Petals of Adolescence

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This depicts the lives of Nine teenagers living together in a foster home as they pass through the pros and cons of this stage of life as a family.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 01: The last kid Arrives

Natalie's POV

'Mommy i don't want to go to that foster home,i want to live with you and daddy please' .."No darling" mom replied.

I wish i could change her mind but i know she has made up her mind. Whomever that brought parents with the option of discarding their own children to foster homes must has been touchy upstairs ...How can a parent leave their child with some other children till they reach adulthood tsk tsk such a stupid idea.

These things kept running through my mind till my mom yelled my name in full which she never does unless am lost in thought just like i am now.

"Yes mom" i replied

"You are going today ,is everything set"

"Mommmmmy" i dragged my voice.

You have been giving me unnecessary headaches i hope those guardians can put up with your problems..

Mommy can i not go i whispered

"Honey trust me you will enjoy it,c'mon lets drop you off"

I finally heaved a breath which is my sign of giving up,i hope mom regrets this. I stood up from the exquisite couch took my bag and followed my mom to the door. Once at the door i looked back into the house...i will really miss you home i said then blew the last kiss to it and closed the door. Am i not being over dramatic.

My mom was already in the car, i put my bag in the trunk with the ones my mom has already put in. I entered the back seat because i couldn't stand my mom at the moment . Immediately my mom drove out of our mansion i felt an immense need to sleep ,yester night i was crying all through i didn't want to leave neither did i want to stay in the stupid foster home.

Natty we are here my mom said softly while tapping me awake . I opened my eyes to behold a huge castle like building.

'Was this the foster home'?.

I doubted i came down from the vehicle and asked my mom whether this was the foster home and she confirmed it ,i saw neatly dressed maidens come to take in my bags ..i was shook because i was expecting a tattered looking place with fat nannies moving like pigs.

For the first time i thought the foster home wasn't bad. As i was admiring tall beautiful trees,well structured flowers .. A man in suit came out to greet my mom ,my mom held my hand per her tradition and introduced me to the head of the Foster home ...the man showed a kind smile and said with great flair "Welcome to St Lewis Stein Family miss Natalie Almond" i smiled and took the hands he brought out Thank you Mr Miller Bruce. After he said these words i noticed a huge inscription on the building. 'Saint Lewis Stein Abode'. It was beautifully written in blush pink.

After exchanging more pleasant words with my mom, my mom hugged me tightly and told me to take care she also said i could call her if i had the need nevertheless my dad and her will visit every beginning of the month. I shed a tear as i waved at her fast moving vehicle mom's driving is getting rougher by the day.

I hope this won't be hard. As i turned Mr Miller the sweet looking gentleman led me through the automatic glass doors into the interior of the foster home ....i gaped at the awesome looking place...we were standing in the middle of a lavishly furnished sitting room consisting of four milk coloured couches, 5 brown single sitting chairs, a middle glass table ,a 72 inches flat screen television ,home theater set, the floor is a brown velvet rug with gold scattered designs the wall and elegant shiny silver color was indeed elegant my big question was why will a foster home look this good as i was still in thought Mr miller called an unfamiliar feminine name Grace ,a young average looking girl with long black hair came out,she has clear white skin..she seems Asian she came down the circle like stairs..i forgot to mention that if you look up in the sitting room you would see rows of rooms in a circular pattern and a long hall way. The Grace girl greeted Mr Miller and came to me ,the way she said 'hi welcome to our home' seemed so polite so i tried also to return the friendliness. Its not everyday you see a friendly fine girl. I think the girl has a great shape having everything in the most modest way necessary.

"I am Grace and you are Natalia the ninth member of this family".

I smiled they were much. Mr Miller now told her to introduce me to everyone and also show me around. The said girl nodded and we waved him bye as he exited the house he told me to feel free and gave me his nice smile. I could confide in him he seems nice enough.

"You are so pretty Natalie ..i love your eyes"...Grace said seeming to be in utter admiration.

Internally i screamed, 'my eyes'?

