Petals of Adolescence

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Chapter 02: Getting Along

Natalie's POV

The sight I beheld was truly handsome, pretty eyes pointed nose,plump lips that I wanted to touch. I was lost in his well structured face till my butt hit the floor.

"Fuck" I muttered back in my mind

"Is that how you treat a lady, you fucker?" I scolded forgetting the moment I was having before.

The boy started laughing, laughing really wild, his laughter is so melodic in my ears. He had an attitude but he was handsome inside and out.

"Nathan you laugh too?" the voice of Grace silenced the boy as he tried to maintain a cold facade walking away without looking back at us. Grace helped me up as I mumbled "rude fellow"

"Nattie what were you thinking staying here?" Grace said with concern.

"Its just that after showing me this spot I really liked it so I came to receive fresh air" I explained to Grace as I dusted my ass.

"You know you are a daredevil for coming here after my warning" Grace said as we started going into the house.

"You, why did you come there?" I questioned.

"I heard a loud thump and unrecognized laughter." Grace said.

"You live with him but you do not recognize his laugh?" I said opening the door as we step in.

"He rarely laughs" Grace said as she closed the door. It was dark inside the living room but we did not bother to turn on the light, we gradually walked through the step quietly as I and Grace conversed further.

"Do you guys hate him?" I blurted after Grace was praising herself for saving me.

"No we don't, we just wish he will come around" I nodded understanding their stress.

"We have reached the peak. Goodnight Nattie"

"Goodnight Grace"

We diverted to our rooms. As I passed the room labelled Nathaniel, I could not help but linger at the door a little wanting to knock but the door flew open. It was the boy named Nathan. He looked surprised to see me in front of his door.

"What the fuck blondie"

It took time to swallow my pride before I replied "Blondie gat a name you know"

"Don't care. Get outta my face"

He shoved me a little and walked away still yet my instincts cannot leave me.

"Where are you going Nathaniel?"

"None of your damn business blondie" he said waving bye with his back turned.

"Be safe" I whispered as he left.

Time for real things. I entered my room and closed the door loudly. I cannot deny I already have a thing for Nathaniel. I don't know what it is yet but I know I do I went to my bathroom and soaked my self in the tub. I liked the feel of cold water against me at night.

Hmph mmm i was so pleased with the baths after foaming it with my favorite strawberry soap. My mom packed it for me. I miss home, i miss mom too. I wonder what my dad will be doing now. A tear escaped my eye but i have found a reason to stay here. After the long foamy fragrant bath i stood up from the bath took a towel to wipe my body i felt so refreshed right now. I put on a pink night gown with no under wear. I liked feeling comfortable anywhere i was. The room was big and comfy. The bathroom was also sizeable.

Before i slept i wanted to check whether Nathaniel was back, i took a robe opened my door to go downstairs. Every where was dark as i expected but to my surprise as i reached the base step i saw two people on the couch watching television.

I cleared my throat i could make out a gray haired max and another blond guy i don't really remember his name. Once i cleared my throat they looked at me sharply.

"Can't sleep?" Max asked

"I just came to drink water" I replied.

"Oh but you can as well join us" He offered at least he was better than the blond guy who didn't give me a second look.

"Really?" I asked him

"Of course"

I came and sat on the single seat.

"So whats the name?"

"What name" the blonde boy talked for once. I honestly thought he won't speak and not to me exactly.

"Its Divergent" Max spoke up

"Thanks Max"

"Don't mind Tiago"

Oo this blond was Santiago. Tsk i don't care whether he likes me. I quietly continued watching the movie with them. It was silent for a while only the Television sound and the popping of corns i could hear.

"Can i have some?" I said looking to Max.

"Here" he brought another pack unopened and handed it over to me.

"Thanks" I smiled warmly but i wanted pepsi too so i decided to go to the fridge.

"Are you going to get drinks Natalie" Max asked

"Yes it was obvious you cannot keep chewing these things and not thirst for something cold it was night too

Get me the orange juice too


"I need milk shake" Santiago shouted

"Hell no I'm not a delivery girl" I shouted back as i was already in the kitchen

"Please" he shouted

I was going to bring it without him begging though

"Shut the fuck up Tiago" I heard as i entered the sitting room again.

"Reed calm down" Max said to Reed who was standing on the terrace

"Why won't you guys just sleep" Reed said out of frustration.

"Everyone is not an old bone like you"

"Santiago don't let me get to you this night"

"And what"

Max quickly covered Santiago's mouth.

"Reed just leave us to watch the movie please" I said

"You too?" Reed pointed

"Its no big deal relax" santiago said struggling with max for his mouth

"Just keep it down" Reed said as he entered back into his room

"He is right lets keep it down" max said as he relaxed in his seat

I threw their drinks to them Max caught for both of them.

"Tiago get your head off me"

"Weren't you holding my mouth just now? Just allow me to rest my head"

I ignored the both of them as i opened my pepsi to drink.

The front door opened.

