Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Twenty-One

MelRose POV:

“Hey...sorry, I was running late, umm...was caught up with doing something this morning,” I explained to Jin while respectfully bowing towards manager Sang.

Entering the elevator felt so awkward for me, I didn’t even want to make eye contact with anyone.

“Have you spoke with Kai yet?”

Jin suddenly asked manager Sang, and I automatically tighten both my hands into a tight fist as I looked at the flooring.

“Yes I did, and I’m very disappointed by his actions. He didn’t tell me why or where he left last night. So I’m having a security look into it, but I haven’t received any info about it yet. Then again, this isn’t the first time Kai has ran out of the building like that. But that was so long ago, you would think he would learn by now. But I guess he hasn’t, so as punishment I canceled his solo album. That’s the only way he’ll learn... anyway, enough about Kai. You need to get ready for your interview today, so remember the script that I gave you.”

Hearing manager Sang explain everything to Jin made me want to punch him in his throat!

He sounds as if he cares about Kai when in reality he just cares about controlling him! Hell, he’s controlling Jin and Zack as well. Like seriously, a script? Why can’t Jin just be himself without reading things off a piece of paper?! This is so annoying! I knew that each member here had to put up a fake personality for their fans, but I just feel sorry for them. Because I know they won’t be happy if they put up this act. So once Sang left the elevator, I waited until the doors closed to ask Jin a question...

“Looks like Kai got in trouble again, I wonder what he did this time. Oh! MelRose, your hand!? What happened to it? Are you okay-”

“Hey, Jin, there’s something I wanna ask you.”

Ignoring his concerns about what he was asking me, I looked up at him with a serious pout. His expression immediately changed, as he seemed curious about what I had to say.

“Rose... what’s with that look on your face? You look like you’re about to cry.” He asked with sorrow in his voice as he took notice of my outfit.

I’m sure he caught on that I’m wearing the same clothes from yesterday. But the way he called me Rose just now, sounded very different from when Kai says it. He had always called me MelRose, so why is he now calling me by that name. In fact, when did Kai start calling me Rose? But what Jin said was true, I did feel like crying and I was trying so hard to not shed a tear.

“Jin...are all of you happy? Kai, Zack, and yourself. Are you able to smile on your own?”

As I asked him that question, his eyes grew cold with intensity. But just as quickly his expression changed, it quickly went away as he tried to give me a comforting smile.

“Why are you suddenly asking something like that?” He questioned me as the sound of the elevator doors finally opened, we both then exited the elevator together.

Following Jin to my makeup station, my mind was clouded with everything that has happened so far. Even when Mrs. Kim came to the room to explain what type of look I should do on him, my thoughts just kept going back to Kai. I hope he’s okay...

“Melrose, come here.”

Hearing him call out to me, I put my makeup brushes down. Before approaching Jin, I was then stunned by his abrupt actions!

“Huh?! Jin! What are you doing?! Get...get off, what If someone sees us-”

“It’s okay to cry...” His words ran within me as I felt his arms holding me so dearly.

The second Mrs. Kim left Jin and me alone in the room. I’m certain that Jin noticed I wasn’t acting like my usual self, in such a small amount of time. He already knows my personality so well. Even now, I can’t hide my emotions from him. As much as I wanted to pull away from my sorrows, I gave up so easily and began to cry on his shoulder. And before I knew it I was holding on to him for dear life as I expressed my painful emotions of what happened last night and the incident that took place this morning with manager Sang and Kai...

“So that explains your bandaged wrist and clothing. MelRose, from now on...I want you to call me if an emergency like this happens again. I told myself that I would take responsibility for you, and I will. I understand your concerns about what manager Sang did. But unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s used physical discipline on Kai. I know it sounds horrible, but it’s just how things are. In the past, Kai has done horrible things that would have tarnished this companies name. He’s always felt guilty for it and I think he feels like he deserves to be punished, so he takes the backlash for Zack and me. It’s selfish of him to do that, but the amount of times we’ve fought is uncountable. So I decided to just let him be since...he’s already gone through enough pain in his life. MelRose, you asked earlier...if I was happy. And if I’m being honest, I don’t think I know how to answer that question. Because I’m not sure if I know what happiness is. I just live my life day by day...”

His words felt heavy just like my beating heart. The weight of guilt and pain could be shown on his face as he had me look at him. His long slimed fingers gradually wiped the many tears falling down my cheeks.

Jin was being so sweet, so caring and I knew that I could trust him with anything. Even as he carefully grabbed my injured wrist, his big hands were so strong that I felt light as a feather as he held on to me. My sniffles were the only thing that could be heard as I thought back to what Jin said about Kai. The heavy medication he’s on, his PTSD and now I come to find out that he’s gone through something painful in his past. I know that I said it’s not any of my business to get involved with him, but I think it’s too late for that. I want to be able to understand Kai, to be able to help him. To make him smile...

“I don’t agree with manager Sang’s action, nor do I agree with how you wish to live your life. Living day by day without any happiness isn’t living in my eyes. You should be able to stay true to yourself and express how you feel. This might not be any of my business but...I want to be able to make Kai happy. Even you and Zack, all three of you work so hard and I could tell that you’re all passionate about the work you do. Singing, dancing... being ExEx Idol. It’s practically your second life, isn’t it? I know all I do is makeup, but I wanna try my hardest to make you all happy. I’ll make you remember what happiness is-”

My words were immediately interrupted as I felt Jin holding me in his arms once more! The feeling of his heart was fast and I was beginning to feel more nervous. Maybe I said too much and made him feel uncomfortable?

