Petals of Adolescence

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Chapter 03: Relocation

Natalie's POV

Loud knocking and slamming could be heard on my door.

"For goodwill sake will Grace quit banging on my door every morning." I groaned and tossed my phone to the sides.

"Miss Morris is here" I heard Grace speak into the door. This kind of cracks me up.

"Who in the world is Miss Morris?" I asked opening the door.

"Cut it Natty, the bus is here and I want to find a good spot to place my bags. Are you done?" Grace did not give me the chance to dwell in my foolishness.

"I'm done miss perfect" I said again cracking up about the miss part.

"Was it the same omelette I ate you ate?" Grace entered my room to make sure I packed well.

"You sound African now~" I mocked closing the door but I heard Miss Morris shouting. I think it was me because i heard "stop closing the door and move out". In order to annoy her after hearing her statement I banged it.

Grace noticed my action "God help your life", she said entering the bathroom to ensure I forgot nothing. This was one of the reasons I liked Grace, she took time with everything and always on the side of perfection. You know the saying, more haste less speed is also her signature phrases.

"I've packed everything miss perfect" I said then sat on the naked mattress.

"Then let's go" she said.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

"My door my door, who disturbeth thou" Grace was in fits of laughter as she opened the door.

Surprisingly and more surprisingly, it was Nathaniel. My awesome heart skipped a bit and I became conscious of myself. It was too awkward till Grace asked why he was here.

Calmly collected he said "Miss Morris asked the boys to help the girls bring down their luggage. By the way, Valentino has been pounding on your door."

Grace felt slight embarrassment as her ear reddened, mine did too.

"Oh ....see you Nat" Graced hurriedly left for her room.

Awkwardness was back as he entered the room. I looked everywhere apart from him. "Hey Blondie"

"I have a goddamn name" I shouted. I wanted to hear him speak my name not the 'Blondie' stuff.

"Save it for later. Are all these your bags?"

"Obviously" I said grabbing my hand bag and stuffing my phone inside.

"I hope you are not expecting me to carry it all" Nathaniel said.

I felt betrayed, "why will you choose me when you are not going to willingly help me?" the bitterness in my heart reflected in my words.

"Chill I'm just joking" he said, looking at my features on the bed. I tried not to look at his gray eyes which attracted me so much.

He carried all my five bags at once and started moving towards the door.

"Thank you" I excitedly called out.

"Noisy Blonde" he muttered and walked out safely through my door. I grabbed my bag and followed suit. I only slightly miss this room because i haven't stayed long in it. Looking around one last time I closed the door.

"Chivalry in great display, Knight Lord Nathaniel" Santiago loved poking Nathaniel up.

"My only wish is Santiago learning to reason from his head and not his dick." Nathaniel retorted quickly moving out of the main door.

"My Lord, Knights do not speak harsh words" Santiago said with fake hurt while bending. Max who was carrying his stuff out almost tripped in laughter.

As soon as I came down to the sitting room his acting got worse, he was riding imaginary horses and walking with one hand at his back like a gentle man. I ignored him, silence was the best answer to a fool. Mex walked by and cursed at Santiago.

"Sangoat" He said loudly walking out with me. I could not see Santiago's reaction as I was already out.

"Santiago go and check your room" Miss Morris yelled from where she stood near the bus having witnessed him. I looked around for Grace after checking where my bags were kept. I entered the bus to check for her and she was already in the bus chatting with Valentino. They were sitting side by side.

"Having fun?" I said loudly then passed to the back to seat. Grace did not want to bother with me. The bus was a ten seater. A man already occupied the passenger seat in front.

I took out the blinders, covered my eyes and rested my head. Few minutes later the bus was shaking with rest of the member jumping into it.

"Do you guys ever keep it down?" I heard Katherine's agitated voice.

"You pregnant?" Reed came and sat beside her.

"Even if i was, it will never be for you" Katherine said turning to the window.

This cracked me up too. What was wrong with every one and rudeness.

"Ouch but I'm man enough" Reed held his heart while bending.

"Move" Nathaniel came in.

I wonder where he was before, sneaky boy.

"Fly over me" Reed straightened up.

"Nathaniel seat with Amelia"

Miss Morris spoke after entering the bus.

"I ghat Blondie" Nathaniel sat beside me. I smiled at his words. I wish it was true. I felt a little pang in my heart.

