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Camilla, an antique dealer, is in for the adventure of her life when in India, she purchases a magic lamp and inside of it there's a genie who can make all her wishes come true. Fadi was turned into a genie eons ago, by the hand of a king, for falling in love with his daughter, which was forbidden. Through the years, he has suffered greatly. As a genie, part of his punishment is to not fall in love & forever remember his past forgetting his present over and over as the lamp changes from master to master. That all changed when Jauhar and Jahari get hold of the lamp( before Camilla). By not being greedy, they begin a chain of events that sends Fadi's existence into uncharted waters. Will he forever live his life as a genie? Or can Camilla break the curse?

Romance / Erotica
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Translations from Arabic to English:

Marhaba: Greeting (Persian origin), roughly meaning: “No harm can come from me to you”
Maa: What?
Alssariq: Thief
Naam: Yes
La: No
Ab: Father
Abi: My Father
Habibti- sweetheart (male to a female)
Ana ah-hib ek- I love you (female to male)
Ana ah-hib ich- I love you (male to a female)
Ya Amar- My Moon (which means my most beautiful)

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