Who will every like this ugly black boring holes but externally i kept calm and gently returned her favor, i am the type of person obsessed with giving back to people whatever they gave me.

"Thank you i like your hair too" i sincerely said and she twirled with her hair flying in all directions. We both smiled she must really like the compliment.

"She took me up the stairs...don't you guys get tired of climbing these stairs one day". I complained already feeling dizzy from the two many steps one has to take if it was normal me i will take it 4 steps at once but Grace is the one leading me and she seems to enjoy climbing it.

Oo darling they do but i don't its a form of keeping fit and basically most of them jump down from there she pointed to the center of the hall .

"Isn't it dangerous"?.

"These guys are more dangerous" she said and laughed like one watching a humorous horror movie.

"Tell me something" i grinned

"Don't worry i will tell the whole story later."

"Alright" i rested my itching ear.

Instead of starting from the first door we saw she took me down to the farthest end I asked why she said she likes doing things in order. I sighed

You amaze me...she rang the bell twice and we waited a very beautiful looking brunette opened the door "hi Grace, oo the newbie is here". "Katherine this is Natalie and Natalie this is Katherine", she spared me one glance and told Grace later she closed the door. Grace apologized on her behalf telling me she is usually like that so i should just avoid her..i nodded taking note we moved to the next room ..when the door opened, i see a handsome boy with gray hair omg these foster kids look like models.

"This is Max,he has a twin named Mex although he is not around as of the moment for u to see".

Max touched my hair and told me welcome in the warmest way possible his eyes were the most electric blue i have seen. Grace had to drag me to the next room.

This is Valentino ,Valentino this is Natalie ..Grace did not finish and the said guy hugged me and welcomed me i was shocked again ..he took the welcoming stuff to a whole level.

Moving on "this is Reed" he just smiled and told me hi then went back to sleep then the next room grace told me that's hers its situated directly facing the sitting room. Then the next room we met Santiago who just spared me a glance too just like the first girl seems like they are related.

"Is he around ".Grace asked.

"I don't think so but tho he is, he prefers to be alone".

He quickly closed the room in order to avoid Grace asking him another thing.

Does he get charged for talking i whispered to grace ..she smiled we passed a door and Grace looks at it with some fear and we get to the last room .

"This is your room" Grace said

"I think i have shown you enough later in the day i will show you the dining and other places also telling you the rules. Each room has a bathroom , i will leave you to unpack and rest Natie ". Grace spoke sweetly and gave me a card that opens my room. You can set the passwords later she yelled as she went to her room. As soon as i closed the door i saw my bags already in the room , looking around the room i noticed how cute it looked, it had black curtains,silver wall, red bedsheets, black cupboard a table and chair , a long sofa by the side. Wow this home is really comfy and its to my taste.

I took off my coat and boots then jumped on the bed out of exhaustion i slept again.

"Natie! Natie! Natalie!!!."

I hear my name being screamed from the door

"Grace am coming" i yelled back ...okay hurry

I decided to remove my old clothes den quickly ran to my bag with casual clothes and took a piece of short and polo i put my hair up in a disastrous bun rushed to the door and opened it . Grace was already waiting for me by the door i could see the others jumping from the terrace but i ,grace Katherine and Valentino took the stairs.

"Grace why the hurry " i asked her as soon as we were together.

"Yes Gray why the hurry,let the Blondie take her time" we heard from the sides. Katherine sighed so loudly and started walking fast . I hear a 'someone is jelly' from the sitting room.

"Valley mind your business" Grace told Valentino as i laughed she turned to me and mouthed its food time and we need to get there on time. Before she could finish Valentino retorted "really shortie you are in the mood".

"Go to hell"

"After you"

"You can't ruin my afternoon Tino"

"Just hand the Blondie to me Gray and i can care less bout your afternoon" Valentino proposed as if am an object really these guys are a whole job. I massaged my brain while walking with Grace and waiting for the next line.

"Screw you" was the last thing Graced dropped for Valentino before she grabbed me and took off to the the said food area.

