Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Seventeen

MelRose POV:

I couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard I tried. All I could do was toss and turn in my bed, staring at the ceiling feeling so light-headed. I was still able to feel the strong tenderness of his lips touching mine, it’s hard to believe that happened. Even as I caressed my bottom lip with my fingers, the sensation still lingers. Unable to handle these thoughts, I got off the bed and went towards the living room where my laptop was at. Grabbing the contracts that were near the table I decided to re-read them once again...

All the while I decided to look up as much information I can about the company I’ll be working for. The contract I was given, did go over not only Kai’s background but the other members as well. It seems that Jin is allergic to some skin products so I’ll have to take note of that. Zack is the youngest one in the group and he’s afraid of the dark, he also panics in tight crowds and small spaces. I guess he claustrophobic, I wonder how he handles being surrounded by paparazzi? As for Kai...

“Why...is he taking so much medication?”

I said to myself with such heavy sorrow. Kai wasn’t allergic to anything nor did he have any issues like Zack had, but... he’s not only taking sleeping pills and Xanax on a regular but he’s on antidepressants as well! I’ve already known about Kai taking sleeping pills, but I didn’t about the rest of these meds he was on...

My hands couldn’t stop shaking and my heart felt a tug of pain, I had no idea Kai was going through depression. He seems so laid back and calm when I see him, even today when he was helping me. He was kind...or at least he tried to be by helping me unpack. But that kiss that he gave me, it wasn’t like the kiss he gave me back in America. Back then, he was rough and forceful. But it was different this time, the way he kissed me was not only gentle at first, but warm and comforting. I guess he wanted to erase the first memory of our first kiss into something new. He’s so difficult to read, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure him out. Just how stress is he? Probably a lot with how famous he is, it’s like he said... almost everyone around the world is always watching him.


Whispering out his name, I laid my head down on the table while staring out the window of the night sky. It’s getting late, I should really get some sleep...


That following morning, I was dreadfully tired since I got probably only 4 hours of sleep. I blame Kai for that, but at least I don’t have to walk to the company since I ride with the other staff members in the companies van, It’s very convenient. Since I’m going to be working with this new staff, I need to make a good impression on my first day! I’m just really relieved that everyone is so kind, I’m sure I’ll get along with everyone.

“Good morning, Mrs. Lee.”

“Good morning, here are the rest of the contracts I signed,” I said to the front desk as I handed them my paperwork.

As they went through it, my eyes wandered towards the group of people crowding right outside the doors.

I’m very fortunate that our staff members can go through the back of the building. Even on the driveway here, I was shocked to see many fans waiting outside the front of the company. It’s so early in the morning still, you would think most of them would be busy with work or be at school? It’s a bit annoying that a majority of the female staff have to go through the back, I mean...I get it, it’s for our safety. But I still think it a bit dramatic, do the fans really get that chaotic? Then again, there was that one time I came here for the interview and a group of girls were a bit upset at me for just walking towards the door...

“Okay, everything seems in order, here’s your new staff I.D and make sure you have it with you at all times while at the premises of the company, security Jung will escort you to the studio you’ll be working at. We look forward to having you with us.”

The people at the front desk bowed as they finished looking over my contracts, very soon Security Jung came next to me and showed me around the building before taking me to my station floor.

“It’s nice to see you again Mrs. Lee, I look forward to working with you.” He said while heading towards the elevator.

“Oh! Me to! Thank you, I appreciate it. It must be hard being security here, having to play the bad guy, and being strict with the fans outside the building?”

I asked him as we entered the elevator, this wasn’t the first time Security Jung has helped me. So I’m very grateful for how serious he takes his job. So once he showed me which floor I will be working on. I began to pay close attention to what I had to start doing every day...

“You have no idea, I’ve gotten a few scratches and a few slaps from the fans outside when I would tell them to leave. A majority of them are very young. Still in their teens, so it’s sometimes difficult to use force when there just kids. But I try and do what I can, anyways, each floor is for certain staff, and since you’re with the makeup department. You’ll be on this floor, where we have the hairstylist, designers that make clothes, and where we have the skin care professionals that work at the spa here-”

“There’s a spa?! I had no idea we had that here, next thing your gonna tell me there’s a restaurant in this building.” I said jokingly...

“It’s more of a buffet restaurant, that’s on the upper floors. Where the company hosts parties and sponsors for the group members and other important companies that we work with, this floor right here in the cafeteria is where we serve breakfast and lunch only to staff and the members as well. These 3 main floors below your floor are usually strictly for the members-only, they have their trainers help them work out in the gym. The other floor is for music recordings and the last one is for when their dance instructors help them with their choreography. I’m sure you read your contract, but no female staff members are allowed to enter the member’s dorms behind this building. Regardless of you being married, manager Sang still takes extra precautions to ensure no scandals or issues could happen. I hope you understand, so whenever you need to talk to one of the members in their dorms. Ask a male staff member or even me, and I’ll let them know. So this is your floor, Mrs. Kim who is in charge of your beauty staff will help you and get you set up. Are there any questions?”

The moment security Jung stopped speaking, I’m certain that I held a blank expression with how knotted my mind was.

Of course, I had many questions to ask him, but I don’t wanna take up his time since I’m sure he’s busy with his own work, so I just simply smiled at him while shaking my head no. Waving him goodbye, I watched him leave towards the elevator. Calming my chest I let out a deep breath as I ready myself to work...

