Monstrous Love

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DARK ROMANCE "The day your name collided with mine was the day you became Hunter Knight's property... Either you like it or not but you belong to me..." Hunter A known demonic beast once again decided to cage an innocent soul in his den...but this time it isn't a desire... But a deadly obsession ... An obsession to satisfy his newly born desire... A desire to cage an angel in his hell... But what will happen when his desire becomes the reason for the death of his own heart... What will he do when his urge to avenge his love will shatter his own heart...Only one secret will shatter his whole existence... But will he be able to save himself from the hell he set for her... A NEW STORY BUT A SEQUEL OF "BILLIONAIRES MADNESS" WHICH ONLY CONTAINS HUNTER KNIGHTS SIDE STORY... WARNING: A DARK ROMANCE ... IT CONTAINS TRIGGERING CONTENTS... MATURE: THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT... RAPE AND HARASSMENT SCENES... YOU WERE WARNED... READ IT ON YOUR OWN RISK...

Romance / Fantasy
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Author Pov.

"Don't... please I don't even know you... why are you doing this..."

A frustrated sigh left from Hunter's lips shooting a glare towards the girl in front of him.... But soon a horrified yelp left from her lips when he smashed her on the wall trapping her between his bulky arms...

"How many times do I have to warn you... love..." He leaned to the extent that his nose was touching her cheek making her turn her head scrunching her face in disgust...

"Run love... Run as much as you want but remember the more you will run away from me the more I will pull you back... " He kept on moving till his nose collided with her neck making her breathing heavy...

She placed her trembling hands on his shoulders trying to make a distance between them...His closeness suffocates her... He's nothing for her but a demon who just wants to rule her life...

"Your mine... And I am your owner... Of your everything... You belong to me... And this will be better for you to accept this truth because if I decided to make you understand in my way then you wouldn't like to see it..."

A horrified gasp left from her lips feeling his lips on her skin... She struggled to get out of his grip but it only seems to tighten instead of losing... Her skin was becoming paler realizing his next intentions...

No word was making it's way to her tongue... But a wavy breath left from her throat feeling him pulling away from her... His eyes met her dark brown eyes making him satisfy to witness those eyes once again which never failed to trigger his inner beast...

"Be ready to reap what your man sow... My love...."

He caged an angel in his hell. But will he be able to make a hell for her. Or she will end up turning his hell in her heaven.

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