Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Nine

Kai’s POV:

“Why did Manager Sang call us in so early? You would think he would know how busy we are today.” I said to Jin in annoyance...

“I’m not entirely sure why, but if I had to guess. Maybe it has to do with the interviews he’s doing today?” He explained to me while looking at this phone.

I completely forgot that manager Sang was holding interviews today, but what does that have to do with us? Not only that, but he only asked Jin and me to come in. Zack was left behind with our choreographer, we’ve been practicing for hours and I would love to just sleep in. But maybe this is the perfect time to ask Sang about this necklace around my neck. Hopefully, he got in touch with someone good with smithing keys. I’ve about had it with this damn necklace-

“Jin! I’m sorry to disturb you, but I need to take your measurements real quick for your fitting. We’re having your suit tailored along with Kai and Zack...” Said one of the staff members approaching Jin, he began to take out his measuring tape along with his notebook.

“Kai, why don’t you go ahead. I’ll catch up once we’re done here, It shouldn’t take too long.”

Jin said as he began to get himself measured, giving him a simple nod. I made my way towards the elevator and began to descend to the lower floors. Taking out my phone, I looked at today’s calendar and went over the schedule I was given. I made sure that Sang gave me the rest of this week off since my mother’s birthday was coming up...

“Has it really been 17 years without you, Mom...”

Echoing those words, I decided to send a text to my father. The first and last time he saw my mother’s grave, was during her funeral. So I doubt he’s gonna go see her again...

Putting my phone away, I let out a deep sigh and placed my head back against the wall until the elevator finally came to a stop. With the doors opening, I calmly took a step out and began to walk down the hall. Paying little attention to my surroundings, my focus was just seeing what our manager wanted. However, I was completely caught off guard by someone bumping into me! Quickly looking down, I saw that it was a little girl, was she part of the staff? Her head was looking down as she immediately bowed apologetically.

I didn’t even see her coming towards me, she’s so short. Her height reaches around my rib cages practically! I think anyone could mistake her for a child almost, realizing that she was reaching for something. I quickly picked it up for her and was about ready to apologize for not paying attention to where I was walking. But I was brought to an instant halt the moment I locked gaze with her! I thought my heart stopped beating for a moment! There’s just no way it’s her, how!? Why is she here!?


I subconsciously called out her name, but hearing me say that made her immediately panic! She quickly took the card from my hand and rushed herself in putting her face mask back on as she tried rushing away from me! But if she thinks I’m gonna let her get away like the last time, she’s stupid!

“Hey! Get back here! I’m not letting you leave! How the hell did you get in the building!” I shouted at her in confusion.

“I...I don’t know what you’re talking about! I think you have me confused with someone else- Hey let me go!” She voiced out in worry as I grabbed her by the arm, gripping her firmly she struggled to get, away.

“Bullshit! Come here! Take off that mask or I’ll force it off of you! You have a lot of explaining to do- no! You know what? I’ll report you right now-”

“Report what!? If anything you’re the one I should be reporting, you pervert!” She raised her voice in anger as she tried to pull her arm free.

“Pervert!? Me?! You’re the one that was in my bed while I was half-naked and asleep! So explain that-”

“I already told you that you were passed out drunk! All I did was help Jin in carrying you to your bed- Hey! That’s my necklace! Give it back already!”

She suddenly changed the topic as she began to reach for the necklace I was wearing! Quickly grabbing her other arm, I stop her from touching it!

“Your necklace? There’s no way this is yours-”

“Yes, it is! It was a gift from my parents! Now give it back you thief!” She yelled in frustration as she took all of her strength in trying to reach for the chain! Is this girl crazy?!

“You’re calling me a thief now?! I could have you sued! Not only for harassment but for slander as well! Just fess up and admit you’re a stalker-”

Holding back my words, I clenched my jaw tightly as I tried not to yell out in pain! The feeling of my stomach came in a horrible knot as I grunted in agony. Letting go of one of her arms, I grabbed my lower abdomen as I fell on my knees aching in pain! I couldn’t believe what this girl just did! Did she really just kick me in the balls!? This bitch is so dead!

“You fucking-”

Raising my head to look at her, I was about ready to scold her when I was suddenly taken off guard by her sudden tears she was shedding! She looked completely worried and her hands were beginning to shake. Is she terrified right now? At me!?

“Why are you...”

My words were brought to silence the moment I heard people’s voices coming down the hall! So I quickly hurried in getting back up, however, the pain I was still in was excruciating. But I did my best in ignoring it as I dragged the girl to a nearby room where I knew it was kept for storage!

Closing the door behind us, I backed her up against the door and placed both my hands on each side of the door frame so she wouldn’t escape. She then shakily began to slowly take off her face mask as she avoided making eye contact with me. The tears leaving her eyes were very visible and I couldn’t help but feel bad for scaring her. But it’s not like I was doing it on purpose, I just needed to know who she is...

“Look...I can’t...I can’t let you leave. There are just too many things left unsaid. For starters, why are you here?” I asked her in an intimidating tone, leaning myself close to her I wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to lie.

“I... please...just let me go. I’m not here for the reason you think I am.” She responded in fright as she tried making eye contact with me.

“You understand why It’s difficult to believe you, right? After what happened in America, I’m not gonna take your word for it so easily-”

“I’m only here for a job...I had no idea you would be here. So please, don’t...sue me...but I’m not lying when I said you kissed me that night. Do you think I would make that up, that was my first kiss...and I hated it!”

Just as she raised her voice, I immediately covered her mouth so no one could hear her! The last thing I want is anyone seeing us right now! I know I said earlier that I was going to report her, but seeing the way she’s reacting right now. I feel like she might be telling the truth, but...

