Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: One

Melrose POV:


“We’re so proud of you sweetie, you worked so hard for this!”

“Thanks, Mom...Dad...thank you for supporting me all these years, I know at first you didn’t want me to pursue this career. But I’m glad you accepted what I wanted to do in the end. I really couldn’t ask for better parents, I love you guys.”

I cried out in joy at them while giving them both a hug. With tears coming down my mother’s face and my father giving me a heartful smile. I couldn’t be any happier than I am now!

I finally graduated from college and got my cosmetology license! It’s always been my dream to work with make-up and being part of the beauty community! Though I hope that maybe one day I’ll get to have my own beauty salon one day. So for now, I’ll work hard to achieve that goal! However, I am going to miss this university along with my classmates and teachers. But I guess life really does go on for everyone...I’m very happy that I got to go to this school.

“Samantha! Put your phone down and congratulate your sister, she worked hard for this. Honestly, all you ever do is have your eyes glued to that phone of yours.”

My father voiced out sternly as he looked over at my little sister. Despite her almost being an adult we still treat her like a child who still needs to be taught on how to be responsible,

“I’m doing something important okay, Dad. Mel, congrats on finally leaving this school. It just sucks that I have to share the room with you again.”

Samantha said annoyingly with a playful smile as she put her phone away while hugging me. I almost forgot that I’ll be moving back home, this whole time I’ve been living in the dorms. I’ve grown so used to having my own space, oh well...it was nice while it lasted. After we were done embracing she wasted no time in going back to look at her phone. Just what is she doing that is so important?

“What kind of congrats is that? Honestly, Sam, you have to-”

“It’s okay Mom, let Sam be a teenager for a little while longer. I mean she does have one more year of high school left.” I said to mother as we all began to leave the school grounds and head towards my Dad’s car.

“Sweetie you can’t always protect your sister, she has to grow up and start being responsible.” Mother said as she held my hand.

“You know I’m right here, I could hear everything you’re saying, mom...”

Samantha said in annoyance as she walked past us with a pout on her face as she waited by the car soon after. Mother and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit...

“Oh! Honey, the gift!”

My father suddenly worded out as he patted my shoulder while looking over at my mother.

“Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot, Melrose dear. You’re father and I got you something that we hope you’ll like. But first, close your eyes.” Mother said as she stood right in front of me next to Dad.

“Uhh, okay...”

I responded hesitantly while slowly closing my eyes. I soon felt a cool light chain wrapping around my neck and knew right away that it was probably a necklace.

“Okay, you could open your eyes now!”

My Mother voiced out in excitement, quickly opening my eyes I looked around my clavicle and couldn’t help but burst into tears. Touching the necklace carefully, I was completely taken aback by how beautiful it was, it came in two sets. One necklace was in a shape of a heart locket while the other necklace was an adorable little key. My father even showed me that the only way to take off the heart necklace was by unlocking it with the key that it came with.

“Now listen, I need you to take good care of that, it’s made of real titanium silver,” father explained as he gave me a calming smile.

“Thank you...thank you so much for this amazing gift. But you guys didn’t have to buy me something so expensive-”

“Melrose, you deserve something nice after working so hard in your studies. You never gave up on your dream and we’re so proud of you for that. I just wish your father and I could give you girls more,” My mother said while wiping her tears away.

“No, don’t say that. You’ve given Samantha and me so much already. We both love you and Dad so much. I promise you, once I get my future set and get a good job. I’ma start helping you and Dad pay off the house we’re in.”

I said to both of them as I gave my mother and father one last thankful hug. I feel truly blessed to have them in my life and I will forever be grateful to them...

“Oh, my little Rose. When did you grow up so fast?”

Father responded in a chuckle as he patted my back gently. We then began to make our way towards the car where Samantha was already waiting for us. Though she was still so focused on her phone on the car ride back home. But I couldn’t help but notice while sitting next to her that she was looking at a count down on her phone while listening to music. What does the countdown even mean?

