Damon's Possession (Dark Romance Book#3)

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Jack Pov.

After my meeting with Damon. I came home and drowned myself in alcohol. How can I let my Lucy to be with him. want I have no other option. I made that old man to lie not because I want to hurt my kitten but I don't want her to accept Damon.

Luciana is different. She's not like other girls. The thing which makes me fall for her more is her indescribable personality. The things she's gone through if any other girl in her place would have definitely killed herself but she didn't. She's still coping with everything beyond my expectations.

What makes me to desire for her. Want to claim her as mine was not her extreme innocence or her resistance. It's her submissive character.

For her making a boy crazy for her isn't a hard work to do. She can make anyone mad for her without her doing anything. I still remember her those words which never fail to make me chuckle at how irresistible she is. Her those enchanting and bewitching words.

Lucy: Why can't you understand. Don't touch me. Your not my husband. It's a sin.

I once again laughed out remembering her innocent words. After that day I never tried to touch her. I stopped harassing her not to let her go but to plan how to make her mine forever.

I knew if Damon came to know about the truth his wife is Luciana, not Liliana then he definitely wouldn't divorce her but instead kept her hostage till he found Liliana. And eventually will end up wanting her. And Luciana once Damon call her as his wife not as Liliana then I was sure she will definitely end up giving him her submission which I don't want.

She's made only for me to touch. Only I have a right to be dominant on her. The only man in her life is me. Only me. And I will make sure that he always thought of her as Liliana so Lucy will never let him touch her as she will never be submissive because for her I am sure this marriage is fake and have no faith.

I leaned back on the head of the sofa and let out a dark chuckle.

Jack: You're so toxic for me kitten. You're making me crazy. Don't worry babe. I will get you out of that hell Real soon.

Luciana Pov.

I gasped jerking off from my sleep feeling so cold. I was all wet as someone splashed cold water all over my already shivering body.

I slept on this cold floor but it's not like this happened for the first time. I lived my whole life in a cold basement but I never woke up by this much cold water. It was cold as ice.

My leg was aching because of the wound and now this new gift of cold like ice water definitely added more beauty in my pain. I looked up at the beast and found him staring at my leg... His eyes were piercing through my wounded leg.

Then I noticed there were few stains on my gown of blood. And because of water, they became more visible. He crouched down moving his gaze towards my eyes. He removed the chain from my ankle and threw it across the room

I once again let out a horrified gasp when he ripped my gown from the bottom revealing my legs. His gaze was stuck on my bleeding leg covered in a bandage which now became wet. I was thinking about many things. Is he worried. Why is he looking at my leg like this. Many questions were roaming in my thumping head. But soon.

Lucy: Urghh.

I cried out in pain when he grabbed the wound on my leg and squeezed it painfully. More blood started to ooze out of my leg. I cried out, even more when he put more pressure on my wound. I looked at him and he had a dirty smirk clearly enjoying my pain.

Damon: Tell me wifey. How it feel. It must be enjoyable right.

He said and squeezed it even more. my hand flew to wrist trying to push him but he only tighten his grip.

Damon: You want me to stop princess. Hmm

He said adding more pressure. My head started spinning as the pain was unbearable.. I desperately nodded my head.

Damon: Then beg.

I stared at him in disbelief only to find him looking at me with an evil smirk. The last thing I will do is to beg. Even my father did so many things to me in the past but the only thing I ever promised to myself was I will never beg to a monster like him and this man is no better than him.

I closed my eyes letting more salty tears to embrace my cheeks. I bit my lip and stayed quiet. I whimpered when he squeezed my leg even more. I can feel him getting angry. I heard him grinding his teeth.

Damon: So you wouldn't beg. Huh.

I shook my head. I knew I was making him angrier but I will

never going to beg him. Never. I yelped in pain when he jerked me to him by my leg. I was landed on his hard chest. His hand left my leg but grabbed my hair pulling me closer to him.

I felt my leg becoming numb. I wasn't feeling my own leg anymore. His harsh and rough breathing was hitting my shivering lips.


He growled at my face making me immediately shoot open my eyes in fear. His eyes were only inches away from mine shooting fire through his dark orbs.

Damon: Don't you ever dare to close your eyes when I am talking to you.

I nodded making his hard expressions change into an evil one. In a second his hand came to contact with my cheek caressing it softly. I flinched at his touch making him chuckle.

Damon: You're indeed beautiful. No wonder my brother was crazy for you. But you know the problem I am having right now.

He put more pressure on my hair pulling my face closer to him.

Damon: You look too hot in this wet condition. And unfortunately last night we wasted our beautiful night. Let's have some fun. Hmm, wifey. I heard your good in bed. Then show me, baby.

My eyes widened at his words. I aggressively shook my head and started to struggle to get out of his arms but he only tighten his grip on me.

Damon: Come on Liliana. I am your husband.

That was the thing I was afraid of. He thinks of me as Lily not as what I really am. I don't even know if this marriage is a real one. But I can't let him to have my only virtue left when he doesn't even know who really I am.

I thrashed in his arms but my struggle was nothing against his well-built body. Before I knew anything I was harshly dragged towards the living room. I tried to get my wrist out of his grip. My leg was given up I can't walk anymore. My head was spinning badly. I even saw black dots in front of my eyes but again gain my consciousness.

Damon: You look weak honey. Let me refresh you.

He said and roughly pushed me on the sofa. I helplessly laid on the sofa trying to gain some strength but before I could even sit up I was pushed back on the sofa and instantly my wrists were in his hold.

I tried to wiggle my wrist out of his grip but he pinned them above my head in a tight grip. My eyes slightly expanded witnessing not really pleasant intentions he has in his eyes.

Damon: Let's start our first night. Shall we.

She wished for the end of the pain but the devil in whose hands she was caged wouldn't let her live without hearing her mourning.


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