I'm Stanning My Fiance

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Sophia Alegre, a super famous star labeled as the 'Nation's Sweetheart' enrolled as a sophomore in the Business Department of Senwell University. Perceived being famous, no one knows that she has been secretly fangirling the cold hottie of the Medicine Department, Zee Pineda for her entire 2 years in college. She has been secretly stanning him from afar with no physical nor verbal interactions. She also rejected meeting her fiancé whom was arranged by her parents 2 years in light of pursuing the ever popular Zee. Later she found out that her arranged fiancé and Zee was of the same person. What will happen in the fangirling life of a famous star?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

With every stride of her seemingly fragile legs, her hair danced through her every step as she passed by the crowd formed around her. Whispers, murmurs and stampede, as she passed by them, the crowd ended up in a celebration. That’s how chaotic the crowd was whenever she’s around. Her beauty stood out among the rest. As if an angel abruptly descended from the heavens. Her name was Sophia Alegre, 158 cm and a sophomore in Business Department of Senwell University.

“OMG! It’s Sophia!”

“Sophiaa! You’re so beautiful!”

“Sophiaa! Notice me! I’m a fan!!”

The noisy crowd followed her back. Not only she’s beautiful but she’s also an intelligent gal and an uprising star in the entertainment industry. She was in high school when she was first discovered and her very first appearance in public television greatly attracted the masses. After that, incoming movie, drama, advertisement jobs flooded in and in span of 3 years, she became one of the S – listers in demand actresses.

Hidden behind the tinted lenses of her sunglasses, her eyes were smiling like crazy. She was stopped from her walking and despite the blinding camera flickers and deafening shutters, as if she’s meditating in nothingness, she followed someone with her eyes.

“Zee ...!” she muttered with her eyes wide open.

Behind the forming crowd in front of her, as if there’s an x – ray scanner in her eyes, she instantly noticed this ’Zee’s silhouette from afar. This ‘Zee’ only appeared in like 2 seconds yet Sophia acted like an oppressive eagle in vast west land. After that, as if nothing happened, she immediately dashed into the girl’s dormitory where she’s currently staying. Despite her booming figure, she desired to finish her studies in college in a very normal way. One of that normal thing was living in a dorm. Her agent greatly rejected this but in the end, she won after her agent give in to her when she began threatening to end her career.

Entering her dorm room, she hurriedly climbed into her bunker bed, comfortably laid down and began hugging her human – size pillow printed with something very tightly. As if a worm entered her butt, she nuzzled the pillow and squirmed in her carnal desire.

“He’s so damn handsome ...!” tired from her delusions, she whispered while aggressively shoving her head onto the pillow. She’s blushing red. “Kyahh! Why so handsome?!” she continued her delusional thinking with matching tight hug towards the pillow.

Looking around her room, especially in the designated place for her, her walls were full of posters and paparazzi photos of Zee. Even the pillow cases for every pillow she had were all printed with Zee’s face. She also had a limited edition Zee figurine she bought in the Official Zee Fan Club stall during the last Winter Club Festival back when she was still a freshman. No one knew this side of her. A dark secret she desperately hid. It’ll become a hot trending topic if someone knew this so she also won’t dare to leak her fangirling. A famous star fangirling a campus hottie, this news will surely threw her career upside down.

As she was still busy catering her desires, she didn’t noticed the sudden knock in the door. She immediately jolted up upon hearing the opening door creaks and immediately hid the human – size Zee pillow she molested.

“So it’s just you Hazel ...” she laid down in relief. “You scared the hell out of me!”

Her roommate Hazel de Castro, whom also her childhood friend looked at her direction with disgust while closing the room door.

Hazel sighed hopelessly, “Why bother living in a dorm if you’re to scared to get caught in your voluptuous acts?“a crunchy yet solid punch from Hazel.

“Who cares? My baby Zee is living a few blocks from here. I can barely even catch a glance of his angelic face and now you’re questioning my stay here? I lived here for him! Okay? Happy?” Sophia sat down and counter - attacked.

Never affected, Hazel dressed herself comfortably in the CR of their room. “Always Zee. My god Sophia. You’re a public figure. There are tons of guys desperately want your attention. Remember that basketball hunk freshman who almost tried jumping from the main building rooftop just to have a bit of your attention? Just what in the world does that medical senior had for you to act like this? He doesn’t even care about you.” Every words Hazel threw were deafening. Sophia wanted to dodge but Hazel’s words were auto aimed at her.

“Hazel, don’t you trust me? I’m Sophia Alegre, the nation’s sweetheart. I’m still planning my move to totally captivate my baby Zee. Just wait! No one dares to defy my beauty.”

Hazel exited the CR with an ‘I don’t care’ expression in her face.

“Haist, I don’t care anymore. You barely even lifted a finger. For Pete sake Sophia. It’s been 2 years, aren’t you tired?”

“Tired? Hello? We already in the progress of locking eyes for 3 seconds. Why do I stop now?” Sophia felt the passion of her words. She even acted with confidence in front of Hazel.

Hazel totally lost it and she angrily threw the towel in her hand. Sophia was hit straight in the face.

“You pervert wench. You’re hitting my nails. Where’s your dignity as the nation’s sweetheart for you to act like a prostitute for that man?”

Sophia took off the towel on her face and retaliated by doing the same. But unlike her, Hazel caught the thrown towel with ease.

“Your choice of words, aren’t that a bit overboard?! What? Prostitute?!” Sophia threw her treasured pillows one by one. Hazel, on the other hand, dodged her ever throw. “How dare you compare my love and affection for him like that?! It’s admiration and se—” Sophia was stopped as she began to realize the consequences of what she did.