"Welcome back" Santiago said

I looked towards the door it was Nathaniel. My heart skipped a beat but i was also relived he came back.

Nathaniel did not reply Santiago.

"Why back so early?" Immediately Max said it, I looked at the digital clock. It was a minute past twelve midnight. If this was considered early then by which time does he come back other days.

"Just keep your stupid mouths shut" Nathaniel growled at them.

"What if we don't?"

"Tiago lets just focus on our movie" I told him

"Listen to the blondie" Nathaniel said as he climbed upstairs with quick paces.

"I have a fucking name" I scoffed

"There are two blonds here which one should?"

"I don't care" was the last thing before the door was banged.

Santiago bursted out laughing.

I wonder whats so funny i thought.

After one more hour i was already feeling so sleepy i turned to look at my colleagues. Santiago was sleeping peacefully on Max's thighs while Max was close to sleeping off.

I tiredly stood up then switched off the television before i tapped max and Santiago.

"What the fuck" Tiago complained but Max was quick to come to and helped Santiago to stand up. I have already reached half staircase "Goodnight Amelia" Max called out

"Goodnight" i said. Passing Nathaniel's room i heard no sound he must be sleeping i went into my own room and collapsed in the bed. My first day here went fine. This was the thought i had as i slept off.

"Kids come down stairs" I heard from my dreams.

"Ohmmm" i used my pillow to close my ears.

"It's an important announcement all of your presence are needed right now."

After some time i did not hear any other thing so i decided to go back to sleep.

Loud bangings was heard "shit" i screamed this time i stood up.

"Natalie Miss Morris is waiting for you" Grace yelled

"Who the fuck is Miss Morris" i cursed trying to put on a trouser and shirt. I can't be seen walking half naked.


"I am done just give me a second" Grace was tapping incessantly and it was kind of putting me under pressure.

I opened the door.

"Hey" i said to Grace

"Finally" she said

"Bend a little let me fix your hair" i totally forgot about my hair sticking all around.

We moved downstairs.

"Can you two walk faster" Santiago grumbled from the couch he was lying on. I finally saw a middle aged woman sitting on a single seat, legs crossed and arms folded. She is dressed corporately in black suits.

"Is this Miss Morris?" I asked Grace

She only nodded as we took our seats. Her faced seemed as if she has been waiting in fact everyone has been.

"Good morning everyone. First i will welcome our latest kid Natalie Almond. Welcome to Saint Lewis stein Home."

"Thank you ma'am" i replied. She gave a curt smile the brought uncrossed her legs, leaned on one side of upholstery seat. I looked around. Most of the guys were looking bored. Katherine concentrated on her nails, Nathaniel was resting his head closing his eye. Did he not sleep well? I could only ask my self.

Miss Morris continued "I would love everyone to seat up because this concerns all of you."

"Everything must be linked with us" Max put out but straightened himself from the previous lazy position.

"There is a change in policy,rules and Management."

"So what's new" Reed mocked

Miss morris doesn't seem to care of the boy's impolite manner of speaking. She adjusted her sleeve and continued

"She acts old school"

"You are all moving"

There is a look of surprise on everyone i was the only one being indifferent. I turned to Grace to ask but she was already speaking

"Where are we moving Madam"

"Can someone wake Nathan" Miss Morris pointed towards a resting Nathan.

He waved his hands to indicate he was awake.

"At least seat up Nathan" Miss Morris pleaded He lazily complied

"You are moving to Angel Court. Its not far from here."

"But why should we move" Valentino who has been quiet asked

"Its time you have to upgrade"

"So when are we going Katherine" asked


I started hearing different sounds of interjection but Miss Morris silenced them all. Its not bad to move i thought. Seeing new places is a hubby of mine.

"After breakfast, start packing."

Miss Morris said before leaving.

"Are you sad about moving" Grace took my hand and asked.

"No , should i be?"

"I don't know but it is weird to move us out of here."

"Will they harm us" i asked now feeling unsure.

"Of course they won't. This foster home has a good reputation they would not like to ruin it."

"Right?" Max joined us from the back

"I think so"

When i entered my room i was just so tired. I arrived just a week ago and they are making me move out. My stomach growled

"Fuck is it not time for meals"

I thought as i sat on the bed frustrated. In the few days i have stayed here I learned some things, Nathaniel never joined in any gathering nor plays. He is really closed off, eats at odd to me, goes out and does not come back early.

I always spy on him to make sure he is home before i sleep. Katherine was not so mean as she puts up we have exchanged a few words. Reed was the oldest, he is 18 that was why he was respected. The food was really nice, i must say the cooks are well to their tasks. Grace and I became very close and doing things together sometimes Katherine felt left out. Max and Mex are twins but act nothing the same. Max was too lively while Mex formed the matured one. Valentino is flirty as usual but knows boundary. Santiago is fond of making rude remarks while I was a calm person gently studying each person.

"This home is not so bad. I could actually live in it" was what i thought after a week of staying in it but i should not conclude yet should I?


This is a filler chapter. The plot is still starting

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