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The King Series but can also be read as a stand alone. I quickly pulled her in my Room and shut the door which earned some gasps from others..I pushed her back against the door and glared at her... she smirked back at me and said "oh come on Ed! no need to be so grumpy, you know I'll never forget about it" I moved close to her wrapping my arms around her waist which caused her to wide her eyes.."Ed..wat are you doing ?" she let out a breathy laugh.. "Oh Cass..wat are u doin to me" and I wasted no time on pressing my lips to hers. ......... "Who let you in?" I shouted and came around my table to stand in front of it. He moved closer to me and in an instance he managed to wrap his hands around me and pushing me against the table.... "Oh Cass...wat are u doin to me" he whispered, I took a sharp intake of air and gulped....he smirked at me well known of what memory he has triggered. He wasted no time in pressing his lips on mine. ... Irene Cassandra Walker and Edward King.. Follow them on their journey of betrayal and complications

Romance / Mystery
Nancy me
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CHAPTER 1- Rainy day

The rain poured down heavily flooding all the roads of NYC, most of the main roads are blocked with heavy traffic ruining everyone's day.

Some of them are returning home more like rushing back from work, most of the vehicles are taxi's blocking the whole view of the road. Some are stuck on the way to the hospital, while some are running to God knows where as if their ass is on fire.

I look out through my car window which is blinded by fog and little droplets of the rain not giving a clear view. I just hope that she doesn't wake up anytime sooner before I reach there.

The pain I'm in right now is killing me,its pulling me by my gut to the point were I feel nauseous. Ofcousre i know that she should feel more worse than this,she struggled for so long, it sholud be more paining for her than it is for me. She is going to blame herself for this, I know, I know it's not her fault but still she will be worried....

I look down at my lap shaking my legs slowly.

God! How long is it going to take to reach there. I jus want to poke my head out from the car and shout at others to say"move fast you fucking snail heads".

I just want to get down from the car and shove all their heads up their ass and ask them to leave some way.

I just want to get down from the car and run my way to the hospital.

If we are not going to move anymore I'm going to do jus that.

I jus want to reach the hospital as soon as possible. No matter what.


After half an hour.......

I don't know how long I'm crying my eyes out looking out through the hospital window. It looks really dark and gloomy outside matching my mood and Just like me even the skies are crying their eyes out.

I head Richard talk to me earlier while I was asleep he said he'll return soon, he should be here any minute now. He should be worried about me I want to tell him that I'm okay.

My cheeks are wet from all the tears and my eyes feels heavy ,even after taking some sleeping pills I still couldn't sleep as the pain I feel is firmly etched on to my mind like fresh scars which sure is going to leave a mark.

A mark that I can never erase or forget for the rest of my life.

The door to my private room opens abruptly and in came my husband looking pale and with a worried expression on his face.

"How long have you been awake ?"

"I never slept" I said looking at his arms.

"I just spoke with the doctor and checked her, she said the baby is healthy. Our baby girl" he said smiling, I can see the adoration in his eyes , I can say he loves her so much already.

He slowly passed the baby to my arms , I lifted her in my arms as if she's some fragile thing and will break if I make one wrong move. No..i wouldn't hurt my baby...not my baby girl...not again.

I pressed my lips together, as if reading my mind he said.

"Dont worry. It was not your fault and you know that. Don't blame it on urself" I know he is hurt and I'm the reason behind it but he doesn't want me to worry about it. I nodded my head.

Her features nearly resembled to Paul's. Her hair is just like Richard's, his father's soft brunette one, while her eyes are dark brown just like mine.

All my worries washed away jus by looking at her. But we've to tell her someday...

"You should rest, the stitches will heal fast if you rest properly"

" When are we going to tell her ? " I asked beckoning the baby.

He starred at me for couple of minutes and exhaled deeply "when she is grown up, when she can understand it"

I hummed "will she ? Will she understand it ? We are not being cruel, are we?" I asked in a low voice.

He gently patted my head " no Evy we are not. Don't think too much, okay?" I nodded and gave out a small okay and rocked her.

A door creak turned our attention to the room entrance and Paul stood there with a scared look on his face peeking thru the door gap.

"Baby, come on ,come in. Come and Look at your sister, come here" I told him encouragingly his face immediately lit up and he slowly came near my bed and climbed on it.

"Can I hold her ?" He asked enthusiastically

I smiled at him and gave her to him asking him to hold her carefully. Richard came closer helping his son to teach him how to hold the baby.

He cooed at her and kissed the top of her head while she slightly peeped through her eye lids as if trying to recognize what is the reason for the new warmth that engulfed her.

Paul giggled slightly at it " she looks just like me" he said joyfully.

We both smiled at him " yes, yes she does"

He nodded happily and rocked her gently.

After some time Rick spoke out "Ok come on bud, let your mother rest well, we've to go home soon ryt" Rick nodded his head.

"Yes mama rest well,we will go home soon with her. I want to show her my room" Paul said happily.

"Okay baby, we'll go soon" I told him as he passed his sister to my arms carefully and got down from the bed. I placed her beside me.

Rick asked me to sleep and rest well and held Paul's hand guiding him out of the room. But Paul suddenly removed his hand out off his dad's grasp and rushed back to the bed as if remembering something.

He pushed the stool near the bed and climbed on it and gently bent down as if to whisper something in the baby's ear " Irene....Irene Cassy" he told her and kissed her cheek.

We both were shocked to hear it and smiled at each other " you already have a name for her baby?" I questioned him.

He blushed slightly bending his head down " yes.......I heard you and papa talking about it looking at the names in the book. So I took the book from your room and choose the name by myself....." he beamed happily at us "......do u like it" he asked us.

It made me cry, he's always been a smart and thoughtful kid about everything which he got it from his father, it made me feel so proud.

"Yes Paul, we love it" Rick replied as I was too bc crying.

He smiled and climbed down from the stool and went along with his dad.

I looked at my little bundle of joy lying there peacefully. I kissed the top of her head.

"Then Irene it is, IRENE CASSANDRA WALKER" I whispered to her slowly and drifted off to sleep.


Heyyyyyyy first chapter.........a little confusing but you'll get it once you get to know her story.

So....your thoughts on first chap...

Hope you all like it...

Have a nice day...☺

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