The Devil Is A Player

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ONE : Aurora Jane

"Wow. This is beautiful." I nodded to the woman beside me who sit in front of vanity mirror.

"I think it will be better if you make it more red." She continued pointing to her own lips.

I nodded again and begin to choose another lipstick with more red tone then I started to repaint her sexy lip. Of course, I mean most of all model always has a sexy lips and a perfect eyebrows naturally.

"Ah, perfect." She said after I finished and I nodded once again and she finally stand up and walk toward the set for magazine cover. I breathe in relief and start to tide up my tools. Watch in my wrist show that the night is getting late and that actually explains why I'm so exhausted right now. I've been working for almost a whole day in two different set.

"Nice work, Rora." A familiar voice suddenly stopped me from closing my bag and turn around.

"Thanks, John." I replied with a little smile. He is the photographer's assistant. I realize that he is interested in me but I don't so I always try to avoid him as good as I can without being to obvious everyime I work with Simon. His boss.

"Wanna get some late caffeine with me?" He said pointing to the exit door. I watched my watch on my wrist and exhale deeply.

"Thanks but my brother will arrive soon to pick me up." I close my bag and lift it from the table.

"Maybe next time. Bye, John." I smiled at him before I walk out of the studio. That was easy.

An hour later me and my brother Louis arrived at our apartment. We lived in here since we were a teenager. We were adopted by a very royal family and they are very lovely actually. They let us have a very nice education until Louis become very smart and now work in a well known tech company. While I just can draw pictures and now become a make up artist. I wonder if Louis is getting all the brain and I just what is left from him.

"You sure you still can do this job?" He said after hand me a glass of water. See, he is very smart until I assume he can read my mind or something, I mean he knows everything I need without I have to say it.

"Sure. It's better than food delivery." I said as he sit beside me and I laid my head on his shoulder.

"Have you been thinking about marriage? Mom keeps asking me if you're dating someone or not?" I said staring at his purple yet blue eyes. So dreamy.

"Nope. I mean, can you see the way I look." Louis replied.

My brother is albino and he is over thirty years old but I only know a few woman that close to him. I didn't know why he never actually see himself, I mean with all that he had he is handsome with his pale face and white hair like a snow,
I can't understand why he doesn't see what I saw. I mean with a little effort I think he will get woman that he wants.

"You want me to introduce you to my friends again?" I said as I hug his arm. I see his eyebrow color fading away since I colored them last month.

"Oh, forget it. By the way, what do you think if I paint my hair again, what do you think is a good color for me?" I rolled my eyes as once again I have to deal with his unnecessary insecurities.

"Come on, I like what I see, you don't have to color your hair or using my spray tan." I said staring at Louis eyes trying to give him a little confidence.

"Fine, I just thought that you might be like it." He said. I giggled before I stand up from the couch and reach the television remote.

"You know I only like Netflix and potato chips. How's you job?" I said while turn on the television and sit beside Louis again while he giggled and nodding his head.

"Very amazing actually. We're in a process of making a big invention." He replied with a cheerful voice and I guess he is back to the brother I know. I nodded as a respond because I started to focus on the show.

"Don't worry with your look and if you ever change your mind, I will send you a few of my friends number to you with all my pleasure." I said after minutes long and Louis replied with a strong no while shook his head. I guess models is not my brother's type but still its pretty funny.


The next morning I played a song in my phone before sitting beside Louis who lay down on the couch with television goes on. I pulled out the tools that I used to colored his eyebrows and also his lashes. He actually never ask for it but I always want to paint them. As the song plays I start to shape his eyebrows that fit with his angular face.

"You don't have appointments today?" Louis asked with his eyes closed.

"Nope." I replied as I keep focusing on his eyebrow shape.


"What is that even mean?" I said because I sense some sarcasm in there and I don't like it.

"Just not like the usual," He said opens his eyes and staring at me.

"I am free this weekend. Is it really hard for you to believe? How about after this you take me to the mall." I said applied the color evenly on top of both his eyebrows hair after shaping it. After that I took of my gloves and took some water. I just need to wait for a few minutes until the paint is soaked up to the hair and then I could wipe it off and do a final touches.

"Fine. I just think your desire is non-stop working and no, I'm not taking you to the mall. I just finished my breakfast and I don't even do any workout or anything else." He keeps staring at me with his magical eyes and I roll my eyes hearing him.

