Vampire In love

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A normal girl ,who's never believed in supernatural things , meets a vampire who falls in love with her. Will they be together or leave each other sides?

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Blake's point of view

Haley was 17 years old. She wasn’t popular. She didn’t even have friends. Haley never spoke to people. She knows that people aren’t meant to be her friends. But she never believed in the supernatural. She only believes in thing she know of. She didn’t believe in God, Buddha, or anything like that because she didn’t know about this things and if they’re real. The day she met me, Blake the bad boy, Then she started to believe in the supernatural. I was the baddest boy in all the school. She was the loner girl who didn’t like to talk to people. But I changed her mind without my vampire powers.

It was Monday, Haley’s first day of senior year of high school. She knows everything to expect this year unlike the last year and her freshman year. She was picked on and called a freak, weirdo and so much more. She didn’t care. She was used to it. Which sucks. She shouldn’t have to get used to it. But she is. I’m Blake Jones. I’m a vampire. I don’t kill people unless I really need to. I was turning to a vampire at the age of 18. So I look 18 years old, but I’m really 200 years old. But This isn’t about me and how I was turned this is about my feelings about Haley Clark. I’m on the football team at this human school. It’s actually really fun. I love it. And this is how I met her and fell in love with her. I was at this school everyday since I was turned. I didn’t started attened here until I first saw her today. I started I told them to put me in all her class. They asked me why. I told them just to do it. And they did.

They gave me weird faces, But I didn’t really care. I want to get to know her, before I spoke to her. Her class were French, Math, Bio, Choir, History and English. You could really tell she hated school. She was just sitting there hating everything and everyone. She sat alone in the back when I walked in. all the seats around her were empty. So I sat on the chair to her right. There was about maybe a few inches between us. I looked at her and she looked at me. She looked angry and upset to see me sitting by her. She must have liked sitting alone. So the teacher wasn’t teach and everyone was talk. I look at her, she was looking out the window. So I said, “Yo. I’m Blake Jones. What’s your name?” She looked at me and said with an attitude “Haley. Why are you talking to me?” I could see that she was scared of me. So i said, ” I wanted to get to know you. Why do you look like you’re afraid of me?” She said, “I don’t know you. And You have fangs.” Oh no I forgot my fangs were out. I didn’t know what to say to her. so She said, “I know they aren’t real.”

And she looked back out the window. I said, “But they are. Do u not believe in vampires?” She shook her head. I couldn’t believe it. So i asked, “Why not?” Haley said, “Because they aren’t real. The whole supernatural thing isn’t real.” I looked at her and asked, “When is your birthday?” She looked at me like I was a creep or something. But she said, “Wednesday.” School was over. I went to my locker and it was right next to her. It’s nice to see her all the time. I really do like her. Why can’t she like me back? It’s not fair. I hate me for being me. I gave her my number and walked away.

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