Her eyes widen in an instant the moment she saw Zee’s crumbled face staring up at her. Noticing this, she abruptly went down the bunker bed sand carefully picked up the pillows she threw.

“Oh my god! What have I done?! Sorry baby Zee. It’s just a spur of my anger. It’s because of Hazel!” While picking up the remaining pillows, Sophia involuntarily looked at Hazel with wrinkly forehead and eyes erupting in rage.

“See ... prostitute spotted.” Hazel never wavered yet instead she fought back. She glared back down at her with her arms crossed. “Admiration, affection my ass.”

Sophia, in the end, ended up losing that battle. She just fiercely hissed as she continued picking up the remaining pillows. On the other hand, Hazel’s wide victory smile was hilarious as she went back to her own bed. Minutes passed by and the cold silence was broken by Sophia’s endless hopeless sigh. At first, Hazel never bothered to notice her. She just concentrated on her own thing ignoring Sophia’s acts. But as time passed by, she instantly felt that all of the sarcastic exhalations where aimed at her so it began getting on her nerves until she totally lost her focus.

“What?! What now?! Can you stop doing that?!” Hazel yelled.

“Am I not pretty?” Irrational question from Sophia.

“Huh?!!” Hazel snapped out. “Are you serious? Did you purposely disturbed me just to ask me that nonsense?!”

“It’s because! It’s been 2 years yet Zee never noticed me. He should be groveling in my feet asking me to be his lover. Why nothing is happening?! Isn’t it weird? This is nonsense!”

Hazel ended up sighing miserably. “You’re going nuts Sophia. Get a grip.”

“Should I just openly seduce him?”

“Sophia to tell you, just confess already.”

Sophia sprung up of her bed and snickered as she rolled her eyes. “Huh?! Me? The nation’s sweetheart? No ... It should be the other way around.”

“Your pride is appearing in a very wrong occasion, dear. Ah! Who cares. I’m tired listening to your whims.” Hazel plugged in her earphones as she continued what she’s doing.

On the other hand, you can clearly see the determination in Sophia’s face as she clenched her right hand. “I will make him confess to me, the great Sophia Alegre.” An evil chuckle resonated in their room soon after.

A few blocks from Sophia’s dorm, the ever famous Zee went back to his dorm room. Right after opening the door, his roommate, Dexter welcomed him with a pile off garbage scattered around.

“Zee you’re back!” Greeted by Dexter smirking at him while in front of the computer.

Zee sighed hopelessly as he looked around that dim room. “Did you jerk off?” Zee asked while looking at the suspicious pile of tissues beneath his roommate’s computer desk.

Smiling like a fool, “Yeah. Guess what? I saw Sophia Alegre earlier and her beauty turned me on. Isn’t she amazing?!” Dexter blurted with his sight focused in front of the computer.

Zee approached Dexter. On his way, he kicked all the trash that seemed to enter his domain towards the other direction. He stood behind Dexter and what he saw was a bunch of pictures of a same girl.

“Is she really that pretty?” He unhesitatingly asked.

Dexter turned his around and greeted him once again with a ‘WTF’ look on his face. “Bro, are you serious?!” Dexter slightly raised his voice.

Looking indifferently, Zee just nodded with his incurious eyes.

“Is she famous?”

Dexter’s jaw dropped in bewilderment. “Bro! It’s Sophia, the nation’s sweetheart! My god! Just where in the world did you came from?” Dexter said sarcastically.

“I’m stuck in the lab for 3 weeks.”

“Bro! She’s been famous for 3 years already! Why are you like this? You’re scaring me!”

“Really?” Zee just acted informed as he slightly turned around getting ready to walk away. Before he left, he deliberately spun the revolving chair where Dexter was currently sitting.

“Good for her.” Zee walked away with his hands pocketed.

“You’re insane bro ...” Dexter dully watched Zee walked away despite him spinning. “How can you be like this?”

“I’m not interested Dex. I’m engaged already.”

“Huh?” Dexter stopped the chair’s momentum and the cold silence entranced. “You’re engaged? You?”

Zee looked back and nodded indifferently. “Yeah. I’m engaged. Is there any problem?”

The cold silence was disturbed by Dexter’s sudden laugh. “Bro, are you serious? You? Who in the world dare to do this with you?”

“Am I ugly?” WTF question from Zee.

“Bro ...” The two exchanged empty stares. “Do you even bother looking in the mirror?”

Zee blankly nodded. “Almost everyday.”

“And you’re seriously asking me that?” Dexter followed up.

Zee hesitatingly nodded without uttering a word.

Seeing him acting timidly, Dexter momentarily turned around. “Ah ... this brat. Is he mocking me? Who in the world would ask such obvious?” He whispered.


Dexter turned around and smiled to hide his discomfort. “So? Who’s this girl who unluckily got tangled with you?” He tried changing the topic as he doesn’t want to answer such obvious question.

Without speaking, Zee pointed out his computer. Confused by the situation, a brief “Huh?” was heard from Dexter.

Zee firmly maintained his position and forcibly wanting Dexter to look where he was pointing. “Her ...”

A sudden chill was felt by Dexter and he didn’t even bother to look as he already knew where he was pointing to. “Seriously? You’re joking right?” He instantly followed up as he swallowed in deep concern.

Still acting passively, Zee just nodded with a quick “Yeah” coming out from his mouth.

“Bro ...” Dexter sighed. “You’re truly insane ...”

“Hmmm? Why?”

Dexter stood up from his seat looking dreadfully. “Whatever bro. I don’t know how to react. You’re too much.” Mumbled by the withering Dexter on his way to the CR.

On the other hand, Zee acted dense and just headed straight towards the door. “Is he sick? Should I buy him medicine on my way back. I think he has diarrhea. ” He whispered as he opened the door and leave.
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