Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Fifteen

MelRose POV:

As soon as the plane landed, I immediately turned my phone back on and read the last email I received from manager Sang. He said that there’ll be a staff member waiting for me at the airport exit. And that he’ll be holding a sign with my name on it, so it seems that it will be easy enough to find this person. Grabbing my backpack, I ready myself to get off the plane. It was already early in the morning here in Korea and I felt awfully jet lag. I’m going to have to get used to the different time changes here...

Luckily for me, I already knew where the exit was prior to coming here last time. So as I checked out my suitcase, I headed towards the main front gates of the airport. But I was surprised by how many people were holding up signs with other people’s name’s on them as I made it to towards the entrance! I didn’t notice that when I came here last time, but now that I’m paying attention it makes sense to do that to find people more quickly. But I was fortunate enough to find someone with my name on it! Approaching the man, he immediately bowed as I did the same...

“Hello, welcome to Korea. You’re Mrs. Lee, right? It’s a pleasure to meet you. You can call me Myung, I’m looking forward to working with you. Please follow me to the back of the hall over here.”

He said to me in a warm greeting, I wasn’t fully able to see his face since he wore a face mask, which reminds me! I forgot to bring one this time!

As I thanked him, I followed him along the hallway and noticed we weren’t taking the exit to leave, strange? As I kept walking behind him, I decided to text my parents that I landed in Korea safely before entering a private room. At first, I was a bit confused as to where I was, but that immediately changed once I saw two familiar faces looking at me!

“Jin?! Kai?! What are you two doing here?!”

I raised my voice in excitement while rushing towards them! I’m so shocked that they’re here, wait...they didn’t come here to meet me, did they? There’s just no way, I would think they would be too busy to even waste their time to come to see someone like myself!

“Myung, thank you for bringing her here. Can you please have the car started up for us? We should hurry before manager Sang is done with the meeting.”

Jin said with a calming smile as he had Myung leave through another back door.

“Welcome to Korea, MelRose. If you don’t mind, may I carry your backpack? It looks heavy-”

“Oh! No...no it’s fine, I could carry it myself.”

I quickly said to him as I bowed my head in a respectful matter for his kind gesture. However, he went ahead and took my backpack anyway as I smiled at him. I keep forgetting just how tall he is next to me! He then grabbed my suitcase and pushed it towards where Kai was standing at...

“Do I look like some kind of busboy? I’m not carrying that.”

He said with an annoyed tone as he finished what was last of his coffee.

“Weren’t you the one that wanted to come along with me to the airport?” Jin said in a playful grin.

“I only came because I didn’t want you to do anything stupid...”

Kai quickly stated as he aggressively tossed his cup in the trash can. He then began to walk away from Jin and me, but his pace began to slow down once Jin started talking to me.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just a little mad...no, I should say jealous at the fact that you kept in contact with me and was no longer replying to him-”

“Shut up! I wasn’t jealous! I don’t care if Rose wasn’t texting me back, you know what?! Give me that!”

Kai responded in high defense as he turned himself around to take my suitcase. I wasn’t exactly sure if Kai was blushing or not since his ears were turning slightly pink. But I did feel bad for ignoring Kai’s messages...

“Kai, I’m sorry I wasn’t responding to any of your texts. I just wanted to spend some time with my family before I had to leave them...so I truly appreciate you coming to see me. Thank you...”

I apologetically said to him, though Kai stopped in his tracks and took a short pause before deciding to turn around to come towards me again!

Watching him reach for his pocket, he pulled out a face mask. I was a bit stunned by his actions the moment he began to put it on me! His long slender fingers grazed my cheeks as I felt him tucking my strands of hair behind my ear. His face was so close to me that he had to bend himself down to my eye level. The beauty of his green eyes was as breathtaking as ever, even the smell of his cologne was strong yet soothing at the same time. No wonder my sister loves him, he is a gorgeous man...no! I won’t fall for a man by his look, it’s the personality that’s most important!

And so far, I would say Jin is more qualified as boyfriend material than Kai. Jin’s been nothing but kind to me this whole time I’ve known him. If only he wasn’t a celebrity though, but then again, I doubt any guy that is so good-looking like him would date a bland-looking girl like me. The Korean women that I’ve seen here have been so beautiful, such flawless skin and perfect bodies. As for myself, I would say I’m your average short girl with thick thighs and doesn’t look like a qualified model with the looks I have. Coming back to my senses, I took a step away from Kai as I adjusted the mask on my own...

“I...I could do it myself! Thanks...I forgot to bring one.” I explained to both of them as I avoided eye contact with Kai.

“Whatever...just don’t forget to have it with you from now on whenever you’re around Jin, Zack, and I. You must wear them when entering the company building.”

Kai explained as he went ahead and pulled out another face mask from the inside of his jacket and placed it on himself. He then began to walk away this time, but just as he opened the back door, I heard speak so lightly towards me...

“Welcome to Korea...Rose.”

And without turning around to face me, he exited the room until I was left alone with Jin. He too began to put his face mask on and that’s when I followed him through the back door as well...