"Blondie is still mine" Valentino turned immediately.

"When was she yours?" Nathaniel muttered beside me. By now I was almost in cloud nine.

"Male prostitute" Max barked.

"Wait, did I just hear Nathaniel claim Natalie? Santiago pointed out what has been giving me joy in my heart and now I'm even more joyful.

"Have a problem?" Nathaniel defended himself.

In all their banter, I pretended to be sleeping so I can hear more but Miss Morris had to interrupt.

"It's just sup-" Mex could not finish before the show spoiler disrupted.

"Every one put on your seat belts, be sure nothing if forgotten."

"Childish" Santiago whispered to max

"Shut your crap" Max buckled his belt.

I was at the very back with Nathaniel my heart was still rolling that I am seating beside him.

"Blondie put on a belt" He said to me.

An idea came to my mind. I stayed calm, shutting my eyes.

Before Nathaniel came, I adjusted my blinders to see a little but now stayed put.

I did not hear anything from Nathaniel for some time other than the ignition of the bus's engine.

"We are leaving kids." Miss Morris said.

I was about to stop my pretense and put my damn seat belt on. I cannot risk my life but I felt movement so I gave pretending another shot. I could feel a breath on my face. I was tensed up, I held my breathe as he took my seat belt and buckled it for me then relaxed back .

I was about to calm down the I heard a "Breathe Blondie"

He caught me but that's not the main issue, he freaking put on the seat belt for me. My small heart could only leap in satisfaction, my risk paid off.

We did not talk again. The silence between us was comfortable. I heard the others talk but not Mex, i think he sat with Miss Morris. After much calmness from Nathaniel i actually fell asleep.

"Blondie. Blondie. Natalie"

I heard my name while at the same time feeling someone shaking me.

"Yes?" I answered still soaked in sleep

"Blondie, you have to get up we have arrived."

Where was I? I managed to open my eyes. The first thing that came to my view is Nathaniel and his handsome face. He was so close, i managed to blush.

"Can we get down now?" He left me. Now I realized his hands were by the side of my hands, this feeling made me blush. He walked out of the bus, we were the last ones since everyone had already gotten down.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes then stood up. I should leave the bus too but I cannot imagine I slept through the whole ride. I missed seeing the route through which we came.

As I got down from from the bus, I saw a white mansion. The place is beautiful but it looks kind of deserted. The compound was smaller than the other house we came from. What is happening? The trees looked withered and the grasses not trimmed. The building had some angel statues in front and in the roof but they were dusty.

"Natalie we are waiting for you" I heard Miss Morris call from inside.

"I'm coming" I shouted back. I've been lost looking at this place in confusion. I touched the door knob it was dusty too. Who in the freak will leave a house in this state and why should they bring us here.

As I entered inside, everyone one was complaining about the place, yes they should. Grace waved for me to come to her and I quickly navigated. We were all standing. The inside smelt rusty, it was dark but I could make out the pattern. It was a bit like the other house just that it is square not circular. Everything inside there was dusty including the Chandelier hanging in the middle.

"Miss Morris, what is this?" Reed asked the others were looking about muttering all kind of curses to Saint Lewis Stein foster home.

"Look at Katherine" Grace whispered to my ear. Omg she looked green in disgust of this place.

I looked at Nathaniel, he pocketed his hands in his trouser looking like he does not have a concern for anything.

"There is a reason for everything" Miss morris said.

"Can you tell us the reason for this fuck" Valentino threw his arm up.

"Language!" Valentino Miss morris scolded. "This place is a test for you all, I will leave now to come back in a month's time. Do not do anything silly. We are all watching you." Miss Morris finished and moved outside.

"They are not serious"Santiago yelled

"Can someone pinch me?" Max said and I went and slapped his arm.

"Thanks Natalie" he said


"I cannot live here Katherine" said moving to the front door. We all followed her to see the bus driving out of the gate.

"So this is it?" I laughed. I thought this home was perfect now i have to eat back my word.

Katherine screamed loudly outside.

"Bitch time" Max joked

"You can still joke in this situation brother?" Mex said

"Why won't I?, where is no difference boy?" Valentino

"Who?" I asked

"Nathaniel" Grace answered

"Instead of looking for a solution you people are here gossiping about me" Nathaniel spoke up.

