The light of my Darkness world

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No one can’t recognise her, their have a dress code this night at club and she’s the only one wear a read gown. I observed her, and their is something about this girl. Until what happened to them that night and she just vanished like a ghost, no traces about her. Her scent like a drug that I’m obsessed, I’ll find her no matter what, I’ll be the first and last man of her life I’ll gonna make sure of it” Find out how he will find the mystery girl that bring the light of his darkness world, how they will handle the challenge of their love story!”

Romance / Action
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The Light of My Darkness World

Chapter 1

Danica Austin

Well I’m Danica, I’m only daughter of Mr. Dave Austin, my mom died when i was 9 and after that death of my mother, my father hurts a lot, he makes him busy always, away from our home, to avoid the good memories of my mother. Every year i just saw him twice, my birthday and Xmas only, and sad is i meet him at his office only. We celebrate for especial occasion only at restaurant. All along I’m just alone, my 2nd mother is my nanny who raise me and act like my mother.

“ Danny, what are you’re plans after you graduate??” Were eating breakfast, after 3days I’ll graduating with higher ranks but sad to my father not sure to attend.

“ well, Ma, I decided to work after of it” she look confused at looking at me.

“ what do you mean?” She know that I’ll not be working first, at first i want to travel and see the world, but it change my mind.

“ Ma, i want to work, i don’t want dad to disappointed on me, I don’t want to act like a spoiled brat Ma. I want to show him that,I’m here his daughter always waiting for him,,”

My tears start falling, she knows how i want attention from my dad, but he always far away from me. I don’t know why, but i feel that his blaming me for cause of death of my mom.

I have one only bestie and she is Lily Lim, she’s my bestie from grade school, well we share everything, but there is one thing we protect and treasure is our v-card, we promise that we should be 18 before we give up of it.

“ so, we turn 18 for almost 5 months but were know??” I know what she mean, but were not ready yet, not the right guy, you think were slut? No, we just want to experience what they always talking like stuff, of what it feel.

“ maybe after our graduation?” I suggested her, with a devil smiled and she agreed. So we finally have a plan, after our graduation we have a ball party at school and we decided to look for hookups.

Days past and tomorrow is day. I got receive gifts from my dad, a gold credit card that it say spent whatever i want to buy or places want to travel and a passport. No other letter or something saying that he miss me or he wants to see me. I cry a lot over the night until i sleep. When i woke up, i saw my eyes is swollen, I’m not happy for to day.

Only my Ma, and butler who accompanied me at my graduation,

“ smile my child? Please!?!” Ma is cheering me up, but I can’t help it, they say I’m the luckiest girl of our school because my father is a billionaire man, but they don’t know the real thing, i want this ceremony to be end early.

“ Dani,” my bestie is coming for me with her parents. “ congrats, Danica! You’re speech is good, I’m sure if you’re father is here he will proud of you” tito hug me and tita.

“ I doubt it,” they looked,

“ maybe he have a good reasonable why his not here?” Tito ed try to console me. Tito and dad are good friends from college.

I decided to not attend the ball party and i want to drunk my self tonight as in super drunk. I even tell Lily and she agree of me, we decided to go for and expensive club. But first i have to get away from our driver/bodyguard. The plan is we were go to ball party, and we will escape from there. Living our phone usual to not caught, cause i know there is tracking device at my phone. I pay one of my classmate to borrow his car, so we were wearing our gown to scape, not have time to change the attire.

“ so? Here we are?” Lily is nervous a bit, this the first time we were out without our protecting.

“ yes” we saw that hard to enter because of the line. So i have to make move, money can do everything. So i talk one of the guards and give him a thousand cash, so we enter to hustle,

We amaze when we enter the club, this hell, and what i observe is, they’re look like in twenties, and here we are 18, and we look so much younger than them. The way they look at us, in a weird look, well we can blame them, were the only one who wear gowns. Well were here, and we have to enjoy everything. We drinks and dance, boys are coming to flirt with us and i just sent them away,

“ dani? We have plans right??” Lily remind me, but tonight i feel not the time, i just want to forget my dad.

A few hours later Lily accompanied by a hot boy, they dance and flirting. After a few minutes they walk to me.

“ dan?? I can’t just leave you right?” Lily concern about me, cause she knows i drink so much.

“ I’m alright, just go and enjoy” i smiled at them, and a man approached them and talk something with the man with lily and whisper something,

“ dan, there something want to like accompanied to you? Are you ok with it?” Lily whisper to me and i think that will fun, the man lead to me to the stairway and enter to a private room. Lily and her hookups enter to other room, when the man knock and it open, the man behind me is gone. I just enter, and i saw a big man, in an expensive black suits, first thing i saw is his green eyes, he have that beautiful eyes and it’s my first time to see such and a beautiful eyes.

“ hi, take a sit?” his husky voice, and i don’t know but it feel me chill, the way he look at me it feel like he will kill me at the right moment.

“ thanks?” I smile at him, i don’t care if my legs were seen because of the slits of my gown, i saw the way he look at my exposing body, i bit a little bit my lower lips.

“ drink?” He offer, but i have a little in my naughty mind

“ can you offer more than a drink? I think we both know why I’m here?” And that’s it, he stood up and walk at me.

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