Fearless (Taglish)

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Winter Cestine Yeo never cared about other people. She never cared about how she's utterly and indubitably different from her sisters. Being the eldest daughter placed a big rock on her shoulders, but never she wavered. But how could Winter fight a storm, when the only love she knows is a drizzle? | 1 of 4

Romance / Erotica
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I sighed in pleasure. A glint of light coming from the rave party outside touched my closed eyes. I opened them gently and looked at the man beneath me. I am sitting astride him, while he's holding me down. I smiled at him and executed a grind. He moaned louder, and I groaned more. Everytime he sighs on my chest, my body reacts that it wants to pound on him more.

Napasinghap ako nang bigla siyang tumigil upang kantiin ang mga dibdib ko. I bit my lower lip and watched him play with them. I felt myself getting horny... again. I thought it already subsided since the second release, but damn, this guy must be really good in bed, huh.

"Ah!" I moaned and writhed when he latched onto them, sucking and biting every skin his lips touch.

He grasped the other one and sucked the remaining boob. I undulated against his still crazily turned on shaft and felt his every wave of cum. Every spill came into me as I gasp, moan, and shout in pleasure.

"Fuck! Ah!"

"That's right..." I heard him whisper and I moved even more.

He proceeded to sucking my neck while still playing with my mound. I felt his lips taste my skin, licking it with tenderness, and sucking it with madness. I stole a glance at his hand and saw my nipples perky. Fuck. Why am I so insatiable tonight?

"W-What... What's y-your name a-again?" I almost couldn't speak.

I thought he didn't heart it, because the sound our bodies make whenever they collide is pretty clear to my ears. Masyado yatang mahina ang boses ko, pero nagulat ako nang magsalita siya.

"Aquilino..." he grunted softly.

I smiled even more and held his face using my slender hands. I am still moving against him, and he's still piercing against me. I looked at him longer this time. I never really had the chance to stare at this glorious man in the pub a while ago. Now that I am staring at them, I noticed that his eyes looked sexy in the dark. They were like pools of abyss universes that I can't help but wander. Kahit na nandito naman ako sa ibabaw niya.

"Well, Aquilino... You are such a sexy monster," I tried my best to say this clearly and sexily.

The look in his eyes intensified. The next thing I knew, he already flipped us over and now I am under him. I don't really like it when men I screw with are pinning me down, but I'll give this to him since he made me happy tonight.

"Do you like this monster, then?"

We were both softly panting, and there is something about this moment that makes me wonder what if he is my boyfriend?

I smiled wickedly at him and caressed his handsome face. Mas lalo kong hinigpitan ang yakap ng kaliwang braso ko sa leeg niya. Nagpaubaya naman siya at inayos pa lalo ang posisyon namin. My eyes roamed on his face. I never stared like this to my flings and boys. Just him.

Napansin kong hindi na pala kami gumagalaw at nakatitig na lang sa isa't-isa. Putangina naman. This is like another version of cuddling.

"Hmm... let me see..." I said and continued to stare at him.

May nunal siya sa kaliwang bahagi ng mukha niya, malapit sa mata. His eyelashes are long, hindi ko lang alam kung mahaba gaya rin sa akin. His lips are kissable. I don't know, I just like his lips bukod sa nadudulot niyon sa katawan ko tuwing lalapat ito. His eyes are like storms of clouds. His chiseled jaw is a nightmare. May kakaunti akong naramdamang stubbles sa baba papunta sa mga panga niya. I like his face.

Ibinalik ko ang tingin sa mga mata niya. Titig na titig iyon sa akin.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

I arched my brow at his question. Hindi ko alam kung sasabihin ko bang I liked his face, but he looked like he wanted to know what I am thinking. Even if his eyes looked like danger, they still showed calmness and home. Parang tanga tuloy akong napatitig ulit doon.

I snapped myself out of my reverie and surprised him by moving again. This time, my face looked utterly serious. Fuck, when will we be over?

"Shit," he muttered a curse and pounded himself against me.