“Did I really kiss you?”

I asked her as calmly as I could as I pulled my hand away from her mouth, she then placed her small hands against my chest and tried to push me back a bit. At first, I thought she was trying to run away, but then I realized how red her face was getting!

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry, I...I didn’t realize how close I was...”

I said feeling completely flustered, I pulled both my hands away from her as I took a few steps back. I haven’t been this close to a girl other than-

“Lily....” The second she said that name, I froze completely and had a cold chill run down my spine!

“How do you-”

“You said her name when you were kissing me...” She explained to me as she wiped away her tears.

I felt like utter shit because I knew that she was telling the truth the moment I heard her say that name! Everything is so fucked! I can’t believe that I was that shit-faced that I don’t remember kissing her. And to make it worse, it was both our first kiss, but I can’t tell her that! It will only embarrass me more! However, I still have to apologize for ruining her first kiss...

“I...I see...I’m sorry-”

“You think an apology is good enough!? I’ve apologized to you when we were in America in your hotel room, but you didn’t care what I had to say. So why should I care about anything that comes out of your mouth?!” She quickly responded in high defense as she took a step towards me.

“You need to understand that I was in shock when I found you in my bed-”

“You don’t think I was in shock!? You snuggled your face between my breasts and stuck your hands beneath my shirt! So If anyone should be getting sued, It’s you!”

She said looking completely flushed from the face, her eyes were beginning to water again and all I could do was just stand there in awe as I covered my mouth with the back of my hand in disbelief...

“Are you serious! I really did that!? Holy shit! Wait...that...that still doesn’t explain why you were in my hotel room-”

“Now you care about me explaining! You’re an awful person! First, you accuse me of being a perverted stalker, then you threatened to sue me! And to top it off, you steal my necklace! Kai Joong, my little sister practically idolizes you. And maybe the world sees you as some amazing person....but I don’t. You’ve been nothing but cruel...and I hope this is the last time I ever see you-”

“I already said I’m sorry, look...just take this necklace off of me and let’s talk it out,” I said feeling horrible with myself as she began to cry once again.

I never made a girl cry like this before, it’s really ruining me. What the hell am I suppose to do to make her feel better?


She responded, unable to make eye contact, she made her way towards me. She began to reach her hands around my neck and that’s when I realized just how short she really was. I had to bend my knees a little so she wouldn’t be on her tiptoes. But that wasn’t what caught my attention, no....it was the softens of her fingers gliding against the back of my neck. The smell of sweet peaches could also be smelled from whatever shampoo she used in her hair. In that instant, my heart immediately began to beat heavily! Why? Am I coming down with something?!

“Oh my God...I’m so stupid!”

She suddenly voiced out in shock! Being brought back to my senses, I felt her hands gripping the chain around my neck as I looked down at her! Her eyes widened in sadness as her hands kept trembling.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked in concern as I brought my face closer towards her. The moment she raised her head, she failed to realize how close I was, our lips almost touched again! We both then in synced took a step away from one another. The awkwardness couldn’t be any more noticeable...

“Umm...I...I can’t take it off because-”

Before she could start explaining why. We both got interrupted by my phone going off! So as I reached for my phone, I noticed that it was a text message from manager Sang. I didn’t realize how long I was keeping him waiting!

“Damnit! Uhh, Melrose... I...I need to get going. My manager is asking where I’m at, so uhh...do you think we could meet up somewhere later?” I asked her.

“Huh? Uhh...I’m actually leaving Korea tomorrow. So I don’t know-”

“What?! Where are you going?” I asked feeling surprised by my reaction. I don’t know why I’m so upset about her leaving?

“I told you that I only came here for a job...so I’m going back to America.” She explained in a stressful sigh.

“Alright, what time is your flight?” I asked her as I opened my contacts on my phone.

“It’s not until late afternoon-”

“Then will meet up tomorrow morning, here...give me your number so I could contact you where to meet me,” I said to her, she then hesitantly takes out her phone and we swap numbers before agreeing on where to show up. This might sound foolish, but I just feel like I need to take responsibility for my actions...

“I’m sorry I did that to you in America...I wish your first kiss didn’t have to be that way.”

I explained to her as I reached for the knob of the door. However, she didn’t say anything other than look down. Hopefully, she and I could come to an understanding when we meet up tomorrow. Reaching the knob of the door, I didn’t think to look out first before opening it.

“Oh! I thought I heard a voice in there, Kai? What are you doing in the storage room? And who’s- No way...it’s you!?”

In an instant, I was greeted by Jin who was waiting on the other side of the door. He looked absolutely shocked the moment he saw MelRose! Of course, he would react that way, after everything I said to him about her. I’m sure he has a ton of questions just like I do. But now isn’t the time...

“Umm...excuse me. I’m sorry for keeping Kai away when he’s busy.”

MelRose immediately apologized as she hurried in putting her face mask back on. She then took a quick bow before walking away from Jin and me.

We watched carefully as she entered the elevator and left. And on queue, Jin instantly wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me in a headlock!

“Alright! Explain!” He said in high demand as I struggled to get away from him.

“I don’t have anything to explain. Because I don’t even know why she’s here, all she told me was that she came for a job.”

I responded truthfully as I finally got away from him! But I wonder what kind of work Melrose came here for? We then suddenly heard the voice of our manager calling out to us.

“There you are you two! What took you so long? Hurry up inside my office, I need to discuss with both of you the interviews I just had. We have quite a few candidates for you to choose from.”

He said as he held a file of the new makeup artist’s for us to pick from. And the first person I saw instantly drew Jin and me to grab the paper from Sang’s hand! Is this what Melrose meant by work?!

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