The Fire that brought us together

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A Fireman that saves a single Mom and her Son not knowing that the love of his life was looking him in the face.

Romance / Drama
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June 3,2018 Firehouse 136 get a call to a house of a single Mom and her son. When they get to the fire a neighbor runs out and say Hanna and Ben are in there. Firefighter Corey Quinn say do u know what room is hers and her sons. Yes Ben is the first door on the right and her room is at the end of the hall. Thank you Ma'am now please stand back the Cheif say what do we have two people inside a women and her son alright go get them Corey say Danny come on your going in with me when they get in there they clear the rooms. Corey say you take the boy's room and will get the woman alright Lieutenant, Danny kicks the door opens and see the boy in the connor screaming for his Mom Danny say are you Ben he shakes his head. Danny say I got the boy Lt. Alright go I am right behind you with the Mom, Corey kicks the door in and see the woman passed out on the floor he take her arms and pulls her out of the fire. Corey gets her to the door takes off his mask and then he picks her up in his arms walks out and say Andy, Matt get over here I dont think she is breathing. Andy say dont let him see this that is when Corey takes off his helme. Takes the boy from Danny he say Ben I am Corey do you know what happen no. Alright right then she starts couching and say where is Ben. Corey walks over say he is right here she hugs him and Andy say we need to get her to St.Marry's Hospital Cheif say Corey ride with them alright. They all load in the ambo and Ben want let go of Corey She say thank you for saving me and Ben he say dont talk I am just glad y'all are all okay. When they get Hanna and Ben to the hospital the doctor tell me that I got to her just in time and Emily my sister who is a nurse there takes Ben to have him checked out. Cheif Dylan raidos Corey and tells him there on there way to get him he tell the Cheif he will ride back to the house with Ambo 29 he say alright see you back at the house. Andy come out and say you ready to go yeah he say Grace will you tell Emily to call me and let me know how they are sure Corey.

Back at the house Will and Ethan are making dinner for the house when Corey comes in and say hey guys what is for supper. Ethan say we are making my Mom's tacos with homemade Pic de Gallo and sauce sounds good. Danny walks up the Corey and say how is the boy and his Mom Emily text me and told me they are good they can get out of the hospital tomorrow good I just wish we could help them some more we are I want everyone's help after shift I will send you the address and he send Emily a message telling her what he was going to do and she said I will get Ben some new toys alright oh and Danny say Karrie want to go and help you out tell her that's great to meet me at Gray's Toy store alright. Corey say tell Karrie to meet her at Gray's alright.

The next day they Corey and all the guys go over to Corey's rental house helps him finish it up and why the girls goes to get some clothes and toys for Ben and Hanna they had some stores donate furniture and all kind of things that they may need to get started again. When they finish Corey say y'all finish up here I am going to go see if they are ready to get out of the hospital oh and Emily, Grace and Karrie will be here in a few minutes. When he gets to the hospital he goes to Hanna's room and he see her and Ben there she say your the firefighter that saved our lives yes Ma'am I am and if your ready to get here yes but my friend want be here for a while will text tell her I am taken you because me and my fire house has a surprise for you and Ben oh no we could you can and we want take no for an answer.

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