Life Of A King

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Definitely not another story about Kings and Queens

Romance / Mystery
Sandisiwe Gxaba
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“What are we doing here?”

I ask Chris as we walk into the mall

“We here to get a few supplies that’s all. Remember Mxo is hosting a braai at his place”

He reminds and I roll my eyes

“That’s today?”

I ask and he nods

“Yeah, how could you forget? Where’s your mind at today?”

He asks and I shrug letting out a sigh

“Kaylin and I broke up last night. She says the long distance isn't working for her anymore”

I say and he frowns

“Why so sudden? It's been 3 months since she left”

He says and I nod

“You telling me”

I say rolling my eyes as we head into the alcohol store. We browse around the isles

“What if they want our ID’s at the till?”

A girl asks her friend’s

“Don’t worry friend they won't, it's not my first time buying alcohol her”

One of the girl’s responds confidently

“I don’t know you guys…”

She says looking so innocent with her big bubbly eyes, she looks so sweet and innocent. Nothing like I have ever seen before.

“We can help”

Chris says to the girls and they stop and all turn to us

“Cute but no thanks”

One of the girls says

“We have this covered”

The other says

“Either we help you or I rat you kids out”

Chris says with a smirk, I shake my head. Knowing him he probably wants one of them. My eyes are on their other friend who is playing with her hands nervously standing awkwardly.

“fine! You will be paying for whatever we get”

The first friend says and Chris smirks

“What kind of gentlemen would we be if we didn’t?”

He asks and the girls smile except for the one

“Our friend is having a party, how about you guys join us?”

He suggests as we walk around the store, I walk side by side with the dark beauty with an afro

“I am Dylan”

I say


She says and I smile

“I’m Samke too, well Samkelo”

I say and she giggles looking down playing with her hands nervously


She says and I chuckle

“Nice name. So I take it you don’t drink”

I nudge her and she shakes her head no


she says

“Then why do you let your friends push you to do something you don’t want to do? You seem out of place and uncomfortable being here”

I say and she nods

“I am uncomfortable”

She admits

“So will I be seeing you at the party?”

I ask and she shakes her head no

“My parents are pretty strict”

She says

“So what would I have to do if I wanted to see you again?”

I ask her and she shrugs

“You could give me your number”

She says and I smile

“I don’t trust you, let me take yours”

I contest and she smiles

“Fine, hand me your phone”

She says and I pull out my phone from my pocket and hand it to her for her to type her number. When she’s done she hands it over and then I save her number and return my phone in my pocket.



We drinking and having fun, my friends and I have been friends since primary. We all attended Queenstown Boys and are originally from the Eastern Cape, yep we were the typical rugby boys with the accent. Chris, Mxo and I went to Cape Town for Varsity and Siya went to NMU but we always kept in contact and are still good friends til date.

“I thought you said you invited some girls”

Mxo says directing it to Chris who shrugs

“I don’t know what the problem is because Kylie said they’d be here”

He says, I check my phone and the last time Samke was online was around 6pm and the last text I sent her on whatsapp I got one tick and she isn't answering my calls. We engage in a meaningless conversation and Chris excuses himself heading inside the house. After a while he comes back in with the girls, I am shocked to see Samke here. He gets them camp chairs and offers to get them something to drink and Samke requests a coke

“I didn’t know you were coming?”

I say and she’s sitting beside me

“I didn’t want to come but Kylie asked my parents if I could sleep over and as sweet and innocent as she can be they allowed me to sleep over”

I says

“I tried calling you”

I say

“I’m sorry, my phone has been on silent”

She says and I nod

“I understand, wanna go somewhere quiet?”

I offer and she nods and we get up together and walk to find a quiet spot. We land up in Mxo’s room and just sit together chatting about anything and everything, one thing leads to another and we end up kissing. I break the kiss

“Are you sure about this?”

I ask her and she nods

“yes I’m sure”

She says and I continue to kiss her and that alone leads to our naked bodies grinding to the same tune. The world has disappeared and it's only the 2 of us and our moans. I won't lie I am shocked that virgins still exist but clearly I was wrong and I didn’t think she would allow me to go all the way with her. When we done I pull her into my arms

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re a virgin?”

I ask her

“I didn’t want you to think of me somehow”

She says

“What? That you’re an angel and you innocent?”

