Damon's Possession (Dark Romance Book#3)

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Luciana Pov

I stiffen in my place when two bulky arms wrapped around my waist making my back to hit a hard chest. I gulped when he buried his face in my neck making me wriggled uncomfortably.

Damon: You smell so magical.

I squealed letting the plate in my hand dropped down to the sink when his lips met my skin.

I immediately turned around and placed my wet hands on his shoulders. He chuckled before placing his palms beside me on the counter trapping me between his arms.

Damon: Why so scared wifey.

He bowed down to my level leaning to my face.

Damon: What are you trying to show me, baby. You think your innocent act can work on me. Hmm

I only stared at him not knowing what to say. I had no words to say. No matter how much I try to make him believe he will never do it...

Damon: Aren't you gonna answer me.

He said gritting his teeth. I immediately gulped.

Lucy: I-I Don't know how to make you believe me but I swear I am not Lily...

I was expecting him to be angry but instead, he nodded his head surprising me.

Damon: Ok then. What was your name. Ahh Luciana. Right.

I shivered when he said my name. Why it sounds more like my death bell than a name.

His tone wasn't harsh. It was calm but still, I can clearly see the anger in his eyes. I nodded at him and he gently pulled away from me. Suddenly he turned the stove on and put the frying pan on it. I looked at him in confusion.

Damon: You know princess. You have to remember my few rules.

I gulped and nodded. He came towards me leaving the burning frying pan.

Damon: Just remember these three rules. Your life will be in peace.

His last sentence was full of sarcasm. But still, I nodded.

Damon: First: Don't ever cry in front of me. I hate tears. Second: Don't ever even think of hurting my loved ones and that's my one and only brother. And lastly, Don't ever lie. I hate lies the most.

His last rule he said with complete dark expressions which caused me flinched internally. God why this man is so scary.

Damon: Every time you will break a rule.. Or disobey me. I will punish you. And.

He paused before turning his dark gaze towards my shivering one. A small smirk appeared on his lips. Oh God, I am not having nice thoughts. Why is he smirking like that.

Damon: You broke my all rules. You cried. You hurt my loved one. And lastly, you lied. So you deserve a most pleasurable punishment. Don't you think.

I shook my head and back away but he grabbed my wrist and then...

Luciana: Urggg. No ahh.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on the burning fry pan putting my whole body on fire. I screamed out in pain as he pressed my hand more on the fry pan. He turned off the stove but fry pan was still on fire.

Damon: Feel it, baby. It must be pleasurable right.

He said putting pressure on my hand. I closed my eyes stopping myself from crying. I don't want to break his rule again.

But in a split moment, he pulled my hand up and pushed it under the water making me whimpered in pain even more. The water was too cold for my burning hand. I wasn't even in my proper senses so I could comprehend what was happening to me.

In a second I was dragged towards the room harshly. My leg was aching and now my hand was also hurting as hell... I tried my best to gain my strength so I could at least stand properly.

He pushed me inside the room and left. My head was spinning too badly. I wanted to stand but I was losing my strength to do so.

After a minute. He came back and threw a first aid box on the floor which was landed near my feet. I looked at him with my trembling body. I was holding my burned hand. He let out a scoff at my trembling figure.

Damon: Treat your wounds wifey. I don't want you to get sick. Do I. You know right I can't live a second without hearing your cries. That much I love you.

He threw a sarcasm towards me and went out of the room laughing proudly at his work. I looked at the first aid box. I tried to bent down and ended up falling on my knees.

I tried to stand up but my body eventually gave up. I helplessly laid on the floor holding my burning hand and letting my tears which I was holding so long to fell.

Time skip

I slowly opened my burning eyes but again closed them feeling a pool of pain all over my body. I was expecting myself to still be on the cold floor but to my surprise.

I was on something soft and comfy. I opened my eyes and found myself on the bed while my hand was wrapped up in a bandage. I felt something wet on my neck. Turning my attention to my neck I noticed ointment on it.

I immediately snapped my head up hearing someone clearing his throat. I looked up and found a young man wearing a doctor coat. He was indeed a Doctor. His gaze was blank.

I was expecting a little care or comforting words from him but it never happened. He was looking at me with nothing but emptiness. His eyes were dark and blank. I clenched the blanket on my body in fear. He was scaring me.

His eyes weren't as dark and scary as compared to Damon's but they were enough hard to give me goosebumps. When he noticed my fear he let out a scoff clearly seems annoyed.

Ken: Well hello Mrs. Knight. I am Dr. Ken Damon's personal doctor. Your injuries are better. Just try to avoid touching the water with your burnt hand.

Ken: Your leg is also recovering. I will visit you again after some days to check your wounds. Have a nice day.

He said everything like a robot. There wasn't the tiniest emotion in his tone. After completing his words. He took his bag and was about to walk away.

But Damon entered the room turning rooms darkness even darker with his aura. Doctor and Damon looked at each other. The doctor rolled his eyes when Damon shot him a look.

Ken: Don't worry. Your wife is fine. Just keep her burnt hand away from water.

Ken: I will again visit her after some days.

With that without listening to Damon's reply, he walked out of the room. Damon rolled his eyes at the doctor and looked at me.

Damon: Oh babe. You know how worried I was when you fainted on the floor. Don't do this again.

He said shocking me but soon my shock changed into terror seeing his lips curving into an evil smirk. He took slow but dangerous steps towards me making me gulp.

Damon: I was so worried that I can't torture you for a day. I was so scared because I thought you died.

Damon: I don't want you to die so easily. I want to make your everyday feel like the last day of your life. You can't die so easily, princess. Not until I got what I want.

Lucy: And what is it that you exactly want.

I gather some strength to ask him. He chuckled before sitting beside me.

Damon: I want the whole of you to suffer. I want your beautiful eyes always be drowning in tears of pain.

He placed his both hands beside my head and leaned down to my face as I was laying on the bed.

His words weren't hurting me but instead scaring me. How much I wish I could prove to him that I am not the one he thought of me as.

Lucy: One day. You will regret everything that you're doing to me.

Gathering some strength I decided to say it but got some unexpected words in return which were enough to broke me internally. He chuckled before leaning to my ear and whispered.

Damon: I am already regretting marrying a whore like you.

The venom his tongue spat not only filled her essence with painful whimper of crushing her respect brutally but also few drops of it attacked his heart without him realizing.

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