"Come on, you do that like all the time. Your muscle is not going to shrink in one day because you skip a workout." I said while I stabbing his bisep with my point finger. He does a bit muscular because all of the sports club in high school and college but then apparently his workout habit is never go away.

I wear my gloves again when my stopwatch in my phone ringing. Slowly I wipe out the layers of paint on his eyebrows and doing a final touches until his eyebrows look exactly like I wanted to be. It's thick and perfectly shaped.

When everything is done I collected all of my tools and put them in the box while Louis is starting at the mirror admiring my work.

"It's different than before." He said after a while.

"Well yeah, I used a different products and different techniques. I think this is better than before." I replied by still collecting my stuff.

After a while of cleaning up my mess and a little tea break I finally changed my clothes with some red shirt, jeans, and long blazer.

"Let's go, I want to be home before lunch." I said as I walked towards the living room where Louis still very comfy in the couch.

Louis rolled his eyes before he put on his blue shirt to cover his white t-shirt then he grap the car keys as we walked toward the door.

Thirty minutes later me and Louis has arrived at one of the mall in downtown New York. Louis grab my waist all the time as well as helping me pick up a few things. I bought some new shirt and jeans and of course make up. That is my ultimate goal when I arrived.

I actually can do this on my own but I take Louis with me because one reason. These days I always deal with a client or model who had a pale skin and has a unique undertone so I use Louis as my test subjects. All of the foundation that I have are making my clients looks more pale than they already is so I want to find foundation that could bring warmth in pale skin and Louis is just perfect for that.

We finally arrived in one of my favorite makeup stores named as Lucy Beauty, I believe its a started brand but I quite pleased with their products and become one of brand that I trust the most after Scott Barnes and Charlotte Tilbury. The store design is pretty dreamy and very girly with their black and pink theme. I take Louis directly to the face part and take a few tester that a bit darker than Louis' skin. I repeatedly swatch multiple colors on Louis face and of course he is not like it but I also know that he can't refuse me.

"I should've known that I will be your guinea pig." He murmured as I keep swatching. I giggled.

"Come on, I don't do this to you everyday. Just relax." I said watching his jaw that now full of different foundation colors.

Then I decided to take three out of six different colors based on the swatches in his jawline. I bought two bottles of each colors and then I take my wipe and clean up Louis face.

"I consider this as a bluffing and used me for your own interest, so you're gonna have to cook and clean the apartment for the rest of the week, especially your room." He said and without warning he pinched my waist. It pretty hurts.

"Aw, it hurts," I said as I stepped very hard to his feet. I giggled when he get the pain then I continue to clean his face.


I turn around as I hear a woman's voice who I thought was the store keeper but I changed my mind as I see that the woman has a very beautiful red hair and warm brown eyes wearing a very famous designer clothes. Gucci.

"Hi," Louis replied.

"I'm Felicia. The owner of this store." She said while giving me her hand and I grabbed it very carefully. Her skin is softer than mine and I'm so jealous just by it.

"Oh you're the manager? I'm Aurora and this is Louis." I said as I shaking her hand then point my finger to Louis.

"I see you and your boyfriend looks like having a good time and is there any thing I can help you with? You know, just in case you get confused or whatever." She said which make me and Louis laughed.

"Oh God, I'm sorry. I, damn it." I'm trying very hard to stop laughing before my stomach gets hurt but it pretty hard while Louis seems to have better control than me. Felicia looks very confused and I think I really need to stop.

"Don't get mistaken. Aurora is my sister and even if we're not siblings I'm not going to be her boyfriend. I'm not crazy." Louis said to Felicia but what he said makes me spontaneously step on his feet again.

"Aw, are you really a woman or anything else," Louis murmured as he rub his feet.

"Oh, I'm sorry. So is there anything I can help?" Felicia said cut what I'm about to say to Louis.

"I don't think it's necessary. I've been here a couple times and I'm sure I can find what I'm looking for but thanks." I replied to her and she nodded.

"Okay. Oh well then how if I invite you two to have a lunch with me in my favorite restaurant, it's just two floors above." Felicia said as she followed me and Louis to move to the eyes section.

"We will have lunch at home unfortunately,"

"Fine. That's sound like a good idea." Louis replied and cut what I'm going to say. I glared at him.