“Hey, Sam?”

I called out her name while nudging her shoulder to get her attention. I’m sure she wasn’t going to hear me with how loud her music was. I could practically hear it coming from her headphones!


She said in a curious stare as she paused her music.

“Just what are you doing? You’ve been looking at the same screen for a few minutes now. What do those numbers mean? Is your phone gonna blow up?” I asked jokingly while pointing at her phone screen.

“I’m trying to buy tickets for this important concert that’s coming up next month! I have to make sure I buy them on time or else they get sold out within less than a few minutes!” She explained with such a serious yet passionate tone.

“Really!? What kind of concert is this that people go so crazy about buying tickets that quickly?!”

I asked her in disbelief, are there really people that are that strict about stuff like this?

“Uhh, duh! Hello, it’s ExEx Idol, so of course, they’re gonna sell out quickly.”

Sam said with a know-it-all expression as she looked at me as if I’m supposed to know what she’s talking about.

“Uhh...Who’s that?” I asked confusedly while looking down at her phone screen once again.

“Are you serious....tell me you’re joking.”

By her sudden response, I looked up and saw the shock on her face.

“Mom! Dad! You guys know who ExEx Idol is, right!?” Samantha quickly asked them as she took off her headphones.

“ExEx Idol? Ah, yes. Their that popular Korean group, aren’t they honey?” Mother asked Father who was focused on driving.

“Yes, but your mother and I don’t listen to that type of music. That’s something that you kids listen to, I just know that their popularity grows every day from what I read in the newspapers.” Father responded as he finally pulled into our small driveway.

“Newspapers? Who even reads the newspaper anymore. It’s called the internet dad, you should really switch it up.” Sam said with a sarcastic laugh as she stepped out of the car.

“Well, I never heard of this Korean boy group before-”

“Which is why I’m going to show you right after I’m done buying these tickets! Though it’ll be a lot faster if I use my computer!”

She said as I watched her rush towards the door of our house. I’ve never seen my sister look so passionate about something before, I guess she must really like this group? Though I’m surprised even my parents know who they are, I never heard of them before. But then again I’m not a big fan when it comes to music. I guess I prefer watching makeup tutorials on the web instead...

As we all entered the house, I looked around and saw that not much has changed since I last left. Living in the dorms for 4 years made me a bit homesick. So it feels nice finally being back home and even though it’s a two-bedroom one-bathroom house. It’s still where I grew up and a place that I will always feel comfortable and feel safe at...

“It’s good to be home again,” I said to myself as I dropped my luggage to the floor.

“Well it’s good to have you home, now go get settled in. I’ll have food ready in a bit...” My mother said as he took off her coat.

“Okay,” I responded while making my way towards my room.

Though as soon as I opened the door, I saw that Samantha was already on her computer typing away on her keyboard. Looks like Sam and I are back to sharing a room like before. I wish I could have my privacy, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

“What are you doing now?” I asked Samantha as I began to change out of my graduation gown.

“Shh! I’m almost done. I need total silence!”

She voiced out at me as I watched how concentrated she was. Looking over her shoulder, I saw that she had finished making her purchase. Though my heart skipped a heavy beat once I saw the amount of money she had just paid!

“Are you fucking crazy!? Just what the hell did you buy?! And where did you get the money to pay 800$!” I shouted at her in absolute shock as I looked at the computer screen.

“I saved up on my allowance that dad was giving me for doing chores around the house since you’ve been away in college. I ended up taking over your chores for the last 4 years so I saved every dollar that I earned for this very moment.” She responded in a wide grin as she stood herself up from the chair and began changing into her pajamas.

“You saved up 4 years of your money and spent it all on what?” I asked her again, only this time I placed my hands on her shoulders to get a better understanding of what I heard her say earlier.

