The Sapphire Dreamer (The Man With A Hundred Names - Mini Series - Book One)

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Book Two: Love Triangle

Ariel has a problem. She has fallen in love with two men, and she can’t pick one, without breaking her own heart.

Dreamer is a total bad boy, in more ways than one. But he’s a good man, even if he is a killer.

And Detective Gunnar? Well, he’s the total opposite of Dreamer. She knows they don’t like having to share her, and she can’t blame them.

But they can’t make her choose, they just can’t. Dealing with the corruption of their city, and the triangle they have found themselves in, they have a lot on their plate.

Then something unexpected happens, and a friend is taken from them, and the masked man is unmasked. Can Ariel handle what’s been revealed? Or will she turn her back on the only men she has ever loved?


This Book may be over, but their story isn't. Continue to follow Ariel and her guys in Book Two - Love Triangle.

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