Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Eighteen

MelRose POV:

“Since she’s married, you shouldn’t be touching her so easily either. Don’t you think?” Jin said next with a satisfying smirk as his eyes focused back at mine.

I almost forgot that Jin wanted us to keep the secret about me being supposedly married! This is gonna be so frustrating to do, I hate having to lie but I’ve already dug my grave too deep to get out. So I might as well just listen to Jin, I just hope Kai doesn’t find out. Because who knows how he’ll react. So far only Kai and Jin know my secret, so I have to make sure no one else ever finds out...

“I only pulled her away from you so you wouldn’t do anything weird. Your an old man so who knows what indecent thoughts run through that head of yours-”

“I’m only 2 years older than you and Melrose. And I would never put the moves on a married woman. If anyone would do such a thing it would be Zack.” Jin immediately defended himself as Kai still refused to let me go!

His arms were still wrapped around me so I awkwardly tried to push him away as I began to put some distance between us. I could practically feel my heart beating out of my chest as I felt his sights on me. What do I do?! I didn’t expect to see Kai so early in the morning, I thought that maybe I would be able to avoid him...

“Huh? I heard my name, oh! So this is Jin’s new makeup artist, hello there! I’m Zack, I’m sure you probably know who I am. Your name is Melissa Rose right? I’ve heard Jin talk about you recently, I was honestly surprised when I found out how old you were, your very young to be married. Your husband must really trust you to have you move over here, if I was married I would never let my wife-”

“Zack, what did I say about getting too close to the female staff.” Kai quickly worded out in a stressed sigh as he placed his hand on Zack’s shoulder.

I was surprised by Zack’s upcoming, he had entered the room with so much energy as he walked up to me without any issue while grabbing my hand and shooked it. His smile was rejuvenating as he leaned himself down to look at me more carefully. He was just as tall as Jin, however, Kai will always be the tallest one out of all of them. And if I remember correctly, I believe that Zack is the youngest one in the group. He’s 21, Kai being 23 and Jin be 25. Their age gaps aren’t that big so I’m sure they all get along well...

“It’s nice to meet you, and you can just call me MelRose. It’s a lot shorter than calling me by my full name.”

I explained to him with an honest smile as Zack released my hand, he then looked over at Jin and his eyes widened in amazement.

“Whoa, Jin! You look a lot different... your face looks so more mature than usual.”

Zack responded in awe as he observed Jin’s face. It was almost difficult not to laugh at how serious Zack was looking at him.

“It’s because he has makeup on, idiot,” Kai muttered out the obvious as he looked at Zack in annoyance.

“Oh! You’re right, he does have makeup on! Wait, MelRose...did you do this?! That’s so cool! Here, do my makeup like his.”

Zack said with excitement as he sat down on the chair. Though he wasn’t able to sit down for very long as Jin immediately grabbed Zack from the arm and began to walk him out of the room.

“She’s not your makeup artist, Zack. You have your own. Besides, we don’t have time right now, we have to rehearse the new dance moves our instructor showed us last week. MelRose, if you’ll excuse us. And thank you for letting me be your first, I had fun.” Jin responded in amusement as he stared back at Kai afterward.

“Aww, that’s no fun...I hate the new dance moves we have to do- Kai? Aren’t you coming?” Zack asked once he noticed Kai remaining still.

“I’ll catch up with you guys in a bit, I need to ask this new staff member something.”

He responded in an irritating voice as he didn’t make eye contact with either one of them. His stare was solely focused on me and I still couldn’t make myself look at him...

“Try not to scare my makeup artist on her first day here, okay,” Jin said before he left the room with Zack.

Though I think it was a little too late for that, it’s not so much that I’m scared of Kai. But more like I don’t know what he’s gonna do and it always has me on edge.

“You make it so obvious that you’re avoiding me.” Kai finally spoke as he took a seat...

“I didn’t think it was noticeable, umm...what is it that you wanted to ask me?”

I asked while turning myself around to face him. The look in his dark green eyes was a bit intimidating until Kai simply smiled and pulled out my necklace he was still wearing around his neck!

“Did you bring the key?” He asked in a calm matter.

I was almost too anxious to speak since I’ve yet to explain to him why I wouldn’t be able to take it off of him, all I can do is pray that he doesn’t get upset at me for leaving it back in America. So I took a deep breath in and did my best in explaining the circumstances. At first glance, Kai seemed surprised. But his expression never gave me a reason to think he was angry, so that’s good, right?

“I see, well I guess it can’t be helped-”

“Huh?! That’s it?! I...I thought that you would be upset or something, You’re really not mad?” I asked him while approaching where he was sitting.

