The Proposal

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Hy, hope you all are fine and safe at your home, I'm writing for the first time because after reading the novel from ɪɴᴋɪᴛᴛ I got many ideas and I thought i could also try writing some novel. In this novel all character and places are my imaginary. This story is about a girl called Kim Miah (김 미아) Her parents died in a Car accident and she was sent to (Glee House) an orphanage in South Korean. On her last year in high school, one new transfer boy proposed her but she directly rejected him because she wanted to focus on her study, but he would follow her every where and because of that she got irritated then she told him that she will go in a few date with him for sometime but even after that if she doesn't feel anything he will leave her alone. She didn't have any feelings for him and after that he transfer his school, but after four years she met him again but this time he was not the new one, she was the new one in his company. She came there for a job of personal secretary of the new CEO of Korean best company in business. She didn't knew him but he knew her clearly so that was not good for her at all. He would give her many work and do what ever he like to give her tough time in the company to get revenge for his rejection.

Romance / Erotica
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It was snowing real hard,"It's okey we will reach there on time Miah" my mom told with a smile on her face, while my dad looked at me and gave me the warmest smile, before I could return my smile, we crash our car with a winter service truck (WST). My face crash with my mom's back seat and after that my head hit my left side window really hard and our car hit sumthing hard after the crash.

I opened my eyes and all I could see was blurry surrounding because I couldn't find my glasses, I closed my eyes and rough it real hard to see it clearly after that I could see a bit clear than before, than I unbuckle my seatbelt and went outside, my surrounding was fill with snow and on top there was blood and smoke from our car engine.

When I look at the passenger seat my mom's face and her white sweater was covered in blood my heart begin to beat faster, I slowly looked at drivers seat and saw my dad throwing and choking blood from his mouth then he stopped moving.

After seeing my parents covered in blood, my whole body began to ache and my leg became weak and I fall to ground and I began to breathe heavily.

I woke up covered in sweat and I breath heavy. I always had this nightmare after loosing my parents when we went to celebrate my 10th birthday when I was in grade 4. My mom was from USA and dad was from here only, I mean South korean that makes me Korean American.

My mom had met my dad when she was here in South Korea when she came to do her Master's studies in economics and business while my dad was into Life Sciences and Medicine. They went into same university and fall in love. After their Master's my mom went back to USA and came back to my dad when he called her back because she lost her dear mom to blood cancer. Then few years after they marriage they had me.

I shake my head and looked around the large room of the orphanage. After my parents death I was sent to Orphanage in South Korean because my mom and dad got no relative.

The orphanage has an odd name 'ɢʟᴇᴇ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ' it was two storage bulding but it was very large in size, who cares with names when sister's and children's here are really kind like angle's. The deem light helped me see the surrounding of our room which has shiny and clean light brown wooden floor on that floor we have 10 sets of two bunk bed and I was on top of bunk bed, my bed was beside the wide window it has white and golden mix clean curten. Our room looks really warm. I have stayed in this orphanage for 7 years 78 days.

After looking at every corner I looked at my watch and it was a 7:24 am, I went to bathroom to get ready for my school it was Monday, after reaching inside the room I took a warm shower, the warm liquid run down from my platinum blonde wavy hair which reaches my waist and fair skin which I have got from my dad and dark blue eye with black lashes from my mom with soft pink and smooth colour lip from dad.

After finishing my shower I put some lotion on my body, moisturise my face with some cream then combed my hair and tied it in loose bun. Then I put on my school uniform before going to wake them up.

I went to wake up the children, they all wake up and on 7:50 am after they finish washing it was 8:20 am. Then sister's give us breakfast I helped them because I was oldest among the children in this orphanage I was 17 others was all under 12 I'm in my last year in high school.

I told my self when I was in first year in high school that I will move out from orphanage after I start in collage when I turn 18, because I had my choice.

After breakfast I checked my watch it was almost 8:35 am, I ran back to room to put on my baggy thick black hoodie because it was cold out and after that I grab my bag. I reach my cycle and I peddle it real fast from the gate to school way because I have to reach my school at 9:00 am.

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