Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Ten

MelRose POV:

I didn’t think I would ever run into him again! Why me!? I even kicked him in his junk! It’s not like I wanted to take it that far but it’s because he was hurting my arm that I felt like I had no other choice. I don’t think he even realized how strong he was holding me. Ugh! Why must men be stronger than women?! God, I just hope he doesn’t sue me, the last thing I need is more problems. But at least he apologized, so maybe he’s not completely terrible of a person.

As I was finishing packing, I put the last bit of my stuff in my backpack before getting ready to check out of my hotel room. I decided to leave a lot earlier to the airport, I’ll just wait until my flight is ready to leave. Though I do feel a little bad for giving Kai a fake number, I just don’t wanna risk seeing him again, he just makes me so mad and upset when I see his face! So I’ll just stay clear from him, thank goodness I live in a different country than him. But I do hope I get this job, it will truly change my life along with my family...

Leaving the hotel, I was about ready to call out to a cab down the street when I suddenly felt my phone going off! At first, I thought it could be my parents, but that wasn’t the case when I saw the caller ID is unknown. So as I went to answer, I was expecting it to be a spam call but that quickly changed once I heard his voice on the other line!

“You lied to me...why did you give me a false number? Where the hell are you?”

His voice sounded angry and very intimidating as all I could do was stand there feeling anxious.

“I’m sorry...I just didn’t want to see you again. You’re too forceful with your actions and words- wait! How did you get my real phone number!?”

I asked feeling worried as I waved down a cab, as I entered the car I felt my phone vibrate again. So as I looked down at the screen, I noticed that I was given a text message of an address? Putting my phone back against my ear, I let out a deep sigh as I kinda already knew what Kai was going to say...

“Come meet me at that address, wear your face mask when you’re entering the building and I’ll text you from there. Don’t even think about leaving America without seeing me, because if you do. I guarantee you this will be the last time you’ll see the necklace your parents gave you.” He said in a light chuckle, I could instantly tell he was smirking as he knew how to guilt trip me!

“Your such a jerk, fine...I’ll be there soon. But you’re going to have to explain how you got my number!”

I yelled back at him, ending the call, I showed the taxi driver the address of where I needed to go. Within a few minutes, I was almost at my destination...

My heart kept beating incredibly fast, I wasn’t sure if it was because I was afraid or just nervous. This is exactly how I was feeling last time when Kai brought us to that small room yesterday! He was way too close to me and I kept thinking he was going to kiss me again as he did in America! Does he not know what personal space is!? He makes me feel so small and vulnerable with how tall he is. He makes me forget that we’re the same age, though I wonder who’s older still? Pulling out my phone, I decided to look up Kai Joong and was honestly surprised by how much info I could search up about him! I guess anyone could look him up, then again he is world-famous...

“Oh?! I’m older than him...”

I said to myself in shock, I was excepting him to be the older one. But it turns out I’m a month ahead of him, in that case... doesn’t that mean I should take responsibility for everything that has happened? I’m the adult one in this situation kinda-

“We’re here,” said the taxi driver.

“Huh?! Oh! Thank you very much.”

I quickly responded before paying him. Getting out of the vehicle I began to put my face mask on and made my way towards the building. Though I was surprised to see that it was a library!

Texting Kai, I let him know that I’ve arrived and within seconds he immediately gave me directions on which rooms and hallways I should take. Looks like he knows this library from the back of his hand since he knows precisely where I need to go. I’m amazed by how beautiful and huge this library was! Trying not to get sidetracked, I started to follow the directions I was given until I found myself entering a far-off corner that looked completely isolated from the rest of the library...

That’s when I was finally able to see Kai sitting all alone at a table, I don’t think he was able to notice me since he seemed busy looking at some paperwork? Taking off my face mask, I made my way towards him until he was able to recognize me finally. He instantly stood up and marched himself towards me in anger! I mean, I knew he would be annoyed at me for giving him a fake number. But I didn’t think he would be this upset?!

