only want the best for you. For you to be happy.” April looked at him confused, “Ok. Bro is something wrong? If so you can tell me.” He sighed, “I don’t think being with Brandon is a good idea.” April was mad, “why? What’s wrong with me being happy?” Josh grabbed hold of one of her hands, “nothing is wrong with you being happy. It’s just Aaron told me what Brandon is like. And I don’t want you to get hurt.” April rolled her eyes, “Get over it. Brandon and I are doing just fine. If he does anything wrong I’ll tell you first. I promise.” Josh nodded, “Ok. Just be careful.” April smiled and nodded.

It was Friday. April got on stage and smiled at everyone in the shop, “Hello everyone. It’s Friday and we all know what Friday nights are. It’s open mic night. So Anyone who wants to go up and do something. Go to Brandon. Can’t wait to see what talents we’ll see.” A total of 10 people not including Brandon went up. April would introduce each person. When it was finally Brandon’s turn. She looked at him, “And finally our last performer of tonight’s open mic is our coffee guy Brandon. He’ll be singing a song he wrote himself.

Brandon walked up, “Hey guys. I really hope you like the song. I wrote it for my princess. Everyone’s favorite girl, April.” April blushed and looked around since everyone had looked at her.

Brandon laughed and started to sing, “My love and my heart. So beautiful and kind. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and maybe even more. I could never imagine what I would do without her. She’s not just some girl. She’s my girl and my truest love in all the world.” He paused for a moment kinda nervous but continued, ” I’ve never known a love so true. I’ve never seen such beauty before seeing you. I’ve always seen you and never had the guts to say it but I love you and only you. My heart. My love. My soul and life. Without this girl I could never understand what I’m meant to be.”

Everyone loved it and April cried. She smiled at him and they hugged. Josh still didn’t know how to feel about him.

Everything was perfect and Josh would watch them sometimes to be sure April was ok. Brandon was sweet and caring towards her and kept her from being hit on by other guys. He was like a knight in shining armor. Life was good for them. They worked at the shop and that made them happy to always be together.
They got married after April’s 24 birthday. And had 2 kids, Liv and Max. Liv grow up to be more like Brandon and Max was more like April. And they all lived happily ever after.

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