“He could be complicated at times, but I hope you don’t take his harsh words to heart. He tends to have a hard time getting along with others, but this past week he was in a good mood. Zack and I weren’t sure why, but when I noticed that he was on his phone more often. I decided to peek over his shoulder one day and saw that he was messaging you. I was honestly surprised, but I think it’s good for him. He needs to open up more to others, but when you stopped texting him out of the blue. He went back to his old moody self, I couldn’t help but find it amusing when I told him I was still in contact with you. He even went out of his way to look through my phone to see if I was lying or not. And when I told him I was gonna come by the airport to pick you up today, he said that he was coming as well. You know at first, I was a bit worried that Kai might have caught feelings for you. But I could see that I have nothing to worry about because you don’t seem to have any sort of interest in him, especially with how you both met. By the way, if manager Sang finds out Kai and I came here, I’m most definitely certain he’ll kill me and Kai for doing this. Zack wanted to come, but he came down with a little cold. So he’s resting, but I’ll make sure to introduce you to him. It was only supposed to be Myung that would pick you up, but I wanted to personally welcome my new makeup artist to Korea. So that’s why I decided to tag along, I hope you don’t mind-”

“Oh, of course not! I’m truly grateful, you’ve done so much for me already. I look forward to working with you and I promise to try my hardest to be the best makeup artist I can be! And don’t worry, I won’t mention this to manager Sang...also, forgive me for saying this, but there’s no way Kai would ever have feelings for someone like me. I’m sure what he feels is just guilt for what happened in America, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

I said to him as we entered a private parking lot, Myung was already in the car waiting for us to enter, while Kai was in the back seat looking through his phone.

“Guilt? I see, well whatever the case may be. I hope you can get along with Kai and Zack from now on.”

Jin said as he gestured for me to enter first, I was a little nervous about sitting next to Kai. But I tried to calm my nerves once I sat between Jin and Kai. We kept our face masks on once Myung began to drive us away, the destination on the GPA was set to the apartment complex I will be living in from now on and I was looking forward to seeing what it looks like!

Though my excitement died out quickly with how quiet the car ride became, no one was talking. So as I went to look over at Kai, he wasn’t making eye contact with me as he stared out the window while drinking out of his water bottle. I should try and bring up a topic to talk about, but what? Peeking over at what Jin was reading, he had a magazine in his hands regarding news and tabloids of the entertainment business. This instantly reminded me of the news I saw a while back when I was on the plane!

“Oh! That’s right! I heard that Kai has a girlfriend-”

Before even finishing my sentence, Kai immediately spat out the water that he was drinking. And even Jin looked over at me with such a surprised expression. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut!

“Who told you that?” Jin asked with curiosity as he put away the magazine.

“No...no one, I just heard it on the news-”

“Don’t believe in such stupid rumors, I don’t have a girlfriend. It’s in our contract that no ExEx Idol member is allowed to date...”

Kai quickly explained as he stared intensely at me! I didn’t think it would bother him that much that I brought it up, but at least I know what not to say next time...

“There are many reasons why we aren’t allowed to date, It would cause major issues not only to our fans but our reputation as well...we need to hold this image of loving everyone equally. It’s probably hard for you to understand-”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m sorry for saying something so stupid.” I quickly apologized to Jin as I avoided eye contact with either one of them.

I completely understand what Jin is saying though. If my sister ever found out that Kai was dating someone. I’m certain she would lose her shit and I could only imagine the other hardcore fans would say or do if something like that happened. It’s a little sad that they can’t get close to any girl or else it would probably become a scandal. So I decided to just remain quiet until we arrived at my new apartment...

“Okay Mrs. Lee, here is your card key, make sure you don’t lose it.”

Myung said as he handed it to me, he also helped me in taking down my luggage from the car once he parked the car in the underground parking lot. Since the apartment is owned by the company, only staff employees were allowed to be here. So it made it easier for Jin and Kai to walk about without any worry from the public eye seeing them...

“Oh! Thank you very much. I’ll take good care of it-”

“Can you really say you’ll be responsible for not losing it? You do have a habit of misplacing things.”

Kai quickly worded in with a smirk as he hooked his finger around my heart necklace he was wearing! Giving him an annoyed pout, I ignored his words and followed Jin and Myung to the elevator. As they brought me to my floor, I was then shown what room I would be staying at...

It was actually really spacious once I entered inside, It was slightly bigger than my parent’s house. Despite it being a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. The living room and dining room were huge! I also love that I wasn’t that high up on the upper floors. It’ll be a lot faster getting to the lobby, but most of all, I’m glad that all my packaged belongings got here safely!

“It’s a very simple place to live in, I’m sure you’ll feel right at home. All you have to do is sign the rest of the contracts on the table over there and bring them in tomorrow at 8 am. You’ll hand them to the front desk and they’ll tell you what to do after that is done. Any questions?”

Myung asked as he finished explaining, so I gestured my head no. And made sure to thank Myung for being so kind to me and bringing me to my new apartment. Saying goodbye to him and Jin, I was startled when I noticed that Kai was opening my boxes!

“Kai what are you doing?”

Jin quickly asked as he made his way to approach him. However, Kai looked over at Myung and then at Jin before he spoke.

“I’ma help her unpack...I need to talk to her privately-”

“Kai, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Manager Sang should be almost done with his meeting any minute now-”

“It’s okay Myung, just leave manager Sang to me. You’re done working for the rest of the day, aren’t you? Kai will make sure to give you a call when to pick him up, that way you don’t have to worry about anything. MelRose, I look forward to working with you tomorrow. Do let me know if Kai is giving you any trouble.”

Jin said as he placed his hand on top of my head. Giving him a warm smile, I nodded my head in agreement and walked him out of the apartment along with Myung. But the moment I closed the door, I instantly felt a pair of arms being wrapped around me!

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