"Speak of the devil ,the devil appears" Santiago said

I laughed in all these we were still standing outside looking at our boxes the driver and the man who came with us brought down for us before leaving...Ouch! they were cold as fuck

"Guys what he said is true" - Reed

"We cannot do anything this place is nasty"- Katherine said with a crunched nose.

"If you are not doing i am going to do, we have to survive"- Reed

"So what should we do? Should we run away, run back home?" - Santiago

"You are always a goat Tiago" Mex said

"I know thank you" - Santiago

"I agree with what Reed said. We should do something other than running" I spoke up

"Our parents might still accept us you all know" Katherine said leaning on her box.

"Yet they gave you to a foster home" Max mocked.

"I am not talking to you, fool" Katherine retorted

"Who is with me let's clean the house first" Reed ignored the two as they started gnawing at each other. Petty people.

"I'm on" Nathaniel said

"Me too" I quickly spoke to be after Nathaniel.

"Me three" Grace indicated with her hand.

"Me four" Valentino also joined in.

"We all are in" Mex dragged his brother to stop any further quarrels.

"I need a glove if am gonna do anything" Katherine said looking at her finger and looking around the compound.

"Overdramatic" Max shouted

"Katherine and Max please calm down. Let's achieve a thing okay" Reed said calmly.

"Don't mind these two" - Mex

"Inside or out first?" Nathaniel asked

"Let's start from inside" I said

He smiled at me in understanding. He looked hot smiling I just wanted to fan my heart.

Grace looked at the exchange suspiciously. As she was about to nudge me, I moved out so she hit nothing and almost fell. Everyone started laughing

"You are no longer my best friend!" Grace almost shouted.

"You know you are stuck with me" I told her.

The guys entered inside to look for cleaning items. I and Grace entered too. We had to leave our bags outside to prevent unnecessary dust settling on it.

There were brooms, brushes of different sizes, mops, buckets, rags, dusters, dustpans, rakes, shears and all the cleansing detergent and liquids. They must have stuffed all our necessary items before leaving us to fare.

"The place is big so we have to share the work" I heard Mex's voice.

"Let's move around first to know how to share it"- Reed

"It's true" I said. After moving around on the down floor, we all went upstairs only to find only four rooms.

"What the heck?!"- Valentino screamed out.

"Does that mean we have to share room?" -Nathaniel groaned

"Ahh!" I screamed in my mind. I don't want to share rooms and how are we gonna share it? St Lewis Stein family is being inconsiderate. First they left us in the middle of nowhere with a dirty house and now we have no privacy.

"I am tired of this" Valentino said.

"It's good either way" Max said already used to sharing a room with his brother.

"You say that because you are used to it" Santiago said

"You can get used to it. We all joined this foster home four weeks ago" Mex said

I was surprised. I thought they were already living there for a long time.

So that means we are all kinda new to each other.

*Of course Blondie" I heard Nathaniel's voice.

"So how we sharing? I am stuck with my brother" Mex stated

"Valentino and Santiago, Nathaniel and I" Reed said then stopped to realize he was stuck with Nathaniel "OMG its you"He said

"Shut up curly hair" Nathaniel dismissed.

"How did I get you goat" Valentino pointed to Santiago.

"Don't worry, you will enjoy me" Santiago smirked

"Then we girls are stuck together" I whispered as I realized it. I immediately looked at Katherine, she felt uncomfortable but there was no other way to do it.

"You are right" Reed said to me

"So back to cleaning" Nathaniel said

"But we have not chosen rooms yet" Max pointed out what was on my mind.

"After cleaning so that no one will be biased" Katherine added something meaningful for once today.

"Yeah right" Valentino

"Thinking away from drama"- Max

"Mind your own business, jerk" Katherine retorted.

"Guys, let's begin" Grace groaned "I will soon loose strength"

"Yes let's begin, I want to rest" Nathaniel

"I agree with them" I said them.

"Grace and Val take the kitchen and corridor. Katherine and I, sitting room and patio. Natalie, Nathan, Santiago and Max will take the rooms.

Mex will dispose the trash and tidy up the veranda" Reed shared the chores smoothly.

"So you are now our leader" Valentino murmured.

"If you say so" Reed said looking at everyone.

"You can be. You are the grandpa" Katherine muttered.

"Come on I'm not that old" Reed said throwing his hair. Others either yawned or rolled eyes. He is the oldest but yet one of the finest here.