“Hello, you must be Mrs. Lee, manager Sang gave me the list of the new makeup artists working here. You may call me Mrs. Kim from here on out, Come, let me show you to your station. I need to see how your makeup skills are. It said in your resume that you graduated from beauty school, however, you have no experience in actually being a makeup stylist. So I prepared you a mannequin, I want you to recreate this makeup look on Jin, the make-up artist that did his makeup before you was very good. Unfortunately, she got let go, so I expect you to be just as good if not better. Everything that you need, from foundations, concealers, lip tints are here for you to work with. Jin’s skin is very sensitive, so we could only use specific brands on him. I’ll give you an hour to recreate this picture I’ve shown you. In the meantime, I have to go and check on the stocks we have for their hair products, so I’ll be back to check on you later.”

She finished her conversation with me and I wasn’t able to say anything to her. Mrs. Kim sounds like a pretty strict lady. But she does have a lot to handle so of course, she’ll be serious. Bowing my head before she left, I respectfully watch her leave before I got started...

“Okay.... let’s see,” I said to myself in a nervous sigh as I looked at Jin’s printed picture in front of me.

The makeup he has on here is very simple, a lot of warm tons are showing and they contour his face very well. His cheekbones are very visible and they used a light red tint on his lips-

“Do you like looking at my face that much?” His voice startled me as I felt his chin suddenly resting on my shoulder!

“Huh! Oh my god! Jin, you scared me, how long have you been here?”

I asked nervously as I turned around to face him, he looked like he just finished working out with what he was wearing. I could even see his leftover sweat on his gym clothes...

“Sorry about that, I just got here a few minutes ago. I finished my workout training for the day and I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. Seems like Mrs. Kim is already having you practice, but I think practicing on a real person’s face would be a lot better instead of a mannequin.”

He explained to me with a soothing smile. I was honestly happy that he came to see me, I just hope I don’t disappoint him with how I’ll do his makeup...

“Oh, I see. You work out early in the mornings then. And I don’t mind working on a mannequin, I’m used to painting on these when I went to beauty school-”

“Well, I think it’s about time you practice on a real person, here. I’ll be your first, just be gentle on me.”

He said sounding mischievous with that flirtatious smirk of his. It’s no wonder girls go crazy over these members, they really know how to make someone nervous.

“That’s nice of you...but I don’t think I should. I’m sure you’re probably still busy with other things you have to do and-”

Jin immediately grabbed my hand and placed my palm on his cheek! He then smiled even more as he leaned his head in.

“I’ve already washed my face, so see and feel what type of makeup will go with my skin today.”

He said as he ignored what I had to say, he then took a seat until we were facing each other eye to eye. Even as I’m standing, his height was still very much taller than mine!

“Okay... I’ll do my best,” I responded feeling more nervous, I wasn’t expecting to do Jin’s makeup on the first day. But this just goes to show that not everything goes as planned...

Touching his skin, I felt that it was a bit dry so I decided to put on a moisturizer before going in with a primer. At first, I felt very stiff and anxious when touching him, but I had to get comfortable getting close to his face if I wanna do his makeup right. So with every minute that passed, I made sure to be very delicate and gentle with him. Stroking my brush against his cheek, I saw him giggle a little. I guess the brushes tickled him a bit, though I think Jin knew how nervous I was because the entire time he kept his eyes closed. He can be so kind, so as I was finishing up his makeup, I put the last touches of tint on his lips. I didn’t even realize how close I was leaning myself towards his face...

“There, I’m done.”

As I said that with a confident smile, my expression quickly changed the moment Jin opened his eyes! Both our faces were only a few inches away from each other! I could even feel his breath heating my lower jaw. His eyes were a bit surprised by how close I was, but he calmly chuckled as he patted my head lightly. Quickly parting away from him, I looked away in embarrassment while Jin looked at himself in the mirror.

“Alright, I’m back, let’s see how you did- Oh! Jin when did you get here? Who did your makeup? It came out so well.”

Said Mrs. Kim who walked into the room in shock. Seeing her reaction filled my heart with joy knowing that she liked the work I did on Jin.

“I came to see our new staff, and I must say. I’m very glad I decided to choose her to be my personal makeup artist.”

Jin explained with a satisfying smile as he stood behind me. Turning my head to look up at him, I couldn’t help but give him a big smile at his sweet compliment.

“Well, you chose very wise and- oh! Manager Sang is calling me, give me a minute. Hello...”

Once Mrs. Kim picked up her phone she left the room and I was finally able to breathe out all my nerves. I really thought that Mrs. Kim was going to hate it, but I’m relieved it went the exact opposite.

“You can relax now MelRose, I think Mrs. Kim approves of you. Which by the way, you don’t usually wear makeup do you?” Jin suddenly asked me.

“Huh? What brought that up all of a sudden?”

“When I met you in America that night, you weren’t wearing makeup then, and even during your interview when you were leaving. It didn’t look like you were wearing much either, I know that the female staff here aren’t allowed to wear makeup, but whenever we host events. Every female staff is allowed to wear makeup to look more proper in front of others, and let me tell you...they look completely different when they do. But with you, I don’t take you for someone who wears it.” He explained as he looked at the mirror again to look at the work I did on him.

“It’s funny you say that...but, I love doing everyone’s makeup. It’s fun, but I never really enjoy doing my own, and it’s not because I don’t like to. But because I don’t feel any different when I do...I’m not sure if that even makes sense.”

I said in a bittersweet tone as I looked down at my little feet. However, I was stunned by Jin’s sudden actions as I felt his hand rest beneath my chin, he then slowly began to raise my head until we were both staring at one another...

“You don’t need makeup at all, because you’re naturally beautiful just the way you are.”

His sweet words made me flushed since I’m not used to having men compliment my looks. But the sudden feeling of my arm being tugged from behind me made me stumbled back until I was in someone else’s arms!

“You shouldn’t be touching a married woman so easily, Jin.”

That voice, no...why is he here!? I can’t look him in the eyes just yet. Not after what happened yesterday, I’m not ready to face him! Kai, please don’t hold me so tightly like this. It will only make me more nervous about being around you!

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