“I already told you what I bought, remember? On the car ride earlier I told you I was buying the ticket-”

“It cost 800$ for just one ticket?!” I raised my voice at her feeling flabbergasted!

“What?! No stupid, that would be insane if it was that much. It all depends on what seats you want and I really wanted to get the V.I.P seats. But those sold out months ago, but the seat I bought comes with a poster and their latest CD as well as a free t-shirt and it’s all signed by all 3 of the members of ExEx Idol! I wish I could’ve gotten the V.I.P seats instead, but those cost 1,000$ because you get to actually meet the members backstage before they perform. But unfortunately, I didn’t have that much saved up yet so I couldn’t buy them...”

She finished explaining while lightly pushing my hands away from her, she then went ahead and pick up her phone and began to text someone. Not too long after she was done doing that she went back on the computer and pulled up a video. My mind still couldn’t comprehend what she had just told me. I can’t believe that she’s willing to pay 1,000$ to go to this concert! Does she not understand the value of money?

“Samantha...you could’ve helped mom and dad with the bills. I don’t even know why dad is still giving you an allowance-”

“Oh my gosh, shut up, and just look at this video!”

She said in a vexing tone, though her whole expression changed into excitement the second her eyes looked at the screen. Staring at her in annoyance I soon averted my eyes to the screen as well and watched a concert beginning to start. The people in the crowd were going wild for whoever was about to perform on stage. And that’s when I saw them, three men, that looked too beautiful to even be real. Their voices sounded so angelic and it was hard to believe that they were singing. The way they danced was so full of passion and such elegance that it was difficult to look away almost...

I couldn’t help but stare at each one of them, yet the one person that stood out to me the most was the main guy that was singing most of the lyrics. He was tall and had long black medium-length hair, his body frame looked built and he honestly looked amazing. But what pulled me into him the most was those green eyes of his, they can’t be real, right? I’m sure he’s wearing contacts...

“This is ExEx Idol, they’ve been touring around America for a while. But next month it will be their last performance before they have to head back to Korea. So I have to go and see them before they leave! I’m just glad I understand what they’re saying! I may not be able to speak Korean like you and Dad, but at least I understand it!”

My sister explained as she looked at the video with happiness in her eyes. Looking over at my sister, I could see how much she loves them. And as I paid closer attention to her, I admired her beauty that I was always jealous of. With Samantha having long blond hair and her bright blue eyes that she got from our mother. It was hard to believe that we were sisters with how different we both looked.

Sometimes people can’t believe that we’re related since I look nothing like Sam or our Mother. I ended up getting stuck with my dad’s looks, plain black hair, and simple brown eyes. An even though Sam and I are half Korean, you couldn’t tell that Samantha was half Korean at all. Though one look at me and it was kind of obvious that I didn’t look American...

“Well, you should’ve studied Korean when you were a lot younger,” I said to her as I looked back at the screen.

“Yeah well, I didn’t think I needed to learn since we live in America! And- Oh! my friend is calling!” She said to me as she quickly answered her phone.

Still watching the screen, I paused the video at the exact moment where the guy that stood out to me the most was looking at the camera so intensely with those bright green eyes of his. He was breathtaking to look at, and I couldn’t believe how perfect his skin looked!

“Umm, Sam. Who is this guy?” I asked her as I pointed at the screen for her to look at.

“Huh? Oh! That’s my husband Kai Joong! And, believe it or not, those are his actual eye color! He’s the leader of the group, he’s 23 years old, his favorite color is gray and- huh? Oh, sorry Lizzy I was talking to my sister about Kai Joong. I was showing her one of their concerts! Can you believe that she never heard of them! I know! That’s what I said! Yeah, I bought my ticket already, what about you-”

Closing the door behind her, she left me alone in the room and I immediately let out a heavy sigh and looked back at the computer screen.

“So those are your real eye color, Kai Joong,” I said to myself quietly as I began to shut down the computer. He’s the same age as me...

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