I let my right hand reach for anything above my head—I was thinking of a headboard or something sturdy but I got a hold of my pillow. Napasapo ako sa malambot na unang iyon at napatingala habang pikit na pikit ang mga mata. I gasped beneath him as he rammed me down.

"Ah! Ah!"


I can feel my nipples aching between our skins attached to each other. He then his face on the right side of my neck and held me close to him. Nakapailalim ang dalawang braso niya mula sa balikat papunta sa ulo ko. He pounded hard and rough, and the only thing I can do is grip his hips tighter with my legs and shout like a mad woman.

"Damn it! Faster!" I shouted when he took time sliding slow in and out of me.

He was obedient. As he locked his hands on both of the sides of my head, he fucked me fast again. My left hand now gripped on his arm and I strengthened my grasp on the pillow. Hindi ako makapikit sa sarap, dahil dilat na dilat siya at nakatitig nang madilim sa akin.

I can feel it building up, the tension. Mas lalo pa akong nababaliw dahil sa mga singhap, daing, at ungol na nanggagaling sa aming dalawa. The room is cold, but I feel so hot inside that I think I am sweating bullets underneath my skin. Ganoon ang pakiramdam.


Mas lalo niyang binilisan, triggered by my call of his name. This is the first time I called his name while he's pounding on me. See, Winter, all these fuckings you've been doing are taking a toll on you. Nagkakaroon ka pa ng hangover sa simpleng pagtawag ng pangalan kahit hindi pa kayo tapos.

How many hours have passed? Ilang oras na kaming nagsasaya rito? See, Winter? Your horniness tonight is different that I think you're getting sick from being a nocturnal slut!

"Shit. Ah..."

"Fuck," he cursed again; this time, panting.

That is so sexy, Aquilino. Para akong mababaliw dahil sa ginagawa niya. I never had any experience like this from all my sexcapades. This is the first time, and I don't want it to be the last.

"Argh... P-Please..."

I arched my back. I am losing it. I can already feel the huge, tight knot slowly getting loose. He must have sensed it or maybe he's just as insatiable as me that he fucked me harder than he's already doing. That's right! Damn it! Fuck!

Nagdedeliryo na ako at siya nama'y parang mauubusan na ng hininga. I tried to catch his sighs as we both neared the end of the rainbow. This is just so good... so good! Damn it!

"Ahh!" I moaned and shivered against him.

I cannot believe we came together that I think our fluids met halfway. I sound ridiculous, but fuck, that is one good war. I sighed and relaxed as he slid off his thing from me and sagged against my also limp body. I can feel him weak, and I feel the same, too. Guess I have to stay the night. Wala na akong lakas para umuwi pa ng condo.

Minutes passed before he decided to lie supine his back. Kasabay niyon ang gulat nang isama niya ako kaya't parang nakapatong ako nang bahagya sa kanya.

"What is this? You're spooning me?" I asked.

Tinitigan ko siyang nakapikit ang mga mata. He smiled boyishly and held me tighter in place. So, he gives free cuddles to his women. How nice. Napairap ako at tinapik ang dibdib niya.

"Tell me when can I go. I'm so tired. You sucked the energy out of me," abiso ko at sinubukang tumihaya pero hindi niya ako pinakawalan.

"Hmm. You can stay," he muttered.

Napatulala ako saglit. Really? I can stay? I just sighed and gently laid my head on his chest. Yakap niya ako at kasamang nakakulong ang mga braso ko sa kanya. I roamed my eyes around his bedroom. His flat is large. His bedroom is like quadruple the size of my bathroom. Eh malaki na ang bathroom ko sa sariling unit. I can't see all of his bedroom, I didn't even had the chance to look around because we're too busy going inside while tasting each other. I don't want to fuck him in a sofa. Isang beses lang iyon mangyayari kaya dapat ay sa kama.