"I never agreed to that" Nathaniel shouted going to the first room.

"What do you ever agree to?" Santiago started going to the last room.

"I will be right back" Grace said as she was walking with her back.

"Easy there Gray" Valentino reminded her.

"Yeah. See ya" I entered the room I was closest to. Everyone dispatched to their works. What I like about these people is that they argue so much but always act as family. I am happy because I never had a sibling and I can use them as one.

The room I entered was big enough for four people with three beds. Saint Lewis stein is always mysterious. This must be for the girls I thought.

"I used a rag to dust the bed, the furniture, and the window then swept the floor and mopped. It was a stressful job so I played music in my air pods the whole time, singing and swaying my unmoving hips side to side. Thank goodness I wore a trouser and polo today if not I will be ruining my clothes with all these mess.

By the time I was done cleaning, the room looked so beautiful with it's pink walls and white tiled floor. The mattress was naked as of now, the furniture were white designed with pink. The design was pastel. I noticed this room has no bathroom, I turned to go outside and look for the bathroom or complain but I'm met face to face with Nathaniel.

"Sorry" we both said at the same time.

"Have you been standing on the door" I said looking back to the door realizing it was wide open all these time.

"No no" He kind of stuttered. Nathaniel stutter? There is nothing I have not seen today.

I smirked "why stuttering?" I said trying to be all you know silly but its not Nathaniel that i can win he grinned "nice dance moves Blondie"

Now it was my time to be bashful, i dropped my smirk. He smiled wider his Adam's apple bopping in front of my eye, I swallowed then looked the other way. This monster Nathan will be my end.

"What are you two doing?" Santiago said. I didn't notice I and Nathan were standing close till i saw how Santiago' s face looked when he said it.

"I remember, I came out to look for the bathroom."

"You are looking for it on Nathaniel's body?" He pointed after I moved away a bit from him.

Nathan started laughing as I grimaced.

"Santiago I don't have your time" I said quietly and left the both of them. I could finally breathe fine after leaving them.

I saw Max. "Where is the bathroom?"

"You pressed?" he questioned

"No I just noticed the room has none"

"Oh! The bathrooms are at the end of each side of the hallway, four in total.

"What's with everything being four" I internally groaned we started going downstairs. This staircase was a bit shorter than the previous and easily navigatable, everyone was done with cleaning. We really tried in cleaning this place. Now it looks inhabitable.

"Time to bring in the bags" Reed shouted

"This place is really beautiful" I heard Katherine say after washing her hands.

"Good thing we didn't elope" Valentino said picking up bags.

I took two of my bags at the same time. "You are due to your work as a leader" Max complimented him.

"Who will want to elope with your ass?" Mex said carrying his bags too

Nathaniel did not help with the bags as I hoped for so I went twice. By the time I got upstairs the second time they have chosen rooms. The one I cleaned was for the girls as I thought. I entered the room with all my bags, it was time to choose sides.

"I am taking the window" I said immediately my bags touched the ground.

"Don't worry you can take it. I love the wall." Grace said already arranging her things in the east side.

"So I'm left with no choice. What if i want the window side?" Katherine said standing in the middle of the room

"I don't know, I chose it first" I shrugged

"Mean" she muttered

"You know that qualifies you" I said back

"What did you say?"

"Girls girls please" Grace immediately stood up

"What's up?" I told Grace looking not in the least bothered about Katherine.

"Why did you even come?" Katherine said rudely

"Excuse me?" I asked sharply

"It is because of you we had to move from our nice mansion" Katherine accused

"Stop that Katherine, why will you say such mean words"

I laughed to Katherine's dismay.

"You make no sense" I dropped

She was already burning. "You bitch!!" she shouted.

I was about to come back but there was a knock on the door so i put off the act.

"Come in" Grace said after casting disappointed look at Katherine. I picked my bag and moved to my North wing, thank goodness the room was well sectioned.

"What is the matter?" I heard Reed's voice

"It is nothing" Grace lied

"It's this wrench" Katherine blurted out pointing to me. I intentionally turned my back so she can talk to my ass. Grace understood the gesture and could not help but laugh .

"Shit! Katherine calm down" Reed said entering the room to move towards Katherine.

"Natalie" Reed called

"Yes?" I answered

"What is the matter?"


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