The Devil Is A Player

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TWO : James Lavier Bradford

I take a long breath after I dropped myself on to the couch. Felicia could really make my peaceful weekend become a non-stop work. After giving me a handful of list that I need to take care so here launch party will go smoothly she went missing.

Felicia is indeed the CEO of my dad's company and now she's like the favorite child because I'm the one who suppose to have that job but I turned it down it in a very extreme way that involves leaving home. I refused everything my dad told me to do and follow my own will, I push through with a little help of my friend until I get my PhD and build my own company. But, Felicia actually succeed with her own career. She runs the company in her terms and plays in zone that she understand. Two years after she takes over the company that used to focus on property and financial begin to spread in beauty area and fashion.

After a whole day of deading with event organizers that I've used several times before and discussed the party that will be held a week from now, I checked all the guest lists, snacks for the event that have to had a good nutrition so every guest can eat it, gluten free, vegan, and may more. I also control the media who will documents the entire show. They're just a few from Felicia's list.


I rolled my eyes when the source of my pityful weekend arrived with a big smile and act innocent as she hugged my left arm and laid her head on my shoulder and as if it wasn't enough she called me with the name that only used by the most woman I love above all else. My mother.

"What you want, Felicia." I said while I'm trying to push her away but I didn't make it. I know I should've go back to my apartment or to a club. To get some drinks or woman or both rather than stuck in my parent's house with the most annoying sister I've ever known.

"You are not going to believe it. I just met my soul mate." She replied with her eyes watching the ceiling and then she buried her face to my arm with a wide smile that creeps me out.

"He has everything I've ever wanted, he is very handsome, his skin is white like a snow, his hair is very white and shining, I really want to buried my hands in there when we had sex, and his eyes, they're very dreamy." She continued to talk about a man with a smile and giggled that creeps me out even more. I don't even have any idea about the man she was talking and I'm not even sure either if she still had a conscious.

"What are you taking about what it has to do with me? Are you sick? Should I get mom or you want me to call a doctor for you?" I said as I touch her forehead to check her temperature.

"Get you hand off me, I just share my love life with you. His name is Louis, he is so handsome and you have to teach me on how to seduce a man."

"No, you can't just running around and seducing old man." I said as I trying again to release her grip in my arm. It's tougher than you thought.

"He is not old. I'm pretty sure he's your age."

"You said that his hair is white, isn't that mean he is old." I replied and she just laughed as if I have something in my face.

"Not because he is old, Jimmy. He is albino. But sexy as hell." I feel a goosebumps all over my body hearing Felicia talking about another guy. Beside her horny face makes me want to puke.

"You have to teach me how to seduce him." She continues while staring at me. I have to admit that she doesn't do a lot of dates because dad always keep her busy.

"You just have to get naked in his bed. Every guy will like it." I replied pulled out cigarettes from my pocket and put it in between my lips. Felicia punch my arm so hard and interfering my hand to light the match. I saved my cigarette in my hand and move away from her as she release my arm.

"That if he is you, asshole."

"You want a suggestion right? Well that's it." I said put my cigarette in my pocket again before I left the couch.

"Where are you going? I'm not finished yet." Said Felicia following me to the front door.

"Club." I replied shortly.

"Fine, I'll tell mom that you want to date a hooker." She said very close to my ear and than run into the house and yell calling my mom. I run to her as quickly as possible.

I closed her mouth with my palm and drag her to the living room before force her to sit on the couch. If my mother know that I still dating random woman than commit to one relationship she will lock me up in the attic and that is very embarrassing. I'm not a child, or she will do even worse by introduce me to her friend's daughter.

"Okay, fine. What do you want?" I said as I crossed my arms while she laughs at me.

"I mean it, Jim. I really like this guy and I don't want to mess it up." She said with her puppy eyes. I disagree with her but if I don't do what she wants she will trap me in this house all night long and I know I don't want it. I need booze and woman. Not an annoying sister.

"Fine. Okay. You can come to my apartment tomorrow. Can I leave in peace right now?" I said pointing at the front door. Felicia scream in excitement before hugged me.