The first time we met flashed in my memory. There were a lot of people in the pub. Kilala kasi ang owner. I am a regular there, and it is my first time to see him there. Hindi ko naman alam na malandi rin pala siya. He just went to me, casually talked to me, tapos yun pala ay may hidden desire sa akin. I can't blame him though.

Napapikit na lang ako nang maalalang may trabaho na naman bukas. I'm pretty sure I'd get a bunch of lectures from my sisters. Well, I ditched their pity party for our third sister, who had a crush on this athlete in their school. Kaso ay may iba pa lang gusto. I cannot believe Summer invested feelings on that boy.

Nakatulog ako nang mahimbing. Don't tell me that I didn't feel guilty because I really am! The first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes are my sisters. Medyo na-distract nga lang nang maramdaman ko ang maiinit na mga brasong nakayakap sa sakin. I looked up to see Aquilino resting peacefully. His breaths are soothing my hair and now my face.

Umaga na at maliwanag. Mas natitigan ko siya nang maayos. My eyes travelled on his face. This is the handsome face I missed last night. Buti ngayon ay mas kita ko na.

Sinubukan kong umalis mula sa hawak niya. I only grunted when he never faltered. Mas nag-exert ako ng force, hindi na inisip kung magising pa siya, para lang makawala dahil kailangan ko nang umuwi. It was successful, but I heard him moan.

Nagising na ang monster.

"You're leaving?" his voice is hoarse.

"Yeah. Need to work," sagot ko habang pinupulot ang panty at bra.

Dali-dali akong nagbihis nang masulyapan ang orasan sa bedside table niya. Shit! I'm going to be late.

"Thanks for last night, Aquilino."

Lumapit ako sa kanya at pinatakan siya ng halik sa labi. He tasted like strawberries. I like strawberries.

Hindi ko na siya hinintay pang sumagot o ano. I immediately made myself out. I never had to worry about my face because my car is parked in the basement. Umaga pa lang naman and I'm sure there are only few people outside. Exclusive naman ang area na ito.

I am still kind of sleepy kaya hindi ko napigilang pumikit habang nasa elevator. May kasabay akong isa at siguro ay bibili ng breakfast. I yawned and raked my hair.

This is going to be a long day.

Hindi nga ako nagkamali. My sisters are already waiting for me in my unit. Napairap ako dahil sa kadesperadahan nila. They really woke up early and went here, huh.

Bumungad sa akin ang tatlong mga maaamong mukha; lahat ay mukhang bagong gising at hindi pa nakakapag-ayos. Kumunot ang noo ko sa naisip. Hindi nga? Dito sila natulog?

"Good morning," I greeted.

"Anong good morning?! Nasaan ka buong magdamag?! You're not even answering our texts and calls!"

Napatitig ako sa inis na mukha ni Autumn. People really thought she's so silent and cold and snob, but... in reality, she's a nagger. Sinimangutan ako ni Summer pero lumapit naman sa akin at yumakap.

"Good morning, Ate. Where have you been? Dito na kami natulog."

I smiled affectionately at Summer and combed her hair. Nakita ko si Pring na nakaupo na sa sofa at humikab.

"So, you were planning to do the pity party here tapos hindi niyo ako sinabihan?" sabi ko.

"Ahh... so dapat pala ay dito ang venue para dumalo ka? Oo, dito na kami natulog dahil dito naman talaga dapat. Muntik na kaming tumawag kila Papa at Mama, dahil hindi ka naman umuuwi!" bulyaw ni Autumn at inirapan ko lang siya.

"What did you eat?"

Inakay ko na si Summer papunta sa sofa at tumabi kay Pring na nakasandal na ngayon ang ulo sa sofa. I combed my hair before she laid her head on my shoulder. Tiningnan ko si Autumn, bumuntong-hininga siya at lumapit na rin sa amin. She sat down beside Pring and hugged us sideways.

"We ate ice cream, lasagna..." bulong niya.

"And fries and pizza," dagdag ni Summer at tumawa.

"Basically, Ate, we pigged out," sabi ni Pring habang nakapikit.

