The Devil Is A Player

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FOUR : Aurora Jane

I was about to let him go and leave but I didn't expect James would pulled me and pinned me to the wall. His eyes spark in amusement and a small smile carved in his face and I'm confused, usually when a man get his balls kicked by a woman they will be pissed, why is this asshole smiling?

"Don't leave me that quick. I assure you that tonight we will be together, in my bed, naked." James said in a low and soft voice beside my ears. If there is anyone who sees it, it would be like we're making out. I tried to break away but his grip was getting tight and I felt the circulation of my blood being hampered on my arms.

"Wait." He continued before I felt his tongue the lower part of my ear and then his teeth were slightly bite my ear and his doing is sending shivers all over my body. I feel my kness are weakened and his scent is paralyzing. When I certain that he is going to kiss me and took away my consciousness he left with a smile that looks like he know what his touch affects me in certain way and I really want to punch that smug face and kick him once again.

"Damn bastard." I murmured while setting my breath. I chose to approach Louis and stick to him. At least tonight I will be safe because there is Louis who will surely kick that asshole without hesitation. This is the first time I met a very annoying and insolent person. He said about my breasts. Shit. I patted Louis's shoulder when I was behind him. I know I have to control my emotions. I want to go home.

"I want to go home." I speak my thoughts. "Is there something wrong?" Louis said while his hands grab my shoulder and give a small massage as if he felt the tension in my body.

"I just want to go home." I said looked at Louis sharply. "But the show hasn't started yet. After all you just arrived here." Felicia said, who had not released his hand from Louis' arm. I turned to look at him while trying to stay calm. She has no problem with you Rora. Louis moved to hug my shoulder and took me back.

"I have to talk to her." Louis said at Felicia then he took me to the balcony.

"Something is bothering you." Louis grabbed both of my hand and squeeze is slightly. "There is a man, but I took care of him. I just want to go home." I said, closing my eyes, not ready to see the understanding look in his eyes and sudden rage in there.

"Who is he?" Louis asked, holding my shoulder. I opened my eyes and suddenly I can't speak. I sighed. "I already gave him what he deserves. Can we just go home?" I said while gripping Louis's suit and turned my gaze to people who were still chatting in a circle with a glass of Champagne.

"Louis! Sorry to disturb your conversation but can you come with me for a while. After that you can free leave." Felicia suddenly appeared out of nowhere and of course again hugging Louis's arm. I stepped back to give them a space.

"This is only a moment. I promise." She continued then held my wrist with the pleading look. "All right." I said then sighed. I know Louis tried to calm me down with his gaze. I nodded little then followed Felicia which led us to the middle of the room.

"Mom, Dad. This is Louis and his sister Aurora." Felicia said to a couple who was wearing maroon themed clothes. They looked like one of those people where aged doesn't affect their appearance. No wonder Felicia is so beautiful, she comes from an extraordinary pool gene.

"Louis, Aurora. They are my parents, Laura and Xavier Bradford." Felicia introduced us. I smiled a little on both of them and was lucky I had a very good behavior now remembering that a few minutes ago I met a pervert, smug, and insufferable man. I wish that is the first and the last time I met him.

"Nice to meet you both." Louis said as he shake their hands. He was indeed very smart until I was sure that all the intelligence genes were in him. I can even graduate from college because of Louis's help.

"I hope you can tolerate Felicia. She is noisy and quite stubborn." Laura said with a wide smile on her red lips and a spark of amusement that kind of remembered me to that man but maybe it's just because I still very pissed yet I have to put a calm face.

"Mom." Felicia sounds like a five year old that got into a fight with her parents and it's so adorable, I can't denied. We all chuckled.

"You need to know Louis, she is quite the handful." Xavier said after we're all stop laughing. Felicia gave him a pouty look.

"Dad, for real?" She shouted.

"I think it's adorable." Louis said with his calm voice even when a few minutes ago he was as mad as I am.

"Say that again two weeks later." Another voice that feel falimiar in my ears answered from behind. When the scent passed me and the owner was right in front of me I was very surprised and unconsciously pulled Louis's suit. He who really knew me well whispered to me.