"I'll be there at 8 o'clock. I love you. You're the best." Said Felicia before kiss my cheek. I pushed her immediately after that.

"Ew. Knock it off. I have to go. First suggestion though, don't scream like that. You can cause him deaf for life." I said tide up my suit. Felicia nodded with her stupid smile.

"Noted." She replied.

I nodded then I walked out of the house and went to my car. It's time to get new woman to warm my bed.


"Bourbon, please." I said as I sat down in the bar stool and unbuttoned my jacket.

My eyes are watching the surrounding as the music getting louder and people in the dance floor are to high to even remember their own names. I can't find anything that caught my attention. Why do I feel like this is the worst weekend I've ever had, I usually already have a woman just as soon as I walked into the club, or a man, or sometimes both but tonight is just very strange and I don't like it. I shoved the bourbon right into my throat and suddenly I felt more relaxed, I ask for another shot and I still feel like having someone to spend the rest of the night.

"Can you give this poor woman a glass of beer?"

I turn myself from the dance floor and see a pretty woman beside me wearing black dress with deep V covered in nude leather jacket. Her lips are red and her blonde curled perfectly to frame her face. She is beautiful and she's definitely my type. I slightly smile to her before I turned to the bartender and ordered a glass of beer.

"There's a lot of people in here that you could ask for help you know?" I said as I give her beer, she giggled with a very friendly smile. I can't blame her if she's attracted to me, I don't have anything not to like.

"You seems to be the one who's always get attention. What's your name?" She said with a flirting glare.

"James." I replied shortly but I made myself clear that I want her through my small touch at the edge of her dress.

"I'm Grace." She smiled widely as if she was enjoying my little touch. I Got you.

"You want to talk somewhere quieter. I have a hotel two blocks from here." I pulled here closer and whispered to her ear.

"You move very fast, don't mind if I do." She replied me with the same thing I did to her and I slowly kissed the skin under her ear and she slightly moaned.


I shoved myself away from Grace and see Debbie walked toward me with angry steps, she is wearing a nude jumpsuit and her brown hair are waiving in her head. She is one of my longest date until I decided to cut her off last week. I thought it was over but as any other woman I've encountered before, when you keep on giving they'll always keep asking for more.

"What are you doing here, with her?" She is pointing at Grace and her voice is far from friendly and I hate her for this behavior, she has no right to accusing me just as if she is more than my date.

"You can see it by yourself." I shrugged my shoulder so she could she that I don't interested at her anymore and that I was bored with the drama she's making.

"You can't do this to me. You said you like me." She said in a unnecessary panic.

"It was last week, Debbie. Look, I just wanted to end us in peace, okay. Don't be so hard on yourself cause you know since the beginning that 'us' is not serious. You still can find the other, because I already found one." I wink at Grace which makes her blushed.

"You bastard! I wish you will find a woman that will kick you out in the most embarrassing way possible." Debbie is furious and after she yelled at me she slap me so loud until a few people looking at us with curiosity.

I gasped as I feel a little burn in my cheek and I drink my bourbon very angrily. Aku menyentuh gigiku dengan lidah merasakan sedikit perih. A little cold touch in my cheek make me drive my attention back to Grace and I smiled as I feel like she is understand that I'm not trying to be in a relationship with anyone but she looks like she still want to be with me tonight. I completely distracted from my little sting in my cheek.

"You're alright?" She said.

"I'm fine. So, you still want to talk with me?" I grabbed her hand and pecked her palm.

"Of course."

Few minutes later I already shoved her on the wall and kiss her as if there is no tomorrow in a hotel that still belongs to my family company. I run my hand through her breast and shoved her leather jacket from her shoulder. She moaned in my mouth as I laid a little pressure on her nipple. I lifted her from the floor and walked across the room with our mouth still attached in a kiss. After I put her on the bed I run my lips through her jawline and her neck while my hands are busy taking her dress off her shoulders into her stomach. I put a small kiss around my way to her breast, her moan make me want to do more and I feel and instant hard on in my pants and I intentionally shoved my hips into hers so she knows what she has done to me.

