The Devil Is A Player

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The next morning I still in the hospital. Still with the same clothes just a bit more tired and very messed up. James is still sleep after the doctor pull a bullet out of his mid section and he really loose so much blood but I reassure myself that it all over now. Everything is going to be fine. I get a goosebumps all over my body every time I remember what happened last night. The detective also came very early in the morning and asked me about James and his company which I didn't know very much about.

I have prepared so many things when James finally woke up. Starting with water, bread, and even booze. I just figured out how attached is James with them after spend all week in his penthouse. He even has a whole wall just for all the kind of booze.

Suddenly the door opened when Max and all James' parents walked in. I stepped aside to give them a space and then I stand beside Max that using arm sling in his left arm. I'm pretty sure it because of the gunshot he got before he finally gets to cut that man's throat.

"How's your shoulder?" I said before yawning that I don't have control over.

"It's fine. Did you don't get any sleep?" Max replied as his hand tap on my shoulder. I shake my head slightly as an answer.

"How can I sleep after all of that. I need every shred of my power, so I don't get trauma after last night." I said as I remember the aftermath, when James get the first aid in ambulance, Louis came and act like a overprotective parent. He asked me about a bunch of things and repeatedly asked about my condition, that I don't have any wound because my hand was covered by James' blood. Eventually I can get Louis to be less worried and send him home to get some of clean clothes after he accompanied me all night in the hospital waiting James during surgery.

"How did you do it, last night?" I said again refering to Max's act that somehow able to kill the man with a gun in his hand by using a knife. I mean who would have thought bring knife into a gun fight is good.

"I just did it." He replied shortly and I don't anything except showing very obviously that I wait him to speak again.

"Okay, let's just say that I follow a few fighting class." Max replied again and I nodded.

"But how did you get that knife?" I asked again just because I know I never seen Max actually grab a knife.

"I asked the bartender while James talking with that guy. I just thought maybe it will come in handy some time." He replied again and I completely agree with what he said. I'm really glad he was there. But the part where I don't even notice Max does what he said is a proof that my focus is on James.

I close my lips tightly when James' father walks toward me. He might be old but it doesn't make him less handsome or ripped away the intimidating look on his eyes. I smiled a little at him which turns out to be very ridiculous.

"Max told me how care you are with James to the point where you have to be forced to leave his side. Thank you." He said as his hand tap my shoulder and somehow I feel very happy just because of what he said. I smiled a little better this time and try not to over react.

"Thank you for taking a good care of my boy." James' mom continues and all I can do is just nodding my head for I'm very speechless.

"Damn it, dad. Get your hands of from her."

In the middle of that moment suddenly James' low voice took everyone attention. Everyone is laughing at him while I was trying to get myself together, I've never felt so happy when James is talking, my tears just fell down across my cheeks and I wiped it as I trying to laugh like everyone else but it turns out to be very pathetic. I walk to the table behind me and grab a bottle of water and approach James that still in his mother's arms. Without a word she understands what I was going to do and she helped James to drink.

After all of that there is just a small conversation and jokes although I feel a little tension between James and his father. It was not very obvious but somehow I could pick up on it. When the lunch time is close Louis appeared with my clothes on a small bag and a takeaway from taco bell. He just knows what I want even when I don't say anything. James' parents asked me to come and join them but I choose to stay with James. As everyone left I changed my clothes in the bathroom. In there I still trying to convince myself that James is fine, he survived, but I can't help myself to keep relieved that event, it still very clear in my head how pale James is and how cold his skin to the touch as if life is being sucked out of his body. I'm afraid and I know I will have to deal with it.

After I changed and put my hair in a tight bun and went out of the bathroom I see James staring at me while he breathe deeply. He looks fine right now, his skin color is back and there is no tired looking eyes as if it will close at anytime and never opened again. Everything should be fine from here on out and I know exactly what James want but I'm sure the doctor will not like it.

I walked toward my purse and pull a small bottle of gin. James raising his smile as I approached him and pour the gun into the empty glass beside his bed.

"You're the best girlfriend ever." He said as I give him the glass filled with gin.

"Girlfriend?" I murmured with a little bit of doubt but I can't help myself to be happy.

"Yeah, when there is someone who want to take care of you when you're almost dead I think it's enough to make it official." James said as he took a sip and I smiled.

"So we're official now?" I said that sounds like a unnecessary repetition but I don't care. I just want to make sure that it's real.

"Of course." He replied slowly took me closer with little effort and then he put his lips on mine with a tender kiss but it's enough to send a thousand butterfly in my stomach and I never felt so happy before. I wish that I will have something different with James because I care about him or maybe even more.

I fell in love with a man who I thought was nothing more than a player with devilishly handsome face.

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