"Is he the man?" Louis asked me replied with a small hum. Louis looked at him as if he knows who James is.

"James," Laura said as if she told him to behave like he is some kind of five year old kid. I totally agree with that thought.

"James he is Louis,"

"I know who he is, my dear sister. Saw him a few times in my project." Said James cut Felicia's words. "I think we haven't formally introduced, I'm James Bradford. CEO of Venera Industries." James said with his heavy voice and his hand raise in between him and Louis.

"Of course. It's a pleasure to meet you in the flesh." Louis said as he welcomed him with a small smile and a handshake. I frowned confused in this situation and it looks like I am not the only one.

"Pleasure." James replied before releasing his handshake and patted Louis's shoulder with a small smile as well but I know he is just being cocky and I want to know why Louis haven't punch him in the face yet.

"Does anyone care to tell me what happened?" Felicia said. "I worked at his company," Louis said to Felicia.

I took a deep breath very heavily to cover my shocked and heavy feelings for the fact she just got. Fact that sent a nauseas to my stomach and the fact that make me have to deal with this devilishly handsome man alone and it's okay. I just have to build a very tall and huge wall so his charm would never affected me again and keep my mouth shut and eventually he will leave me alone.

"I think the world is so small, isn't it?" Laura said approved by Xavier with a nod. That makes us too. I hate this kinda situation and really make beat him to death is not an option, because I know it will lead to Louis' career and I don't want to jeopardize him with my actions. I feel like James will weaponized that against me.

"I didn't expect my sister to date my own employee." James followed later on and then he looked at me. I just thought he will blow the whistle about my doing but in the same time it will make him looks funny and I know he doesn't want that

"And who is this beautiful woman?" he asked and pointing me with his finger that really want to bite in so he feels regret for being such an asshole.

"This is my sister. Aurora." Louis said. I was reluctant to shake James's hand and smile a little. I will follow his game for now.

"Oh yeah. She is pretty. Do you mind if I borrow your sister for a moment?" James said looked at me and Louis with his smug face that maybe nobody sees it cause they're to distracted with his charm. The very mistake that I can't possibly make again.

"Depends on whether she wants to go with you or not." Said Louis and I sighed in relieve because he gave me a choice to refuse cause he certainly can't do that.

"I'm afraid I have to go home soon. Maybe next time." I said with the most polite smile I own. Like I said this guy is nothing more than a pain in the ass that lucky to have such a face and magnificent charm. I do believe this guy cast a big shadow for everyone.

I've got alarm in my head. "This early. The party is barely started" Laura debated my mind and she reminds me of my mom, I believe she have a super power to bent people's will.

"Yes and I'll go home alone. I have to do what I told you earlier. Remember?" I said to Louis with an awkward smile and then look at the amazing gorgeous family except for that bastard. Louis nodded in doubt and I smiled in relieved. I immediately said goodbye to everyone because I still didn't want to leave bad impression. I'm so proud of myself that I think I need to get an Oscar for holding my rage so well, nobody even gets to acknowledge that. After that I rushed out of the building and ordered a taxi from my cellphone. I tried counting time and praying so that nothing happened until my taxi came.

"Not that fast, Aurora." I gasp as a hand grabbed my arm and that scent was airing surround me. I turned to look at James who apparently had followed me. I really don't like this man. Not just because his attitude but also his eyes, those ocean could literally drowned me in any minute.

"What do you want?" I pulled my arm out of his grip and crossed my hands and realized that I forgot to take my coat. I have to text Louis about it.

"I just want to have chat with you and I can assure you that your brother could keep his job." James said with his hand hidden in his pocket and I with unexpected reflexes slapping his face until some people looked at us. Oh this time I'm very angry. No, I'm furious.

"You are a manipulative bastard." I said then chose to leave before I could do something worst or said anything again cause I don't want to make a scene in such place.

