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Killian and Aine have been friends for seven years. What started as a platonic relationship have somewhat bloomed into a budding romance without each of them meaning to. With their future full of what-ifs, will they try to conquer it or be just each other's what if?

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Finally, it’s dawning on me. I was in a daze the moment I step foot in this place, but it is the wedding march that suddenly made my mind refocus. I am here. I am finally here.

The church looks so majestic with the sun shining down on all the tainted glass. It looks so beautiful. I can hear the whispers of the guests. Some speak of their envy while others voice out their memories of their own wedding. Comparing this to theirs or to the others they have attended.

However, all their whispers turned to buzz as I saw him standing there. The moment our gazes met, everything else fades. I see him standing there at the altar. Waiting. He has this big smile on his face conveying his excitement more than his anxiousness.

I still remember the first time I saw him. He was such a lanky boy back then, but now you cannot even see a trace of that in his features. He has grown into such a fine man. Every one of our friends can attest to that.

As I walk closer to him, every one of our memories kept flashing in mind. Good or bad I can see it all. I feel faint as I get nearer to him. Step after step my feelings for him grows. I am so lost in his eyes that all I can hear is my own heart beating.

One step. That is how far I am from him now. As I took it I let a tear fall and whispered his name “Killian”

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