I hear Valentino shouting "See ya Nattie"

We got to the base she took me to the east wing and i saw a huge dinning hall opposite it is the kitchen .

Grace took me to the sink to wash our hands i see others doing the this really necessary Grace nodded

Most of the members do disgusting stuffs in their room so you won't like someone to irritate your appetite...she gave me the look of you can think the rest out...i quickly understood and commented good table manners.

We went back to the table as quickly as possible..we sat at the sides ...the table is made of glass and the whole place looking appetizing.

Before i could fully settle into my seat i feel someone sitting way too close to me.

"Tino give her space" i hear Reed say

Valentino adjusted a little bit it seems he respects Reed i told him thanks and Continued to chart away with Grace. Mostly she is telling me the Table rules but these are things i already know so i turned out to be the one telling her as she nods in agreement. One thing is that my family never jokes with ethics and etiquette its like their second nature my mom is English and my dad Australian both hail from respectable families. The food was served and we started helping our selves from the big pots of food.

There was spaghetti in one, sauce in the other, French fries , chicken feets and fried plantain. The aroma was pleasing to the nose. The serving of the food went smoothly till Max and Reed quarrelled over chicken feets. I think Max was at fault he wanted more than can be enough for everyone and Reed has not even tasted that part and he is eating everything.

"Is this how they usually are" i asked Grace

"Worst even" she whispered to me

I bet here must be so interesting. Although the matter was resolved there was still unseen quarrel between both.

One thing i noticed is that the ninth seat was empty and also Grace ate really small and Katherine even eats smaller thats why the guys were giving me weird looks when i filled my plate. Honestly this was one of my favorite dishes so why won't i enjoy it.

After eating we left the plates on the table, the foster home had attendants who looked after these things.

Who has the ninth seat i asked Grace.

"I remember i have not told you of him , its Nathaniel, he is usually detached from all of us and acts really cold".

'He has that room before mine right'

I asked because i have seen the little inscription on his door,everyone has their names on their doors.

"Yes and do well to stay away from him" Grace told me as we were exiting the dinning .

'Why' i piqued

"Because you really should if you want to remain in one piece"

'Is he that dangerous'

"I never said he was tho" Grace said

I perceived he is not her best topic and decided to change the topic.

Grace show me around

She excitedly took my hands and went straight out of the back door, she showed me the gym,the swimming pool which is not far from the lounge their mini garden,the basket ball court,field ,their pool station also game spot. She was so happy showing me the place they nicknamed ice cream palace ...per say it does not have any ice cream but it looks like those places lovers usually seat after buying ice cream,it was named by Valentino i knew it will be him. We passed a condoned off area and i asked her what it was for she said that she does not know only that i should stay away from there but that was the place i liked most. We said on the ice cream palace and we talked about our families...Grace is actually Asian as i suspected from Busan in south Korea but her grand father is English that's why she does not have the legendary Asian looks. Her parents kept her in the foster home because they were constantly moving around the work her Dad is a high class Civil Engineer so many works here and there and her mom is her Dad's personal Manager so she has to tag along. I told Grace of mine. We didn't know it was evening till we saw some coming out to play games.

We all played ball we were evenly shared three boys and a girl. By then i saw Max's twin Mex . He was the captain of the other team while i was in Reed's team. It was such a stressful ball i almost fainted out of exhaustion but it was interesting.

After dinner. I went to the spot that took my fancy and climbed up to the almond tree there. This will be my favorite place. The air here is amazing and the scenery ethereal i can't believe it was cordoned off. As i was lying on a branch almost dosing of i felt a presence. I couldn't see the face but it was definitely a guy. As i was moving around the branch to come down i heard a low voice which carried terror in it say "who the fuck are you" i ignored him even though i was scared as i was about to safely jump down i lost my footing. I thought i was going to die because i was not close to the ground enough to ensure my safety as i was waiting to hear the last crack of my bone and die i landed in an arm. The moonlight getting brighter i looked up and saw the most handsome view in the world a.........


What did you guys think of the chapter,how do you think he will look. See guys in the next chapter.

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