I almost felt relieved when I think James is not going to following me but then he grasped my hand and forced me into a car that park just bellow the tree and it doesn't take to much time for me to know that it's his car. I tried to fight his pull and walk in the opposite direction. However he is much more stronger by me and apparently no one is interested in helping. As soon as I sat in James's passenger chair, he looking at me with a very annoying grin. I rolled my eyes and punched his stomach hoping he would retreat so I had a room to run away but James grabbed me and fasten the seat belt across my shoulder. He then immediately locked the door and I was beyond furious but I have no idea how to deal with him, it seems every time I showed a resistance he will become more interested in the point where I feel like I'm torturing myself. I chose to be silent when he finally get to drive away from the building. I ignored every question he threw at me and hope that this behavior could somehow make him less interested cause I really don't want to be here with him.

A few minutes later James finally stop asking and I thought that he is going to drop me somewhere but I was beyond confused when his car entered the carport of apartment building in Manhattan and suddenly my heart pumping very fast. This is definitely much luxurious than the one I lived in and definitely would never be able to afford a unit, however I began to wonder what is his angle. What kind of sick plan he had in mind to. I never asked for this to happen to me but it seems like everything I'm going through is never be a good and pleasant thing.

When the machine is off and the sound of the door being unlocked get my attention I quickly opened the door and walked away as soon as possible. I ran as if it was the only thing that's going to save my life and it is. Does dealing with ungrateful jerk isn't enough and now I have to deal with some handsome and rich bastard.

"Hey. Where do you want to go?" Said James who quickly following my steps and I sighed. What is his angle?

"Go as far away as possible from you." I said, walking quickly and took my cellphone and ordered a taxi again. Unexpectedly he pulled the cellphone from my hand and insert a very small external disk and threw it to the ground then a small explosion along with a white smoke came from it and I felt heartbroken. I looked at him.

"Are you crazy? Do you want to pay for that?" I said while pushing his shoulder away and I don't know what I feel right now. I want to mad and cry at the same time but I'm not going to be to do it in front of him.

"I'll give you a new one." James said as if he didn't do anything wrong. I swear I'm going to rip his face off if I got the option so he will feel sorry for being him in front of me. I looked at my cellphone again, all my personal contacts and work were there. This is very bad day, now I know why I felt those hesitation feelings since the morning. If I would have followed my gut I would never met him and my phone will definitely stay intact.

"Why do you look so upset? I just reverse the circuit, nothing more. I gave you my words, I'll buy you a new one with all of its contents. You have nothing to worry about. Now, come on, I want to talk to you for a moment maybe do a tango if you feeling adventurous." James grabbed my hand and pulled me to followed him but before he can do that I shoved his hand away and even if I want to slap him in the face again it would never solve anything.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I said without interest. I'm just tired and really want to get away from him.

"What you did to me is inappropriate and bad. Do you realize that your action hurt people, hurt me and we just met. Do you really think I want to talk to you after all of that?" I said hold my hands very tight until my own nail scratch into my flesh but I don't and the most embarrassing thing was I cried.

I cupped my face with my hands and walked backwards as if it would gave me a space to breathe, this is very embarrassing and I shouldn't have to cried over this bastard. I heard James hissed before I felt his arms around my shoulder. I froze for a moment but I didn't shoved myself away. It feels strange to me that his hug doesn't bother me as much as all of his antiques. This comfortable feeling is terrifying me in a way that I don't understand. I hate him for sure and I don't want to like this hug but I can't. I can't even cry anymore.

"A little better." James said before shoving himself and looked at me.

"You bastard. Asshole." I said as I wiped my tears.

"Thank you." James smiling and I never felt like I complimenting him. He is very twisted and I don't know how to deal with that. I just want to go home.

"So, a cup of tea then we will talk about the matter in hand?" He said as he pointed out the building behind him and I took a very deep breath.

"You wish." I said as I stepped his foot with the tip of my high heels and then I runaway to the taxi that stopped in the side of the street. I heard his screaming at me but I ignored him until I finally inside and quickly locked the door. Thank God I still could ordered one before he destroyed my phone. I just hope this is the last time I've ever met with him again.

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