Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Twenty

MelRose POV:

My body ached as I tried to get comfy on the bed, however, the sensation of these bedsheets felt very different. They didn’t feel like the usual sheets I sleep on, opening my eyes, everything seemed like a blur as I tried waking up. But as I sat upright, I immediately felt a headache setting in as I leaned my head forward. Why do I feel so sluggish? With my eyes finally adjusting to the brightness of the room, I saw that the curtains were pushed back and the sunrise was peeking through the window. Rubbing my eyes, I instantly felt a sharp pain run through my wrist!

“Ouch! What the hell...wait a minute...”

I was honestly confused at first as to why my hand was hurting. But when I saw the bandages wrapped around my wrist, it was like everything suddenly clicked in my head about what happened last night!

“Oh my god...”

I said to myself in disbelief, this felt like some sick nightmare! Did I really get drunk eating alcoholic meat!? It shouldn’t even be that alcoholic! What the hell is wrong with me!? I have to apologize to everyone!

As I hurried in getting off the bed, I realized that I wasn’t in my room! Quickly looking down at my body, I was fortunate to see that I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. But that didn’t bring my mind at ease since I still didn’t know where I was?! So I made sure to observe my surroundings as I carefully approached the door. With my hand on the knob, I was able to hear a sudden melody coming from the other side of the door. It was calm and delicate, the person’s voice that was singing sounded so angelic. It was beautiful...

So I did my best when it came to opening the door quietly, poking my head out I followed the sounds of whoever was singing until I saw someone’s sitting down with their backs facing me. He had a keyboard in front of him, the sounds of the keys he pressed mixed so elegantly to his voice. This song sounds so sad but at the same time...it makes my heart feel so calm. I was starting to get lost in his voice, that was until he suddenly stopped singing as he turned his keyboard off...

“So you’re finally awake.”

He voiced out at me as he got off the chair.


Being brought back to my senses, I was able to recognize his voice a lot more clearly now that he wasn’t speaking.

“Kai? You...why...wait, why am I here? What’s going on?!”

Being confused at what was happening, Kai was able to explain everything that took place last night as I watched him enter the kitchen. Following him from behind, I still kept asking him questions as I couldn’t believe in the actions of what I’ve done! Once Kai placed a pot of water on the stove, he went ahead and approach me. At first, I was a bit intimidated by his tall demeanor and the way he was looking at me. But that quickly changed once I felt him flick his fingers against my forehead!

“Oww! What the hell! What was that for!?”

I yelled at him with annoyance as I rubbed my forehead.

“That’s for being a complete idiot last night, do you have any idea what was running through my mind when Zack told me you got into a car accident? How do you think you’ll react if one of your parents or your sister got into an accident like that?” He asked in a very stern voice, I didn’t think Kai would react this way.

But he’s right, I don’t even wanna imagine what I would do if anything happened to my family. I’m very fortunate that all I got was a sprained wrist, but there’s no way in hell I could tell my dad what happened. I could already hear him asking me to come back home and quit my job. I still can’t believe that on my first day of working here I’ve already caused trouble for others...

“I’m sorry...I ended causing problems for you. And everyone else...”

I said to him with sorrow in my voice as I bowed my head down in front of him. Hearing him let out a sigh, I felt his hand resting on my shoulder which made me lift my head back up.

“It’s okay, it’s not entirely your fault. And...I’m sorry too.”

He said as he avoided making eye contact with me. A light shade of pink covered his ears once I heard him apologize, but why is he saying sorry? Is he....embarrassed right now?

“I don’t understand, what is it that you have to be sorry for?” I asked while giving him a confused stare.

“I was being very immature yesterday, I said that I’ll keep your secret. But I made you feel uneasy when everyone including myself was asking questions about your life and your marriage. I know it made you feel more uncomfortable. So...I’m sorry about that...and...I’m sorry for kissing you. I didn’t know you hated it that much-”

“Oh! No, it’s okay...I wasn’t exactly being nice to you either that day. And...it’s not...that I hated the kiss. But it’s more like, it just made me confused and I just thought you kissed me out of pity.”

I quickly explained to him as I felt my cheeks blushing, I told myself that it would be best to ignore each other. But it like life keeps having us meet this way...

“Rose, I told you that I would never do that to you. I meant it when I kissed you...it wasn’t because I felt sorry for you. Nor was it to make you feel confused...but I was selfish for doing that on my part. I just wanted both of us to remember our first kiss being something that we wouldn’t regret.”