“Rose, what did Jin mean when he said letting him be your first?” Kai suddenly asked, avoiding my question. His gaze became serious this time as he gripped the heart locket in his hands.

“Oh, uhh... It’s just that I never did makeup on a man before. And Jin didn’t want me to practice on a mannequin on my first day here so he offered himself instead. It was very nice of him to do that-”

I yelped out in shock once he grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me towards him until our faces were only a few inches apart from one another!

“So that’s what he meant, Jin really knows how to annoy me.”

He mumbled out his words loud enough for me to hear, he then went ahead and rested his head on my shoulder!

“Kai, what are you doing!?”

I asked feeling nervous as I felt my cheeks beginning to flush! I was honestly getting worried that someone will walk in and see us like this! I don’t wanna get fired on my first day here!

“I’m just using you as a pillow, I’m a bit tired since I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. However, you look fully rested despite what we did last night-”

“Shh! Are you crazy! Why are you bringing that up right now! Don’t...don’t talk about it so easily. Do you really believe I was able to sleep after what you did...you...you have no idea how difficult it was for me. My first kiss, I wanted it to be special with someone I loved. Kai, I understand why you kissed me like that, but please...don’t ever do that again. I don’t want anyone kissing me out of pity...”

I said to him as I brought my hands to cover his mouth from speaking any further of what happened that night between us. I don’t wish for my mind to replay those images since I know it’s not anything special-

“You think it was out of pity? Rose, I would never do that to you.”

Kai quickly responded with aggressive sorrow while grabbing both my hands as he pulled them away from his mouth.

“Then what am I suppose to think after you kissed me like that?” I asked feeling vulnerable with sadness as I pulled my hands away from him. He makes me feel so confused and I hate it...


With Kai calling out my name, the sounds of someone’s footsteps could be heard coming that I instantly got away from Kai!

“I’m so sorry about that I was on the phone with manager Sang, oh! Kai, you’re here too? Wait a minute, where did Jin go? Did he leave already?”

Mrs. Kim asked once she entered the room, though she looked surprised seeing Kai in here. So I decided to use this moment as an escape...

“He left a while ago...and Kai was just leaving as well,” I spoke loud enough for him to hear, he didn’t say a word other than letting out a depressing sigh as he got up from the chair and began to make his exit. But that didn’t stop him from turning around to look at me so intensely before leaving.

“Well anyways, you did an amazing job doing Jin’s makeup. I’m truly impressed, so starting today you’ll be keeping track of your station. Will be practicing on new makeup tutorials and keeping up with the latest trends, you are to also come up with your own makeup look you do on Jin...”

With Mrs. Kim explaining my work. Every word that she spoke just felt so hollow within me. I was so excited to start my first day this morning, but after seeing and speaking with Kia...my mood just changed completely. I tried my best to block him out of my thoughts. Though as I went about my day, I did manage to make new friends who I will be working with. Everyone was so welcoming, and I felt very comfortable with all of them. But it really was true about the contract in this company, every girl that I met working here was married. It’s still so strange that it’s like that, Korea and America are both two completely different worlds...

“Hey Melrose, what’s your username?”

Asked one of the female staff members next to me as we were making our way towards the cafeteria, it was already lunch hour and I was invited by everyone in my station to join them.

“Huh? What do you mean username?” I responded with confusion in my voice as she had her phone out.

“Don’t you use social media? This app is very popular, I’m not sure what you used to use in America. But you should download this media app, it’s really cute. You can upload pictures, update your status and it lets you know whatever type of news is trending. Here, let me see your phone. I’ll get it for you, everyone in this company use’s it, I’ll make sure everyone adds you. We all have a chat group in it as well...”

As she began to explain what the app was about, I handed her my phone and watched as she made my account. At first, I wanted to refuse about getting the app since I didn’t think I would need it. I don’t use social media at all, but what’s the harm in getting it. It’s not like I need to upload pictures, I’ll just use the group chat that she adds me into and nothing more.

“Thank you, I’m not good at these sorts of things. I’m still getting used to settling here...”

I explained to her as she handed me back my phone. We then grabbed our food and started looking for a place to sit. However, the sudden calling of my name could be heard throughout the cafeteria. My eyes and ears followed until I saw a person waving their hand as they continued to call out to me, it was Zack!

“Hey, let’s go sit with them. Most of our staff members are already eating next to their table.”

She said as she began to walk us in Zack’s direction, at first I didn’t mind the idea of it. But that quickly changed the moment I saw who Zack was sitting next to...

It’s like the world is against me, no matter how much I try to stay away from this person. We always end up colliding somehow, I wanted to walk away but that would be rude of me. So I hid my uncomfortable expression as I took a seat across from Kai, however, he didn’t pay any attention to me as he ate. I guess he doesn’t want to acknowledge me, that’s okay...it will make things a little easier if we just ignore each other...