“What the hell is this!?”

Kai asked in high demand as he tried not to raise his voice loudly. Holding a piece of paper close to my face, I nervously looked at it and my jaw instantly dropped the moment I saw him holding my portfolio from the interview!

“How did you get that!?”

I voiced out in shock as I tried taking the paper away from him. However, the advantage of him being tall showed my weakness the moment he raised his arm above me so I couldn’t grab it!

“Melissa Rose Lee, age 23. Born on June 4th, 1997, raised in your hometown, You’ve lived in America your whole life. Both of your parents are still alive and you mentioned before that you have a little sister. You’re half Korean from your father’s side and you know how to speak Korean very well. You graduated from beauty school and got your cosmetology license a few months ago-”

“Alright! You know everything about me! Now give it back-”

“Are you married?”

He asked next in a very serious tone as he refused to give me my paperwork. Surprised by his question, I stopped what I was doing and just looked away from him...


I answered untruthfully as my voice cracked a little. Damnit, I wish I wasn’t so terrible at lying!

“Look at me and say it.” He demanded as he closed the gap between us!

This is what I mean by him being so forceful with his words and actions! But I’ve also come to realize that Kai had most likely gotten my real phone number from my paperwork...

“First, tell me why you have my portfolio,” I said while backing myself against the bookshelf.

“You think manager Sang is the one that has the final say? I’m holding your potential future right now. In fact, you along with many others were one of the few that my manager didn’t recommend me to choose from to be my next makeup artist. You lack experience and I doubt you’ll be able to catch up with the other makeup artists in this business. I’m surprised that your significant other is okay with you working in Korea, that’s unless...if you’re even really married?”

My knees automatically felt weak as I tried to hold myself up from the shelf behind me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! If I plan on getting this job....I’ll have to be Kai’s makeup artist!? This is unbelievable! No wonder I wasn’t recommended, I have no experience of working in a big company like this. But most of all, I’ve never done a celebrity’s makeup before! What a joke this was, I wasted my time coming here...

“I don’t think it matters then if I am married or not-”

“Melrose....just tell me the truth, why did you come from America to try to work here. And are you really married?” He asked once more.

It was taking everything inside me not to run away because I knew I won’t gain anything from avoiding these issues...

“I... I’m not married...I just...I thought I should at least try and work on my dream of being a makeup artist. At one point, I even had this made-up fantasy of having my own makeup line one day. But I know that will never be a reality... because my family comes first before my selfish goals. I know I could just work at a regular job, but it won’t be enough to help my parents with the bills or even help my sister go to college. So I thought that maybe...maybe I could try and work here-”

“I don’t think you’ll be able to handle the stress that comes with working in this company. You’ll be expected to do your job perfectly...and being a girl working in this company, could be very toxic, mentally. Do you have any idea, how many female staff members quit because of the harassment they get from my so-called fans? And to top it off, the consequences you’ll face of lawsuits for lying in your contract. I knew you weren’t married the second I saw your portfolio, not only are you too young. But you’re still too immature to work in the environment I work at-”

“I’m too young? Last I checked, I’m older than you. You’ve been nothing but rude and disrespectful towards me, so if all your gonna do is talk down on me. I’ll just leave and this will be the last time you ever see me. It’s obvious you won’t have me work in this company...so just leave me alone from now on!”

I said to him, the look in his eyes looked a bit shocked as he stared harshly at me with those green eyes of his...

But my vision was becoming a blur as I felt my eyes beginning to tear up, the last thing I want is to cry in front of this asshole again! So as I tried to calm my heavy heart, I prepared to walk away from him. Yet he quickly grabbed my hand and refused to let go! Just what the hell is his problem! I’m trying my best to keep my voice down since we’re in a library, but I’m always running out of patience whenever I’m with Kai!

