Nefarious (Sneak Peek)

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The cold look in his eyes makes me freeze. Did I do something wrong? Shouldn't he be happy to see his mate, as I, him? His mouth forms into a sneer as he looks at the two wolves trailing behind him. "Take her to the cell, and make sure that she's at the very last one. Away from anyone," my mate sneers. *** Althea Evergreen is a werewolf who wanted nothing more than to find her mate and escape the life that her parents forced upon her. When they decided to choose an alpha for her to marry, that was the last straw. Having no choice but to run away, she does so. She stumbles into one of the cruelest alpha's territory, and find out that they're mates. What happens when she finds out that the man who was made for her doesn't want her? What happens when she finds out that her mate's heart belongs to another? ~~~~~~ *This is just an idea for a possible story in the future. Ideas are still being explored and decisions are still to be made. This is just a preview of what may be there to come later on.*

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Sneak Peek


Freedom is something that I have always wished for. Something that I can never have as long as I’m here with them.

My parents, no matter how hard I’ve tried to tell them, have never understood that freedom is something that will make me happy. Sure, they have provided me with shelter, food, and clothing, as any other parents should, but one thing that they could not provide for is something that a child will always ask for, even when they’re all grown up and have a family of their own.

It’s something that we give to the people we feel strongly about. Something that you feel when you find that special someone — in my case, my mate, since I’m a werewolf — and get married to them, spending the rest of your eternity together. What is that, you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple.


Although my parents gave me everything that I would need to survive, there’s always been this feeling as if they’re . . . unhappy. All their movement and actions felt forced when concerning me.


NOTE: This is just a preview of what may come in the future, and I wanted to share it with you guys because you guys are awesome :) I’m still deciding on how to drive this story the way I want it, and I’m still trying to find the time to continue. As of right now, I’m still trying to decide what to do with this idea so . . .

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