I looked at all of them; the idiots are half-grinning and half-smiling. I suppressed a laugh and just heaved a sigh.

"I still have to work," deklara ko sa hangin, parang naghahanap ng pipigil sa akin.

"You can rest if you're tired. Father would understand," suhestiyon ni Autumn.

"Yeah, right. As if I can do that."

Natahimik kaming lahat. I have three sisters. Women ruled our family—in terms of number. Kahit mga kapatid ng Mama ko ay puro babae. My father's siblings are mostly women, too. Dalawa lang ang lalaki sa mga Yeo. Tatlong taon ang agwat namin ni Autumn, anim kay Summer, at sampu kay Spring. We were named after the four seasons. I thought my parents were being silly, pero pinagpilitan daw ito ng Lola namin. She loved nature so much she made her granddaughters' names a part of it.

Napatitig ako sa malaking frame na naka-display sa pagitan ng dalawang plorera. It's my picture, and on the tables are picture frames of us four and our parents. Iba-iba; mula noong maliliit pa kami hanggang ngayon.

Kahit lahat kami babae at magkakalayo man ang edad, we are still close together. We never got jealous of each other. We always make sure to lift each other up. We are each others' anchors.

"Tinatamad ako pumasok," Pring grumbled.

"Okay. This is enough. Let's get moving. Do you have your clothes? I'll drive you to your school," I blabbered continuously and stood up.

Lahat sila ay umungol sa protesta. Naalala ko ang breakfast. Kumain na kaya itong mga 'to? Hindi naman sila maruong magluto.

"How about breakfast?! Magsabay na kayo maligo, Summer and Pring!" I shouted and went inside my bedroom.

May dalawang extra rooms ako sa unit, and both have its own comfort rooms. May isang powder room sa labas at nagsisilbi iyong common bathroom kapag may bisita, para rin hindi na kailangang pumasok sa mga kuwarto. Pumasok na ako sa banyo at inayos ang pagligo kahit na mali-late na.

We moved really fast. Paglabas ko ay lahat na sila nakaligo. May kanya-kanya nang ginagawa. I did not dare blower my hair kasi baka matagalan kami. Summer and Spring are already wearing their uniforms. Senior High School na si Summer at si Spring ay Junior High School pa lang. Autumn is in college. All of them are studying in one university na may programs for elementary, high school, and college.

Napadaan ako sa kusina at nakitang puro kalat lang kagabi ang mayroon. I decided to call a housekeeper para malinis na mamaya pag-uwi ko. We all went down the basement in no time. Parang sumasang-ayon din sa amin ang tadhana dahil hindi kami naipit kanina sa elevator.

"Seatbelt," I said while fixing mine.

Nakasakay sa tabi ko si Pring habang nasa likod ang dalawa. Minaniobra ko ang sasakyan at nagdrive na palabas ng basement. I decided to pass by a fastfood drive thru. Gutom na rin kasi ako. It's been half a day, and I needed energy for the day. Na-drain ba naman kasi kagabi. I smiled as I remembered the handsome face of that man.

"Dadaan muna tayo sa McDo, anong gusto niyo?"

"Coffee and eggdesal, Ate," si Autumn.

"How about you, baby? What do you want?" nilingon ko si Pring.

"I want rice, but how can I eat it here?"

"Kainin natin sa school, Pring," sabi ni Summer.

Tumango ang bunso namin. Summer then told me what she wanted to eat for breakfast. Nag-order kami ng pagkain namin and continued to go to their school.

"You can eat pala, Pring. Parang mata-traffic tayo," I suggested and she obeyed.

Sinulyapan ko ang dalawa sa rearview mirror and they were already munching on their food. Si Pring naman ay kanina pa dumudukot sa pagkain niya kaya ngayon ay may bawas na iyon.

"Ate, ah," sabi ni Pring.

Namataan ko sa peripheral view ko ang isusubong pagkain ni Pring. I neared her and opened my mouth.

"Thank you, baby," I muttered and changed the gears.

Really, it already feels like a long day.

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