I ask and she giggles

“Thank you for trusting me”

I say and she kisses my chest

“Thank you for being gentle”

She says and I kiss her head. Her afro is now a mess but it is clean and it smells amazing! Whatever she uses works for her.

I am Dylan Samkelo King, turning 21 this year and I am currently busy with my training at some company where they produce medication and thanks to my father for his connections and my good grades. I recently completed my degree in Pharmacy and I’m furthering my studies. My father is the famous Gabriel King, a ruthless business man and my mother is Kholiwe and she’s an actress and doing really well because she now owns a production company with my father of cause, my mom and I get along but my father on the other hand it's different, I mean the only heir and here I am having completed a degree in Pharmacy instead of studying business as he wanted me to.

Getting a 16 year old pregnant wasn’t part of my life plans but it happened and I was not about to throw her under the bus, we may have met that day but I definitely ended up with the love of my life and I have no regrets at all.





“Mrs King”

Someone calls out to me touching my shoulder, I look up and see a nurse who smiles at me pitifully

“Why don’t you go home and take a quick shower then come back? I will call you as soon as his condition changes”

she says and I shake my head no

“Mrs King please, as soon as anything changes I will personally call you on my phone”

She says and I sigh and get up


I say and then walk over to my husband’s lifeless body and just look at his handsome bruised face then plant a kiss on his forehead

“I’ll be back”

I whisper after my kiss and then take my phone and keys then head to my car. My phone rings and it's my best friend Kylie, I answer because I know she won't stop calling until I answer

“Hello friend”

She says, voice ever so bubbly and kind

“Hi babe”

I say trying to sound as lively as possible

“Any change?”

She asks and I exhale

“No babe, nothing”

I say

“We’ll keep praying ok? He’s going to wake up”

She encourages, I open my car door and get in

“I’m just so tired Ky”

I say hopelessly

“When are my prayers going to be answered?”

I ask

“Hey, hey. You’ve held on for so long, you can't give up now Sam. God will answer your prayers and remember, whatever happens, happens ok? We don’t blame God!”

I let out a sigh again

“Friend we’ll talk later ok. I’m on my way home”

I say

“Eat something Sam. Do it for the kids”

She says

“bye Ky”

I say quickly and drop the call on her. I throw my phone on the passenger seat and then head home. As soon as I get home I head straight to our room and strip out of my clothes and head to the bathroom to take a nice long bath. I can't recall the last time I actually took a bath, it's always quick showers ever since my husband’s accident. I relax in the warm water and reminisce about how far he and I have come.

“Lord I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I come humbled before you, asking you and pleading for you to bring me back my husband. Lord I’m not coping with him gone, I can't do this on my own. I need you Lord, I need him”

The tears roll down my cheeks and I try to sniff away the snort coming out of my nose

“Lord I’m tired. I am so tired”

I cry out wiping my tears with the back of my hand

“Lord please. I need you. I need you to remind me of who you are, the reason I turned my life around. Please bring my husband back to me, p…”

I don’t even finish as the tears gush out of my eyes and I break down in the tub. It's been so hard to go on without my husband. I remember it like it was yesterday when the doctor told me that his chances of survival were minimal, that even if he did survive he’d be brain dead. When a doctor says such to you even your faith takes a hit. He’s been in a coma for 6 months now and it hasn’t been easy for my kids and I, his parents on the other hand have been pushing to have the machines switched off.

My breakdown is disturbed by my phone ringing in the room, I get up and take a towel then wipe my body and rush to the room to answer it and it's the nurse that had asked me to go and take a quick bath.


I answer

“Mrs King you have to rush to the hospital, it's your husband”

She says rushing through her words

“He’s woken up?”

I ask wiping my body as quickly as I can

“His uhhhmm… His father is here and he told the doctor to switch off the machine”

I am Samkelisiwe King, I am 34 years old married to Dylan Samkelo King 39 years old, only son and heir to the ruthless rich and famous business man Gabriel King and Kholiwe King, a famous actress local and international. I had my first born when I was only 16, lost my virginity to the guy and Imibongo Crystal King was the result, things weren't easy being from a christian home and pregnant at 16. My father threw me out but Dylan took us in and he took care of us, he was only 21 years old and fresh out of Varsity. We got someone to take care of our daughter and trust and believe it wasn’t easy but we made it work and 6 years later we were married and expecting our second born Kamva Dane King who is now 12 years old.

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