Cloudy Lemonade

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5 years ago Phoebe had her heart broken into pieces by the only man she had ever loved, her ex boyfriend Brad. She had worked hard in the last 5 years to make a success of her life. She was in a great place now, she had a great career, great friends and a great home, but she was still protecting her broken heart. Phoebe was not going to put her heart at risk again, the thought of going through that pain again scared her, but sometimes we cannot control what our hearts can feel.

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Chapter One



Finally! Phoebe thought. Time to log off and say goodbye to the working week, it’s Friday and drinks with the bestie are calling. This week has been a busy one with meeting deadlines, finalising contracts and ironing out problems within the team. I have earned the right to let my hair down this weekend and to enjoy whatever fun awaits us. I cannot wait to have a few drinks, loosen up and shake my arse to some good music, Phoebe thought to herself as she finished up.

Logging off from her computer Phoebe felt an excited eagerness for the weekend to start as she left her office where she is the team manager of a recruitment agency. Phoebe has made a great success of her career in which she fully launched herself after a bad break up from her ex Brad who she had met and fallen in love with at uni. That was before she learned that there was another side to him, one which he had somehow kept hidden from her for over 3 years of their relationship. When they both got jobs straight from uni, they decided to share the expensive rent that London living brings with it and they moved in together. The first few months had been amazing. They worked, met up with friends and had as much sex as they could possibly fit in. Phoebe would have followed Brad anywhere, but luckily both of their paths led them to the same destination, London. Then Phoebe found out who he really was! It turned out that for their whole relationship there had been other women. When Phoebe thought he had been working hard, he had been out dating and having sex with other women. Every 'business trip', every late night 'at work' had all involved other women. To make it even worse, most of their mutual friends knew what he was doing but hadn’t told Phoebe, some had even covered for him. The total humiliation that Phoebe felt when finding out the truth had left a lasting impact. The day that Brad had accidentally text her instead of one of his cheap side chicks, Phoebe had instantly felt sick at the thought that he could be cheating but she would have considered forgiving him, she just needed to hear him out. When Phoebe confronted him, Brad laughed at her and went onto explain in detail what he had been up to and how stupid she was for not realising sooner. He said that she was like his lapdog and he could control what she did or did not need to know. He even told her to quieten down whilst raising his index finger to his lips, he said she wouldn’t do anything about it as she needed him too much and that she wasn’t capable of surviving without him. Something inside Phoebe snapped but she didn’t respond by arguing or hurling insults, instead she left the room and packed up as many of her things as she was able to, then when she was ready to leave she walked over to him calmly, he had a cocky grin on his face thinking she was coming back to forgive him, that's really how arrogant he was, but she wished him luck in ever finding a loving woman in the sluts he had been fucking, wished him well in his life and then slapped him across his face before turning to leave with her head held high leaving Brad in a stunned silence. Of course, as soon as she was in the taxi on her way to Lisa’s apartment, her most trusted friend, she began to crumble. Phoebe cried and sobbed to the point that she could hardly breathe. She cried for her relationship, she had put everything into it only to find out it was a lie, she cried for what she thought would have been in the future and she cried because she had never experienced pain like it. She loved Brad and believed he loved her but all he was ever doing was ensuring he had her there meeting his every need. When she thought about it she started to wonder what he ever did for her? His sexual needs were gratified before her own, she paid for almost everything since they had been in London and he did fuck all to help with any of the domestic chores at home. When Phoebe arrived at Lisa’s, her friend was already outside waiting for her. They took Phoebe’s belongings in and then Lisa got a bottle of wine out of the fridge with 2 large glasses and with a "Fuck him" they clinked glasses and toasted to new beginnings.

It had been nearly five years since Brad had shattered her heart but Phoebe’s best revenge was to achieve all that he said she wouldn’t. She would survive, but better than that she would be successful and live a good life. Phoebe had a great reputation in her line of business and had been head hunted for the job she had now. Through her hard work Phoebe had been able to buy her own ground floor flat in a converted Victorian house. It had a small private garden which double doors from her lounge opened out onto. Of course Lisa moved in with her and took the spare room paying rent, but less than she had paid for her tiny one bedroom apartment that she had so readily invited Phoebe to share with her during her time of need, something that Phoebe would never forget and would always be grateful to her friend for. Phoebe was finally in a good place. At the weekends she now allowed herself to relax a little and limited the time she worked over the weekend. She still thought about Brad but realised in a strange way he had helped her achieve her potential by being such an arsehole. She would not have achieved so much if she had still been working so hard to make him happy rather than working towards her own success. She hadn’t had any real relationships since Brad, she had been on dates and had one night stands if it felt right at the time but her heart was mending and needed protecting. Despite everything, Phoebe had never become bitter but was a kind, happy and fun friend to be around. Most people thought she was quiet until they got to know her and saw just how much fun she was to be around. At work she was fair and approachable and a great mentor for others in the company. She made a promise to herself that she would never allow herself to be used again.

Tonight Phoebe was excited. The weather was hot for May and as she walked home from her office, everyone seemed happier for the sunshine. When Phoebe arrived home, Lisa already had wine chilling, the music turned up and snacks to eat as they got ready. Phoebe loved this part of the evening just as much as being out.

Lisa appeared with a towel wrapped around her, another towel on her head and a huge grin on her face, "I've got us on tonight's guest list at Velvet" she said.

As Phoebe reached to get the wine out of the fridge she let out a "whoop" and then danced her way across the room to her friend laughing and singing whilst holding the bottle of wine as a microphone, "I have a feeling, WOOHOO, that tonight’s gonna be a good night…"

They both laughed and continued getting ready for their night out on the town.

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