Once he finished explaining, I couldn’t help but laugh. Here I am thinking of something entirely different from his actions. So I’m glad he told me...

“I’m sorry for laughing, but...I don’t regret you being my first kiss. Of course, I had a different idea of what I would have wanted it to be like. But who would have thought my first kiss would be stolen by a celebrity-”

“I prefer it if you didn’t call me that. Rose, the day we first met. You didn’t seem to care who I was and even after we met a second time. You never treated me any different, you didn’t see me as some celebrity like the rest of the world does. You saw me, for who I am. Not what I am, and I want you to keep seeing me like that.”

He explained with such heartache in his voice, as the hand that he had rested on my shoulder slowly shifted towards my cheek. We both then looked at one another with such tenderness in each other’s eyes.

“Okay, I will keep doing that. But believe it or not, it’s difficult to picture you as some kind of celebrity. You, Jin, and Zack all come off as just regular people to me... however, I’ve heard you all sing before. And I watched how you’ve all danced and I have to say, you’re all truly amazing. Kai....your voice is absolutely beautiful...”

Speaking the truth to him, I watched as his face blushed in embarrassment as he pulled back his hand.

I didn’t notice that I was speaking so calmly without a care in the world. But maybe I shouldn’t have said anything because now I’m feeling shy as well! Looking down, I paid attention to my injured hand as I lifted it towards me. Luckily it was my left hand that got injured, I’ve would have been more devastated it was my right since I use it a lot more when I’m doing makeup.

“Does it hurt?” He suddenly asked as he carefully grabbed my arm.

It’s strange, but when did we both start to become so comfortable in touching each other like this? The old me would be freaking out being alone with a boy, but that just isn’t the case anymore. I’m curious, did I say or do anything weird last night when Kai brought me back to his dorm? And if I’m being honest, this room of his seems more like a house than a dorm. It’s really huge, way bigger than my apartment that’s for sure.

“It only hurts when I put pressure on it. Umm, Kai...I didn’t...say or do anything weird last night, did I? My memories are still kind of hazy so I don’t remember much when I got out of the taxi with you.”

I asked him, I then watched his reaction turn into a devil-like smirk.

“Would you believe me if I said you sexually assaulted me?”

He said with an evil grin as he released my hand, turning himself around he lowered the heat of the stove and pulled out an instant pack of ramen noodles from a nearby drawer, and prepared to cook them.

“What?! Of course not! I would never do something like that, how dare you accuse me! I’m not like you that gets drunk and kisses people-”

“Whatever you say.” He quickly responded in laughter as he began to cook his ramen.

Giving him a dirty stare, I pouted in annoyance as I refused to believe whatever he had to say to me. I’m pretty sure I just fell back asleep, right? I mean, I would know if I did something. This is so frustrating! Why does Kai like teasing me like this!? Watching him carefully pour the ramen into a bowl, I was surprised when he had suddenly handed it to me!

“Huh? I thought this was for you-”

My words were then interrupted by the sudden growls of my stomach!

“You know, for someone so little like yourself. I’m surprised by how much you can eat. I heard that you ate a lot of beef last night-”

“Shut up! I like food, okay. It’s not like I eat a lot on purpose.”

I responded to his smug face that couldn’t stop smiling at me. It’s no wonder I wanna ignore him sometimes, he could be so irritable!

So as I began to eat the ramen he made for me, I watched as he went back into playing his keyboard. Taking a seat next to him, I placed my bowl on the table as I continued to listen to him play. He looks so different when he’s in this type of environment, it’s like looking at a different person. He has so many different qualities that it’s hard to believe that this is the same person that suffers from depression. Should I ask him about it? No, I shouldn’t...he looks happy right now. It’s not any of my business to ask something so personal.

“Hey, Rose. I’m flattered that you like seeing me play the keyboard. But aren’t you busy?” He asked in a nonchalant matter as he kept playing his instrument.

“Huh? What are you talking about- Oh my god! What time is it!? Shit!”

At first, I was confused by his words, but I instantly remembered what I had to do today as I went ahead to grab my phone!

Pulling out my cracked phone I saw that the battery was almost dead! But that wasn’t what set my heart in a panic frenzy! It was the fact that I was running late for Jin’s interview! I don’t think I’ll have enough time to even take a shower! But I should still be able to make it on time and do Jin’s makeup if I leave right now, going through my phone I noticed that I had a few emails and text messages that needed to be read. But I’ll just do that later, I also have to remember to get a new card key for my apartment. If I remember correctly, I think the front desk of the company should have a spare for me.

