Damon's Possession (Dark Romance Book#3)

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Author Pov.

Hearing Jack's words Damon's eyes turned invisible gun shooting every type of bullets towards the smirking man in front of him.

Damon gritted his teeth.. Damon has a really short temper. He can become angry real fast. And that is somehow considered his weakness. And Jack knows how to use this weakness against him.

Damon: What the fuck did you just say.

Jack smirked before stepping closer to Damon.

Jack: My baby girl Liliana. You may not know but she was great in bed. I had so much fun with h--

Before he could continue his words a hard punch makes its way to his face granted by Damon... He stumbled back and stared at raging Damon while wiping his bleeding lip. Jack chuckled in victory.

Jack: Oh come on. You already knew she had many affairs then why becoming so mad. But you know what.

He said walking towards Damon and placing a hand on his shoulder.

Jack: Try to control your wife buddy. because I don't think she will mind whoring around.

Instead of anger Jack witness a small smirk appearing on Damon's lips. A loud yelp left from Jack's lips as Damon grabbed his hand that was placed on his shoulder and twisted it painfully.

Damon: Don't teach me what to do asshole. I know very well who my wife is and what I have to do. So shut your disgusting tongue because I wouldn't mind shutting it up for you.

With that he pushed him harder making Jack stumbled back. He held his throbbing hand and glared at smirking Damon. He shot a last glare to Mr. Miller who was staring at them silently motioning him to not say a word to Damon which old man answered with a fearful gulp.

With that, he walked away leaving raging Damon and bruised up Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller stood up but instantly took a step back when his eyes met Damon's fierce eyes.

Damon: How many daughters you have Jim Miller.

He questioned him with his grim expressions... Mr. Miller gulped before remembering Jack's warning. He knew he had trapped himself in a deep shit. But he himself is responsible for being so greedy. He slowly comprehends what to answer him.

Mr. Miller: I-I only have one daughter.

Damon crooked his eyebrows up and glared at his posture.

Damon: Maxwell.

Max immediately nodded his head and went towards trembling Mr. Miller. He glared at him and grabbed his wrists pinning them on old man's back.

His hands were in a tight grip of Max and Damon was standing in front of him. A loud groan left from his throat feeling a burning sensation on his already bruised up cheek.

Damon: If you don't have then who the fuck is Luciana huh. You bastard you really have guts to play with Damon Knight.

Another punch landed on his other cheek making him cry out. Damon grabbed his cheeks squeezing it painfully.

Mr. Miller: I-I swear. She is Liliana. Please believe me.

He lied coughing badly. He knew he fucked up with the wrong person.

Damon: Then why the hell she's claiming to be Luciana twin sister of Liliana Miller.

Mr. Miller shook his head coughing badly.

Mr. Miller: I don't know any Luciana. Please s-stop.

Damon's eyes darkened even more scaring the daylights of the old man.. He knew Luciana will tell him and he had planned everything. He was ready to flee away and hide from Damon but Jack caught him and ruined his plans. Now he has no other option but to lie.

He knew all his lies gonna effect Luciana in a very bad way but it's not like he cares. He never did. He just wanted to save himself even after having an idea of how deep trouble Luciana will get.

Damon: l swear. Jim Miller. If any word that your tongue uttered right now will be a lie. Then I will be the one giving you the most painful death that you can't even imagine.

His voice was just a whisper but held extremely hard and dangerous authority which was enough to shudder the old man in fear.

Mr. Miller nodded and Max threw him on the floor roughly. They both went out leaving bruised up and bloody man on the floor whimpering in pain.

Time skip.

Damon reached his home fuming in rage. The innocence and honesty her eyes showed when she confessed about being Luciana not Liliana really confused him. He has no idea why but still he didn't want or to torture an innocent girl so he tried his best to find every proof. And unfortunately, every proof was against her.

But the last encounter with Jack boiled his insides. Of course, he always wanted a wife beautiful but not a famous whore. He wanted a loyal girl even if she's not beautiful he can adjust it but only loyalty was the thing he wanted from his wife but his fate just led him to something else.

He slammed open the door but his harsh action wasn't enough to wake the poor soul who was looking beyond exhausted. He glared at her fragile sleeping figure on the floor. What he was failed to notice was her bloody leg. Few stains of her bleeding leg were visible on her wedding gown but his eyes refused to see them.

He took slowly predating steps towards her sleeping figure. His eyes were hard in anger and a visible disgust was glowing in them. He crouched down still keeping his hard glare...

For a split moment, he felt a weird sensation in his heart seeing her fragile body looking so small under his gaze. But all of it fade away right away. In a second a loud yelp left from her lips when he jerked her up grabbing a handful of her hair.

His grip was dead tight. She felt her scalp ripping off as his grip tighten more painfully. Her eyes shot up meeting his dark one. The poor soul felt all her air knocked off staring in his eyes. They were dark showing only disgust and hate in them.

This wasn't the first time she got this kind of glares but his aura was different. He scares her. No, he made her pity on her fate. She wanted to run away from him. From everything. How much She wished she could do that. He pulled her face closer to him... she closed her eyes feeling his breath on her shivering lips.

Damon: You really thought I will let you off after you lied to me. Liliana Miller.

He dangerously spat on her face. His grip tighten on her hair earning a painful whimper from her.

Damon: Look at me when I am talking to you.

He growled closing their distance. His lips were almost touching hers.. she slowly opened her teary but scared eyes satisfying him with her fear which she has for him.

Lucy: I am n-not lying. Please trust m-me.

He laughed in reply and held her arm leaving her hair and pulling her up making her stand on her weak legs. He held her arms squeezing them painfully printing his finger marks on her delicate arms.

Damon: I am not my brother who you can fool with this innocent face of yours.

He angrily spat on her face.

Damon: Your every minute in this house will be more than a burning fire in hell. Feel free to feel what I am gonna do to you.

With that, he dragged her with him roughly pulling her arm.she didn't protest as she already knew she can't stop him neither will he.

He threw her in a dark room grabbing chains on the floor before chaining her ankles and leaving her in the darkroom which contains only one window that is a tiny one.

Without saying or doing anything he went out of the room shutting it's a big door and silently waiting for her screams and begging but it never came.

He clenched his fists tightly almost turning them paler. He wanted to hear her begging... He wanted to satisfy himself by hearing her cries. But it never happened. He didn't hear not even a single whimper. In curiosity, he looked at her figure through the small hole on the door.

She was sitting on the same spot where he left her.. she was sitting in the corner but her eyes were fixed on the window which was giving a little light to the room. Tears were damping her pale cheeks but she silently wiped them with a small sigh. It was almost like she was tired.

Without him realizing his curiosity kept on increasing. He frowned narrowing his eyes trying to understand what exactly she is... She slowly closed her eyes and leaned on the wall turning her head slightly to the side and trying to sleep on that cold floor.

For Damon, it was something new. He had tortured many women before. Like betrayer. A spy or any other who tried to harm him and every time he got exactly the same result as he predicted.

But this time it was different. She was different. She didn't protest. Beg or wailed loudly. She just silently accepted whatever he did to her.

He clenched the handle of the door in anger. He wanted to witness her pain but she still won against him.. But soon an evil smirk appeared on his lips...

Damon: I have more other ways to make you feel like a hell. Don't worry wifey. Your journey of pain is just starting.

He promised to put a start to her painful life but only if he knew that in doing so he forgot to put a stop on the desire which started to raise its pieces in his heart.


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