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"I love you,Cassie"...... I shouted down the hall. She stopped abruptly, my heart skipped a beat. This is the part in movies where she turns around slowly and looks real cute with the spotlight on her. She kept walking and picked up the pace. I wasn't going to make another mistake,no not this time. I ran after her and caught up... She was still walking though😂. I stopped right in front of her. I touched her cheeks gently and they felt like doughnuts right from the oven.... If that's where they come from🧐. I kissed her tenderly on her lips. There was a dramatic pause.... Everyone was cheering for us...mostly me😂, I think... Then Cassie slapped me....Again, everyone gave a big sigh and I thought my life wouldn't get better until...... Keep reading😝😝

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one

"Roses are red, berries are blue. I love chip and dip, what about you....?". "What....the....hell.....was....that?", said Benjie my bestfriend who seemed to be choking on his sandwich. He lives 10 blocks away from me. "My short story", I said with a huge smile on my face. So, about's more like an assignment thingie. I was personally against going to school...🤷‍♂️. I see my future with the music industry.... Let's get back to Benjie.

"Dude you had the whole summer to write a story, a short one and you came up with that...?". He seemed disgusted. "Miss Wilson clearly said SHORT", I said😌. "Whatever dude", Benjie said as he walked away. So I basically spent the whole day playing games and I slept late.

"Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnng"..... I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. It was 6am. "What the hell....?" I was confused. Unless.....

"Peter, honey get ready for school" screamed my mom. Hell no... I must have lost track of the days. School is the worst... I reluctantly got up from bed and got dressed for school. Mom drove us to school. Yup, us.. Meet my also annoying sister Elizabeth Brown... I call her Lizzy but it's definitely Elizabeth for you😂. We got to school finally and I had to run off to class. Mom was calling me "honey and my baby" in front of all those people and I was a little embarrassed. So I was transferred outta my class because some dude apparently thought I was stealing his girlfriend and fought with me. "She looks at you all the time he would say". Like it was the most idiotic question I've had to ever answer, I would say "I literally sit in front of her" and then roll my eyes with a sigh. Guess Benjie would have to find a new lab partner. My new class seemed to be just how I imagined it would be....There was a seat at the back of the class, guessing that's my seat I said to myself as I sat down.

"Heyya Pete,".... There was a huge smile on my face... Only one person calls me that. It was Cassandra Wilson my other bestfriend.. I call her Cassie. But.... It's Cassandra for you😏. We used to be a trio, Cassie, Benjie and I till Cassie moved. I had a crush on her. Wasn't my fault though, she tripped me and I fell for her. "Girl you still tripping me big time", I murmured under my breathe. "What?", she asked. I thought real quick. "Errrr I said you are back....? " Phew.....I gave myself a pat at the back for that one. "My dad went on a business trip blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and so we came back". I wasn't concentrating.. I was lost in those blue pretty eyes. "Is this seat taken". She said pointing towards the seat in front of mine. "Sure, by you of course". I said keeping it all cool. She sat down. Our teacher entered the class with a new student and I couldn't believe that was the Mayor's daughter.. Sophia Leon. At that point I couldn't decide who was the love of my life..... Pizza or Lasagna😂😂. Just kidding....well I kinda also had a crush on her... Crazy right.....? Don't blame me she is almost as cute as Cassie. And with Cassie gone.... I just couldn't help it. "Hi my name is...." the class interrupted "Sophia Leon". I mean everyone knows her.... Mr. Harvey, the teacher frowned and we let her go on. "Sophia Leon and I'll be joining your class", she continued.

School just got interesting.....🤗

Chapter two is caught up in a traffic.... She'll soon be here😇.

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