“I’m only gonna say this once, please let me go...or I’ll kick you again like last time-”

“I highly doubt you’ll kick me, you don’t come across as someone who likes inflicting pain on others. Why do you always avoid speaking to me? Have you already forgot but this necklace I’m wearing or do you just not care about it-”

“Of course I care! But I can’t take it off of you because I left the key back in America! So what the hell am I supposed to do-”

“Don’t start crying again, you’ll make me feel like shit if you do-”

“Well, I can’t help it, okay! You make me feel so helpless, I never meant to lie to you or manager Sang. I just wanted a chance to make things easier for my family if I got the job. But now I have to go back home knowing that I can’t help my parents and I just feel completely useless right now! I feel horrible and I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do about my necklace your wearing...”

My words were hurting me as I spoke and I couldn’t stop shaking. It was even becoming difficult to breathe that I felt completely overwhelmed, however, that all went away once I felt the arms of someone holding me tightly! Their strong hands held me so close that I was even able to feel them trembling as well. Though I couldn’t control the many tears that were escaping me...

“Kai...” I called out his name as he continued to embrace me.

“No more crying... please...I’m sorry...I didn’t know that what I was saying was making you feel this horrible. But I can’t...I can’t let you work in this business that I’m in, it will only make you cry more. You have no idea...of the toxicity you’ll have to face. And I would rather you just leave hating me, then hating the world...”

His response felt guilty as he kept hugging me, but as I raised my head to look at him. He gently began to wipe away my tears that couldn’t stop falling.

I honestly don’t understand him at all, one minute he’s saying something so hurtful and then the next second he’s touching me so fragility. Why is he comforting me? Is it because he feels sorry for me? But more importantly, what does he mean that he would want me to leave hating him instead of the world? Would working with him be that frightening? Why is it that when I look into his eyes he looks like a sad little boy who’s broken? Within an instant, my thoughts about him being a child quickly changed once I saw him leaning his face closer to mine! What the hell does he plan on doing!?

Immediately avoiding eye contact, I looked back down and realized how tightly I was holding on to his coat! So I hurried in pushing him away as I placed my face mask back on, my actions seemed to have brought him back to his senses that he quickly faced the other way. It was as if he was too shy to even look my way, is he possibly blushing? Wiping the remaining tears off my face, I decided it was about time I left...

“I’m sorry for causing any inconveniences for you...I won’t bother you again. Goodbye...”

With those final words, I started to walk away from him as quickly as I could. However, the rushing of his footsteps could be heard following me as he kept calling out my name!

“Hey, does that look like Kai Joong?”

“Huh?! Where!?”

“No way, why would he be at a library?”

The loud whispers throughout the building grew higher as I realized that Kai isn’t just some regular person. So I stopped dead in my tracks and hurried in taking off the scarf I was wearing. Turning around, I paced myself in wrapping my scarf around Kai. He seemed shocked by my actions. But regardless of him wearing a face mask, the people around us were still able to make out who he looked liked! This is bad, how are we supposed to leave now without Kai getting recognized-

“Kai, I told you multiple times not to leave the company without your bodyguard. You would think being the leader you would have more common sense. Jung, take Kai back to the dorms.”

Hearing that familiar voice, I turned my head to the side and saw Kai’s bodyguard standing next to someone who also had a face mask on. But I was unable to say anything at that moment once the person grabbed my hand and began to lead us outside the building!

“Wait! I’m not done talking to her, MelRose! Rose! Let me go, Jung!”

The calling of my name could be heard coming from behind me as I saw Kai trying to get to me, however, bodyguard Jung was quick in taking him to the opposite side of the building. The number of people that were already surrounding him was insane! I hope he’s able to get home safely without any problems...

“Are you worried about him?”

The man asked as he finally let go of my hand, I then brought my attention to the person who led me out of the library. He quickly pulled down his face mask and I immediately hurried and had him put it back on as he laughed while waving down a taxi. I swear, how can these celebrities be so careless!?

“Jin!? What are you doing here!?”

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