“MelRose! How’s your first day going for you? Jin is so lucky he gets a new makeup artist, you’re so small and cute-”

“Zack, that’s what you told me when I first started working here. I may only do makeup for the backup dancers, but you need to know that you can’t say that to a married woman.”

Said the girl sitting next to me as she laughed, it seems that Zack is the type of person to speak out his true feelings and not be shy about them. I admire him for that, he’s younger than me yet he could say things that I probably could never have the courage in saying.

“But I meant it, why is it that I’m so unlucky. I end up getting stuck with an older man doing my makeup and Jin gets MelRose, it’s not fair. It’s also not fair that all of you are married already, I wanna get married to you know?! But alas, my lifestyle won’t let me. You know what, sometimes I think it would have been best if I just finished college. But then again, I hated school so nevermind. Oh! By the way, I’ve been wanting to ask you this. MelRose, what made you want to work here and leave America? Was it hard leaving your husband in the states? Or does he plan on moving over here soon?”

With Zack’s sudden questions, I was caught off guard as everyone else began to ask their questions about my life as well. I’m not good at dealing with this, I don’t know how I can avoid it!

“Yeah...tell us about your husband, what’s his name?”

His deep voice made my chest tighten as I saw that Kai was now looking at me as he asked his question along with everyone else’s.

It shocked me that Kai was acting this way all of a sudden. He must be upset with what happened earlier, but he’s acting so childish right now! And here I thought he was going to keep my secret, what a jerk. You know what, I’m just gonna ignore him from now on! But what the hell do I say?! Everyone is expecting me to say something and I just feel a total knot in my stomach!

“It’s okay MelRose, you don’t need to tell us anything about your personal life. If anything, it should be kept private. So don’t worry about it, Kai...what did I say about bullying her?”

Hearing Jin suddenly walk up from behind me, his kind words helped me as he looked at all the staff members around us, including Kai...

“I wasn’t bullying her nor do I care about her personal life. It has nothing to do with me, I was just asking her because everyone else was wanting to know about her husband.” Kai responded sounding annoyed as he looked at Jin.

His eyes soon averted back at me for a second before he decided to grab his belongings from the table, preparing to leave. What Kai said earlier about not caring about me did hurt a bit, but I need to put up a front and pretend that it didn’t affect me...

“It’s okay Jin, they were just curious...” I responded in a dejected sigh while looking at Kai.

“Kai, don’t leave yet, Jin just got here! Hey Jin, I saved you a seat, did you talk with manager Sang already?” Zack asked as I watched Jin take a seat right next to him.

“Yeah, sorry I’m a little late but the conversation took longer with him than I expected. But I managed to convince him to change the choreograph were doing...” With Jin explaining why he was late, Kai just ignored both of them as he continued to walk away.

“Oh! MelRose, I forgot to ask you. But tonight our group staff is having a little get-together to welcome the new members working with us. We usually always go to our favorite local bar, it’s only a few blocks away from here and I was hoping you’ll be able to come with us! Their BBQ beef is so delicious and I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.”

Said one of the female staff members sitting next to me as she grabbed both my hands, she was practically almost begging for me to go!

“Aww! You guys are going out drinking tonight! That sounds like fun, I wanna go to...”

Zack worded out in envy as he stretched out both of his arms across the table in a heavy sigh.

“I’m sorry Zack, but it’s kinda obvious why you can’t come with us.” Said one of the staff members as he bowed apologetically.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to apologize. MelRose, you should go. I’m sure you didn’t get to enjoy yourself when you came to Korea last time, so take this chance to unwind and relax. Just be careful when you go-”

“Oh, no that’s okay Jin. I don’t think it’s a good idea if I went, it’s my first day working here. So I shouldn’t be going out drinking tonight, my alcohol tolerance is really low so I’m certain I’ll get drunk with just one sip.”

I explained to him along with everyone around me with laughter in my voice. I don’t drink at all actually, but I think it would be weird telling them that...

“Who says you have to drink? Just come for the food and have fun with us. We don’t stay out very late so it’ll be fine.”

Said the girl who was still holding my hands. She really wants me to come...I guess there’s no harm if I did go. I just won’t drink and make sure to come back to my apartment at a decent time. Gripping the girl’s hand in return, I kindly smile at her as I nodded my head.

“Okay, I’ll go,” I answered as she smiled back with excitement.

Perhaps Jin is right, I should take this moment to enjoy myself and have fun with everyone. If I’m going to be working here for a while, I should try and get used to my surroundings. Turning my head to the side, I looked behind me and saw that Kai was already gone. I wonder if he doesn’t like me now...

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