"Good. I will make the arrangements then. See you there. Oh, and by the way the name of the restaurant is Nora's." Felicia said with a wide smile.

"See you there." She continues before she left.

I still glared at Louis who appeared to be busy watching Felicia walked out the store and vanish in between visitors. When he turn his and and stared me I breath deeply.

"What is that?" I said.

"I thought mom tell you to tell me that I need to find a woman. I just found one." Louis said as he didn't have any burden. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah but not her. Don't you see that everything she wears screams money." I said trying to make Louis understand of what I feel. It's not easy having a thing with overly rich people.

"But she looks friendly. Ah nevermind, don't think about it too much." Louis makes me to focus on makeup again.

"Did you ever heard that redhead is very hot in bed?" Louis said in between I pick a few palettes.

"Ew, la la la. I don't want to hear it" I said walked towards checkout and left Louis behind.

After check out I went to buy a new candles before we went up and go to the restaurant that located in the very corner and actually bigger than any restaurant nearby.

When we entered we're welcomed with a very nice European atmosphere and I could smell wine as we go on. I just saw a few visitors and they mostly in the east side and then I saw Felicia sit in the opposite side. What is happening?

We walked toward her and I sit down awkwardly across her and so is Louis. We're a little confused with the placement. Felicia pour us a wine with a wide smile that seems never fade away from her face. Did I have mention that she is very beautiful.

"I did booked this restaurant in the last minutes. I just didn't like there is strangers around me while I'm eating." Felicia made her voice with a little giggled and it make me feel like I just swallow a rock.

"Wow, don't you think we're a stranger too?" Said Louis very calm while drinking the wine. He did always have much better control over himself than me who still overwhelmed.

"Oh, no. You're not a strangers," Felicia replied and I didn't think she realized that she is biting her lips while staring at Louis. Now I get it. She likes my brother. It's very obvious right now.

The appetizers start to delivered and it actually very relieving because I have to be a witness of a woman admiring my brother, it's weird and little bit disgusting. All of that makes me feel hungry. I arranged my stuff beside my chair so it doesn't disturb the waitress while Louis staring at Felicia like a rock when she took of her blazer and revealing her black satin shirt with deep v. I'm pretty sure she does that on purpose and I stepped Louis' feet so he could wake up and not doing anything stupid. This is insane and I don't want to be part of it.

"Oh yeah, we I mean Lucy Beauty will have a launch party for our new products. If you don't mind you can come." Said Felicia pull invitations out of her purse and put it in front of me and Louis.

"I saw you bought a lot of makeup from our store, you might like our new products as well." She continues.

I nodded awkwardly and staring at the invitation with doubt. It's of course a good thing to evolve my business but I just didn't think Felicia does this for that purpose. I think she approached me to get to Louis. It seems odd and I can't think of any reason why she does what she did. If she want Louis than don't make me as a bridge.

"Sure, we will come. It maybe a good chance to build more connections for her. Thank you." Said Louis replied to Felicia. Aku breath deeply, I know I shouldn't be so worry about them. I did not liking the fact that Felicia is way too rich than I expected, I just affraid that she might be a little intimidating and could swallow Louis. No literally of course. I just don't think they're in the same league and eventually will hurt each other. I just want what's best for my brother.

After we ate the lunch in total awkward silence even when Felicia trying to break it I still feel uncomfortable. All that aside I think this is the best lunch I've ever had. Every food is delicious and the atmosphere is suddenly changed to be more relaxed.

"Did Louis wears contact lens?" Felicia asked me. I shook my head as and answer cause my mouth is full of wine.

"No," I said not long after.

"I was born with this eyes," Louis continues my words.

"Wow," Felicia whispered as she staring at Louis very deep for a very long time and the situation is weird again. I clear my throat and it could bring Felicia back to earth appropriately.

I asked Louis to go home after all foods are finish and I'm in the point where I can't hear their conversation that mostly just trying to seduce each other. It's not like they are very discreet, it actually more obvious than I'd like to admit and it disgusting because Louis is my brother. In the other hand, Felicia is very sweet and friendly as Louis said, I shouldn't be so worry if they're dating but I still can't accept it for a very ridiculous reason. When we are in the car Louis hold hand and give it a subtle grip.

"Don't worry about me, Rora. I could take care of myself. Maybe you should find someone for your own too." Said Louis with a little smile and I nodded.

"You're right. I'm sorry." I murmured.

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