The Fire that brought us together

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The Suprise

Corey gets a text from Emily and say we are not ready take them to get food or something okay text me when alright bro. Corey say let's go get some food then we can go see ur surprise he say Ben what would you look like for lunch. Can we get pizza sure buddy. What Hanna and Corey didn't know was that day was going to start something neither of them expected. They get to Kam's pizza and Ben say Mom can you help me out Corey say I can do it if it's alright with you Miss. Hanna sure he walked around to get Ben out of the car. They head in side Ben holding Corey's hand saying oh Mom look they have a arcade. Corey say what's your favorite game buddy ski ball I love it Mom is really good at it will so am I how about we order are pizza and then we can play some if it's okay with you Hanna go for it but only if I can play to deal say Corey. They go in and they order a large pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni you got it oh and can u put a little more parmesan cheese on there yeah Corey. Thank Nathan no problem just call for me we are going to be playing ski ball alright have fun we will. Ben say Mom can we try for the bear sure buddy she say how man tickets for the bear. The man behind the counter say 65 alright thank you they head over to the ski ball tables and start on trying to get the tickets. Before they knew it they where racking up on tickets when Nathan say Corey your food is done. They say okay let's get the tickets and after we eat we can count them and see if we need to get more. Because I am going to make sure you have that bear Ben. Hanna smiles and say you very good with him thanks I can't wait to meet someone and have a family. Will she is going to be a lucky woman and those kids are going to be so lucky to have a Dad like you. Corey and Ben count the tickets and Corey say we have 87 tickets I think we can get you the bear and maybe something else ya say Ben.a Hanna couldn't help but have this huge smile on her face to see a man who she barely knows care for her son more then his own father. They head over to the counter and the lady say what can I get you little guy the bear please alright that is 65 tickets Corey gives her the tickets and he say you have 22 leaves what else do u want. Ben say ma'am what can I get for 22 tickets she say you can get this hat or anything in this case he say I would like the hat Corey say very nice I love my hats and that one is really cool. Hanna say there is a pirates on it Ben say Mom that is a baseball team oh I am sorry Corey say yeah and it's one of the best Ben smiles and say your a pirate's fan I sure am cool. Corey gets a texts saying we are ready, hey your suprise is ready come on let's go. A few minutes later they get to the house and Hanna say what is going on Corey hops out of his truck walks around to her and Ben's side opens her door then helps Ben get out of his seat all of the firefighter and a few of the nurse are all standing in front of the house. Hanna say what is going on Corey say I own this house it was one of my fixer uppers that I do on the side I normal donate the house to family after I am done but this house I am giving you the house is all paid for all you have to pay is utilities there is no house not or rent it's yours. Hanna say your joking no I am not you lost everything in the fire but a few things we where able to save. Emily walks up and say my brother is this guy and he found this in the close of you old house and I was able to save a few of the pictures of Ben when he was a baby would you like to see your new house. Hanna starts cry y'all did all this for me and my son yes ma'am we did she bins down picks up Ben and say come on buddy let's go see. Corey say may I show you around okay say Hanna he opens the door and she say oh my god this is beautiful how can I thank you for this enjoy it and maybe you let Emily watch Ben and me take you to dinner. Why Corey Pride are you asking me out I am spend today with you and Ben and I would really like to get to know you will I say yes. Now do you want to show me the rest of this amazing house sure come on he say Ben this is your room he walks on and say who this is so cool oh wow how did you know he talked Emily's ear off about how much he love ships and pirates baseball who this is amazing thank Mr.Corey. You welcome buddy now Emily wants to show everything she got you and your bedroom will then Emily lead the way I am going to be here playing with Ben and his new toys. Emily and Hanna walk in to Hanna's room and she say oh Emily this is amazing I love the bed and the sheets well you should check your closets. She opens the closet door and smiles oh Emily this amazing thank you so much it was all donate by friends and the firefighters and also the nurses that took care of you and Ben. Hanna walks to the living room and everyone is there she say thank you all for all of this Karri steps up and say we stocked the house up with all kind of food and I made you a lasagna and chicken spaghetti it in the freezer and u can keep the thing alright thank you. You and Ben are so welcome Hanna.

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