My left fingers are making its way to removed her underwear and I slip one of them into her heat. I watched every of her reaction as I make a 'come here' move inside her, her eyes is shut and she groaned as I put another finger and move a little faster. It's not long for her to get her orgams after I put my third finger and really fuck her with it. After a while she suddenly shoved me to lay on bed and I put a flirting smile as I know her intentions were. I groaned as I felt her hand wrapped around the length of my rigid shaft after she threw my pants to the floor. I felt her lapping at the weeping head of my cock like she was eating ice cream.

My groans is intensified as she wrapped her lips around the bulbous head of my member and drew mine deep into her mouth while pumping the thick root of my shaft. Her lips sheathed her teeth as she began to bob up and down the length of my shaft, using her fingers to apply enough pressure to my length that's not in her mouth. I began to pumping my hips, driving myselft deeper into her throat and she hollowed her cheeks to increase the suction. I grab a handful of her hair as I keep pumping in her mouth, my shaft is pulsed and throbbed makes me know that I was close so I shoved her away from my cock and I took all my remaining clothes off then I take my condom out from the night stand drawer.

I pushed Grace to lay on the bed and slip my cock into her heat slowly. Enjoying every second that drives me deeper, wrapped me very tight and everything seems blurred. Only the erotic sensation in every thrusts and the sound of our breath echoed as I drive her closer. I felt her body strain in my arms and I know she's already coming, I give her a kiss and a little break from her high and from that moment I know I'm going to fuck her senseless.


The next morning I woke up in a good feeling and alone in bed, I couldn't ask for much better partner, Grace is definitely know what she's gonna get and I'm looking forward to meet her again. The clock has shown that I need to shrugged myself out of the bed if I don't want to be late in monday morning. I just don't feel like hearing Albert, my PA, nagging me about time efficiency and the whole thing. With that thought I pull myself out of the room and leave the hotel as quickly as I can.

When I arrived at my apartment and opened my door I frown when Felicia is already sitting on my couch with a glass of coffee in the glass table and act like this is her home. When she saw me her smile grows bigger and wave her hand to me.

"You came early." I grabbed her coffee and took a few sip. The feeling of warm caffeine in my throat sliding gracefully to my stomach was always amazing. There is nothing that could compare the feeling. Felicia watched in dislike but she ignored it at the end.

"Come, I have something to tell you. You're not going to believe it but Louis called me last night. So, I gave him and her sister an invitation to my product launch party and I put my number on his. Oh my God, even in the phone his voice is so hot." Felicia tell her story like a kid in candy store. I simply have to rub my head overtime to reduce my lightheaded from just hearing her voice. Is this have to do with me in any kind.

"So, what is that have to do with me?" I sigh as I saw there's a huge excitement in her face as if she could explodes at any time. I don't even know who the hell is she talking about except for the fact that this guy named Louis really put a huge effect on her. For I'm being honest I've never seen Felicia like this.

"You sure he's not a jerk?" I said again.

"The only jerk I know is you." Felicia sharply response.

"Okay, fair enough. Just don't come at me when he's not what you think he is." Felicia nodded her understanding then she looked me like I have more to say which is not. I know that she wait me for some advice that I promised her yesterday but is it really necessary. I sigh when she keeps staring at me like a five year old asking for a candy to her parent.

"First , you can seduce him with your body language but keep it subtle." I said to her and she is totally thinking about it too hard and nodded as if she truly understand.

"You can start by giving a light touch on his elbow or his thigh." I giving her an example by laid a single stroke on her elbow very lightly. She chuckled before shoving my shoulder.

"Just keep the conversation between you two are light and don't get to personal questions just yet. If he shows his interest in you hell will show it and then you can start a first base. You know, let him touch you from head to waist."

Felicia once again nodded her head then without a word she shoved herself from the couch and took her back and her coat.

"Thanks big brother, and I probably should go now. I'm going to have breakfast with Louis in Anna's. You're the best." She said when she kissed my cheek after put her coat on.

"Of course I am." I said and I get her eye roll in return. When she finally put of my apartment I shook my head in amusement in the thought that my sister is really an adult now. I wonder if I should teach her about sex as well in the future.

That would be interesting.

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