The Devil Is A Player

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Three : Aurora Jane

"You don't think it's too much?" I said to Louis as I took a spin in front of the full body mirror. It's the night of Lucy Beauty new products launch party and I don't really want to come but for whatever reason Louis is insisted on this as if anything I said would not change his mind.

"No. You look beautiful." He said as he put his buttoning his jacket behind me.

I'm wearing a black cotton dress with v neck and no sleeves. I let my brown nearly black hair fall across my shoulder in a loose curl and a little celestial hair pin just for my pleasure. I love night skies so much as if I can stare at them the whole night. As I turned from the mirror I smile at Louis.

"Maybe we don't have to go." I said still trying to make Louis changes his mind. I just don't have a good feeling about this and oddly it's not because the possibility of my brother meets with Felicia again, well a few maybe, but there's something more to it and I just can't figure it out and it truly start to scared me.

"We've talked about this. Beside I've made promise to Felicia that I'll come." Louis quickly shut his mouth as if he just slipped his secret.

"You what?" I don't even know when they started to meet again, did he just really said that he met her behind my back.

"I made my promise already. I wanted to tell you but I don't want you to be overreact like this." Louis grinned.

"Since when you met her?" I squinted my eyes and hold his hand so he didn't escape from this conversation. I just want to know.

"You remember when she gave us the invitation. She wrote her number in mine and I called her that night and we have a breakfast together the other day in one of her favorite restaurants." Louis said pull me to his bear hug and I can't think of anything else at the moment except for the fact that they do attracted to each other.

"Felicia gave you her number?" I murmured.

"She does." Louis shoved me slowly but still keeping me in her arms and nodded. His face slightly blushed and his smile is saying that he's genuinely happy. I can't even remember when he is as happy as now.

"I love you." I said to him with a smile.

"Me too. Now let's go." Louis grabbed my right hand and pull me out of the apartment.

Louis opened the car door for me in the carport and I enter his fancy car gracefully. Since Louis work in the tech company our lives has changed totally. Of course it's not easy at the beginning when he was just intern and I barely begun my makeup career, however we still get a little help from our parents, but when Louis finally gets his position and I started to be known we can get a taste of luxury from our own hand and it feels very good.

Louis drove the car out of the carport and enter the street. I was very surprised in the level when I nearly kill myself with just a popcorn when he told me how much he earned in a month and when in this time around when he is part of team for the new project. It was twice more money than I can get in a week.

It doesn't take long for us to arrived at the party. According to the party invitation, it was at the event building at Wall Street. Louis handed over the key to me so I can keep it in my purse and we walked towards the party in the second floor. We entrust the coat before finally entering the ballroom that has been filled with many people. They're talking in a small groups and few waitress are walking around them offering champagne. This party is beautiful and I didn't know I can't enjoy it yet.

The decor is like someone who is having birthday, lots of ribbons and balloons, but it doesn't feel like that because the majority of the colors are only black and gold. According to the color in the cosmetic logo. I saw a table full of drinks and snacks. Then the display of new products in the middle of room make people will look twice, it's very aesthetic and I really want to get my hand on them.

"Louis you came." I turned to the side. Likewise with Louis and I see Felicia came to greet us with a cheerful voice and looking very angel like with her dark red dress that wrapped her body beautifully. Not to mention her hair in the bun and showed her neck in a very sexy way. I widened my eyes almost popping them out when Felicia without warning hugging Louis's neck and kissed him right on the lips. I'm very sure that it's not a pecked in the lips but this is really a kiss with an open mouth. Dear Lord. I can't even say anything rather than seeing Felicia very aggressive kissing my brother and he looks enjoying it. God, how long I have to witness my brother making out. It's very uncomfortable and strange and on top of that, disgusting. I frowned as if I saw a vomiting person in front of me when I heard the sigh of both of them before the kiss was finally finished.

I sucked my own lips trying not to laugh when I saw Louis's mouth filled with red from Felicia's lipstick. Some people who saw them start to walked away while I took my wipe from my purse and gave it to Louis. I glanced at Felicia who was still silent with lipstick that faded and messy.

"I'm just gonna take a drink." I said to her and she nodded. I went toward the table that had been filled with snacks and drinks. I took a small plate and started filling my plate with a cupcake and a small snack before shifting to the corner that I thought was quite enough and pretty well hidden. I need some time to clear my head from the strange feeling that I own and from what I saw before, I think they did really attracted to each other. I leaned against the wall, eating my food and saw the crowd of people talking and and make a toast from what ever the agree on. I saw Louis and Felicia are back in the mood and talking to a small group. They seemed fit with Felicia's hand hugging Louis's arm she looked very possessive, say that I have a impeccable woman hunch. I have lost my enthusiasm to approach the Booth for the new product exhibition. I think the incident at the entrance was slightly influenced me.

"Alone?" I turned and saw a man looking delicious with his dark red suit. He is obviously much taller than Louis and those suit can't hide any of his deliciousness.

I swallowed my saliva as if it was a rock when I felt his scent which seemed to fill the air around me. It was so damn alluring and sexy, just like the man himself. He smelled like fresh washed linen and sin. Simply mouthwatering. I discreetly ran a hand over my mouth to make sure I wasn't in fact drooling. Those blue ocean eyes are the one that's gonna make me melt like a butter in hot pan.

"You can see for yourself." I'm trying to keep myself calm and act as usual. I saw the man smiling then reaching out his hand.


"Rora." I replied, welcoming his handshake and that little touch send my underwear soaking wet. It was a perfect blend of tenderness and power. Suddenly and image of what this hand capable of doing to my body running around my head and it's just make me more wet than I could even remember.

"I thought I had already met all kinds of women, but I think I was wrong." He said, crossing his arms and leaned against the wall behind him. I frowned didn't understand what he was saying but I could see a big red flag in the back of my mind.

"You know, I can see that you have a very nice boobs and I'm pretty sure they don't mind if I laid my hand on them." He added. I simply choked with my own drink before putting my glass and plate on the small table beside me then looked at him in disbelieve. Why do every gorgeous man I've encountered have to be an asshole. I've been with that type of guy and it ended up very wild, involving fights and forever holding grudge. I tried to stay away when James tried to get close, I could feel his touch is like a feather on my body shoulder and I gripped his wrist then twisted it with anger that escalated in me that makes me feel like a volcano.

"Don't touch, me." I said intended to kick his cock but I ended up kicking him in the gut and I felt like it's not enough so I was decided to kick him again and this time I got it right. James groaned then looked at me with confusion.

"You miss at first, and you got it right the second time." James said in between his teeth and I have no regret. He got what he deserved even when my ex didn't have the luxury of it as well.

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