Story of Three Sisters

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This is the story if three sisters, Riya, Piya and Tua. (Although it's mainly based on Tua.) Riya is your supposed good girl. And Piya ran from home to marry her teacher Animesh. Which caused a big havoc in their lives. Their father hadn't acknowledged her marriage because Animesh's caste is lower than them. Meanwhile, the quarterback of Tua's school, Arya, had confessed his feelings for Tua to her. Tua is a sophomore while Arya is in his junior year. But the most disturbing thing is that Arya and Tua's caste is not same. Not that it would bother Tua, because she gave him a straight "no". But is she lying to herself? Read it to find out. ---------------------------------------------------------- P.S:- Since this book is already completed, updates will be frequent.

Romance / Humor
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(1) The three sisters


Tua couldn't sleep. She is awake all night, lying down beside her eldest sister and moving from this side to that side on the bed. Finally her sister wakes up,

---"Tua? You are awake?"

---"I'm sleeping."

She places her hand on her sister's arms and tries to sleep. Mom and dad are sleeping in the next room. Dad's snores can be heard from there.

Tua's eyes are still awake like a late night star. She's whimpering from a secret hidden under her pillow.

... No! It's not possible.

What's not possible?

Three years ago, she was in sixth grade.

Her elder sister, Piya, didn't return home from her coaching class. Twelfth grade, senior year, loads of homeworks, coaching classes...she used come home for a few minutes and then again went out. No one bothered much about her. They thought that she's busy with her study, just that. Between one coaching class and another, her eldest sister, Riya, used to give her a glass of milk or something quick to eat. Riya was happy that her sisters were studying hard. She was like a mother to her two sisters, Piya and Tua. And their mother couldn't be more happy for that. Although Riya wasn't too older, 2nd year of college, history honors. But she was too busy looking after her sister than studying herself. That's why she missed classes too occasionally. And dating? Nah. Guys didn't dare to come near such a quiet girl. So, she got a name in college, "good girl".

Really, no girl couldn compete with her. She handles everything with ten hands, like goddess Durga. Piya and Tua also loves her very much. Obeys her too.

But that day, just before Piya's exam when Piya went to coaching class, didn't return home. They searched and searched for her. Two days later she returned, as Animesh sir's bride in his home. Animesh sir was a coaching tutor of hers. Animesh Ghosh. He was not of her caste. He was not a brahmin. That's why, Piya's father became like a stone in grief for a few months. He decided that he'd never take that girl back as his daughter ever again. He'll know that he has only two daughters not three.

That time, his eldest daughter, Riya, nursed her father back to good health. Their mother only used to do the cooking. The rest of the decisions were Riya's forte. But how did this happen? She didn't even get the wind if this? She had cried for days, clutching her littlest sister in her arms.

They couldn't even report to the police. Because Piya had turned 18 just five days ago.

Three years passed after that. Mejdibhai, Piya, every single day stands beside her window, with her chubby little son in her arms when Tua goes to school and again when Tua comes home from school. She notices them. One day she had told her bardibhai, Riya, in secret, --"You know what? Mejdibhai have a cute little son!"

Her bardibhai then looked at this and that way with a finger on her mouth and said, "Shh".



Bardibhai= It is a greeting usually used by the younger siblings from their eldest sister.

Mejdibhai=This also a greeting. It is used for the second eldest sister by the younger siblings.

This chapter was mainly a filler. The next chapter will be more interesting. Please vote if you like the story.

Thank you

Tiya ♡

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