War For Love

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Rose Dalton has been running from her fucked up past since she was fourteen. Now, in last year of high school the only thing she doesn't want is remainder of her past and background, Luke Anderson. Luke Anderson, being the only son of a billionaire, had every quality of a rich and cocky bastard. Now, every thing he wants doesn't want is to meet a crazy and misterious girl, Rose Dalton. What will happened when they meet each other again and again? Will they leave their fears and let each other in? Read and find out.😉

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I sighed as I stared at my surroundings. I stood inside my new house. Home? No. Dad purchased a house as soon as I told him that I was moving to London. Does that mean I will live here? Fuck no. Though, I will have to live here for a few days. Until I find a new apartment. Which I very clearly know I wouldn't be able to find. Because dad being a nosy person that he is, would never let me live my own life on my own terms.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pants. I pulled it out. Scarlett.

"Hello, biggie? Have you reached? How is the new house? Do you like it? Can I come too?" She said without taking a breath. I chuckled at her eagerness.

"Hey, shorty. Yes, I have reached and for the house.... it's too big and lonely and elegant. As for you coming here, I don't think that's a very good idea cause I know you will cry yourself to sleep at night like last time."

"Okay. Okay. Fine. Not that I am sitting ready to come there."

"Oh. Dad won't let you come even if you wanted."

"I know. You are lucky that dad loves me more so, you got to go outside. Otherwise, right now you would have been sitting beside me right now and watching Frozen Princess."

"Yeah. Like I would have watched it. Okay bye. I will call you later." I hung up before waiting for response.

Scarlett is my little sister. Well, she is not so little. She is just two years younger than me. That makes her sixteen, yet her favourite movie is Frozen Princess. She is like my best friend. Even though we see each other once a year since last three years we are pretty close. I left my house and started living separately since I was fourteen because I felt suffocated there.

I sighed and sat on the luxurious couch and looked around again. I don’t know why rich people like living in such large houses if they can just need a single room. Typical people.

I turned when I heard the sound of something crashing. There stood a lady in her forties. Her hand flew to her mouth as she stood there with a shocked and horrified expression. She looked like she would cry any moment.

“Are you okay?” I asked her. She looked at me.

“I am really really sorry. I was supposed to arrive here before you but you see my son he was ill and I could not leave him alone. When I realised that he was okay I came here running and in rush I just…”

“Hey, hey. It’s really not a big deal. If you hadn’t broken it I would have. I didn’t like it.” I tried to soothe her. After hearing my words she relaxed a bit but not completely.

“I am really sorry. By the way, I am Helena Brown. I was asked to come here for cooking.”

I nodded and smiled at her. “Hello. My name is Rose Dalton. I was told that somebody was gonna come to cook. So, welcome Mrs. Brown.”

She smiled brightly. “Oh come on dear just call me Helena and I am not married. I was accidentally pregnant. And the father of child was a asshole and my family was a orthodox so, after knowing that I was pregnant they disowned me. So,..” She paused before slamming her hand on her hand. “I am really sorry. I was rambling again.”

I laughed with her. I instantly knew we were going to have a lot of fun. “It’s really fine. So, where is your son?”

“Oh. He is at home.” I frowned.



“Why didn’t you bring him with you if he was sick? Or you could have took a leave?”

“A leave on first day? I really need this job. I couldn’t have took a chance.” She looked a little sad talking about money.

“You know I think I will have dinner outdoor so, you can go at home.” She frowned.

“Are you firing me?”

I let out a laugh. “No. I am giving you a paid leave.” Her eyes lit up.

“Really?” She asked looking unsure.

“Of course.” She turned to leave when I continued. “You can bring your son around sometime. We will have fun.” She smiled and nodded before going outside.

I was walking backing back home after dinner. Yes, I was walking when I had five cars standing in the garage. I liked walking. I found it relaxing. It was already dark outside and I was alone on the road. Until I heard sounds of two people talking something like 'fuck yeah, she is really good'. My hold on my phone tightened and I starting walking faster. I could still hear voices behind me. I was about to turn in my street when I felt somebody's hand on my shoulder.

And at moment I really regretted going out at this time.

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