“It’s only day 2 and you’re already slacking on the job? You are something special.” Kai laughed in amusement as he stopped playing.

“Now isn’t the time to make jokes! I need to hurry up and leave-”

My words were cut sort once Kai and I heard the sounds of the elevator. Someone is coming up! Fuck, If someone sees me with Kai it’s all over! The female staff isn’t allowed to be in the dorms!

“Hurry! Hide in here and be quiet!”

Kai quickly said to me as he grabbed me by my hand and led me to the bathroom! His voice sounded frightened as he looked at me in concern.

Closing the door, I was able to still hear his footsteps walking away from me. My heart was beating quickly that I was even afraid to breathe. Placing my ear against the door, I managed to make out the other person’s voice that was talking to Kai. It was manager Sang! Why!? Out of everyone, why did it have to be him?! My body soon jolted in terror once I heard a loud slap echoing through the walls!

“What the hell is the meaning of this!? You’re all over the news! ‘Kai Joong was spotted last night running through the streets as many fans chased after him.’ Are you fucking insane! You aren’t allowed to leave the property without permission! Explain yourself now!” He shouted at Kai in anger.

Manager Sang sounded so scary that even I was terrified to say anything. And he’s not even speaking to me, but what he just read earlier must have been the result of Kai coming to get me at the hospital! I didn’t know he snuck out!? He’s in trouble now because of me! I then suddenly heard another slap, only this time it sounded much louder! Just what is going on?!

“You have nothing to say, do you!? Alright then...your solo album is canceled until you start behaving like an Idol. You’re also not allowed to leave your dorm for the rest of day, I’ll have security Jung watch over you later tonight. You’ve caused enough trouble for your group, and I expect to have the song ready by tomorrow for the new album. Understand...”

With manager Sang still speaking, it didn’t take long before I heard complete silence afterward. My hands trembled as the sounds of light footsteps coming towards the door. An once it was opened, I couldn’t help but look in utter shock at Kai’s face! His whole left side of his cheek is swollen red! The slaps that I heard earlier, came from manager Sang...

“You should hurry up and get going...”

He spoke out heavily as he refused to look at me. His disheveled hair covered his eyes a bit as he looked off to the side.

I felt horrible looking at the state Kai was in, I haven’t been paying much attention to his appearance since I got here. But now that I’m observing him more closely, I can tell that he’s gotten a lot skinner compared to the last time I saw him back in America. I hope he’s eating healthy and not just eating instant ramen all the time. Even his complexion looks pale right now, without even realizing it. I stretched out my hand towards his damaged cheek. However, Kai quickly grabbed my wrist and stopped me from touching him.

“Please, just leave...”

He muttered out in sorrow as he released my arm, turning himself around he walked into his room before closing it behind him.

It hurts, placing my hand against my chest. The beating of my heart ached as I felt awful about what I just witnessed. Has this type of abuse happened before? Do the other staff members know about this? No, I shouldn’t risk bringing this up to anyone. But perhaps, talking to Jin might help me understand. So as I started to walk down the hall, I stopped for a moment in front of Kai’s room and placed my hand gently against the door.

“Kai...thank you for taking care of me last night.”

As I expressed my gratitude, I prepared myself to leave. But I made sure to take the stairs so I wouldn’t get caught by any of the staff members that might be outside the building.

I don’t know why, but I just felt guilty for leaving Kai. I know he told me to leave, but part of me didn’t want to. As I made my way towards the main building, I pulled out my face mask as I walked past the heavy crowd of fans waiting outside. There are a lot more people out here than usual. I’m sure it’s due to the fact of what Kai did last night. I still can’t believe he did all of that for me, he’s insane...




As I tried getting past the crowd, I noticed that quite a few of them were giving me dirty looks once I showed security my staff I.D. Entering the building, I felt like I was able to breathe more calmly. Approaching the front desk, the first thing I did was get my new card key. I have to make sure I take care of it this time...

Okay, now I have to get to my station and get ready for Jin. He should be coming in a few minutes, making my way to the elevator. I pushed the button and waited for the doors to open, but the pit of my stomach dropped as I watched the doors slide open and saw who was standing in front of me!

“Oh! MelRose you came, I was just about to ask the front desk if you were here.”

Jin said to me as he welcomed me inside the elevator. But he wasn’t the one who was making me feel so uncomfortable, no. It was manager Sang who was standing right next to him!

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