“I’m glad I chose you...” I heard him whispered close to my ear.


I responded being confused by his words, we both then pulled away from each other. Only this time he grabbed a nearby makeup brush and was very delicate when placing it in my hand...

“To be my make-up artist, you have to be gentle, delicate, and have trust. And that’s you...” He explained with a smirk as he leaned himself back in the chair.

As I wiped the remaining tears that were in my eyes, I smiled back at him as I started to do his makeup. However, I didn’t expect that I would have to go with Jin to the interview! I mean, I guess it makes sense that I would go if I have to do some touch up’s on his face. But this felt like a different environment for me, being backstage, It was actually really cool and I had so much fun being behind the scenes!

“Okay, so Jin. Being the eldest of the group. Do you ever feel like you should start settling down soon? I’m sure you want to get married and have kids one day, don’t you?”

As I watched from the sidelines what the host was asking Jin. I was expecting Jin to dodge the question or even come up with an excuse. But I was completely stunned by his sudden response as he looked directly at me!

“Of course I would love to get married one day, I would even want to have a baby girl that I can spoil.” He said with a flattering smile as he rested his chin on his palm.

“And what is the right girl you want to marry? If I may ask?”

Said the person who was doing the interview. Though his expression changed completely along with everyone else’s in the room when they heard Jin speak!

“It’s not so much about finding the right girl, but more so about being the right man. I want to be able to make her smile as much as she makes me smile. To hold her hand when she needs me, to hold her in my arms when she cries. And to love her whenever she feels alone...”

As he finished explaining, everyone in the room went quiet. It was as if they were all mesmerized by Jin’s answer...

But I couldn’t stop looking at Jin as his eyes kept locked with mine, that was until the director cut too commercial. I was then asked by the staff member next to me to attend Jin’s makeup. So as I hurried my way towards him, I immediately put some more lip tint on his lips since it was beginning to come off with how much he was talking.

“You looked shocked earlier with what I said.” Jin voiced out in a chuckle once I finished.

“Well yeah...I mean, won’t you get in trouble? I know that you guys aren’t allowed to talk about relationships...”

I said to him as I heard the director calling all the staff members to get offset. So as I prepared to leave, I was able to hear Jin’s words loud enough for only me to hear...

“There’s nothing wrong with speaking the truth of what you want, remember.”

Hearing Jin’s response, I realized that he took my advice from what I told him earlier back at the company. It made me smile knowing that he was being true to himself. Throughout the interview, Jin was being truthful and I was very happy that he didn’t follow a script. Jin isn’t a doll, neither is Zack or Kai. They are people who have the right to be happy like anyone else. But after the interview was over, it didn’t take long for Jin to get a call. As I sat next to him during the drive back to the company, I was only able to hear a few words from whoever was on the other line...

“Yeah? I understand. We’re heading back to the company as we speak. Tell Zack to check up on Kai, I haven’t heard from him since yesterday. I’ll be there shortly, okay... goodbye.” As he hanged up the phone, he rested his head while shutting his eyes.

“Umm, was that-”

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t manager Sang. It was my dance instructor. Our dance session was canceled since Kai isn’t allowed to leave his dorm. I plan on talking to him once we get back...”

“Oh, I see...I hope Kai is doing well...”

“I’m sure he’s fine, though I’ve asked to have Zack check up on him just in case.”

He said as we both heard Jin’s phone going off again. As he read his text, he giggled a bit as he went ahead to turn off his phone. He then placed it in his pocket as he let out a heavy sigh...

“Looks like I won’t be getting in trouble, manager Sang just emailed me. He watched the interview and thanked me, I guess he wants the heavy spotlight away from Kai right now. But I think it’s best if I don’t check social media for a while.” He explained while running his hand through his thick blonde hair.

“Really?! I’m surprised he’s not upset at you, I feel like if it was Kai. Mr. Sang would be ruthless towards him.”

I explained while pulling out my phone. Luckily for me, I was able to charge it in the car since I wasn’t able to do it last night.

Opening the app I got. I saw that all the staff members in the group chat were talking about Jin’s interview. A lot of the female staff were touched by his words and some of them even wished they could’ve married him instead of their husbands. It was almost funny reading their texts, one of them even asked for my opinion on the matter. Though I wasn’t sure what I should say, as I began to type my response I clicked send and that was when Jin noticed that I was on my phone.

“It’s cracked, did this happen during the accident?” He asked me as he grabbed my phone so suddenly!

“Oh! Yeah...it was my fault for being so stupid. It still works fine, I just need to be careful not to drop it again. This reminds me that I need to apologize to one of the staff members that helped me last night- hey! What are you doing!? No, don’t read that!”

I voiced out in embarrassment once I realized he was reading the messages I sent. The moment I pulled the phone out of his hands, he immediately laughed as I tried to cover my blushed face with my phone!

“Is that what you girls talk about in the chat?” He asked while continuing to chuckle as he titled his head to the side to look closer at me.

“No! It’s not like that, they just ask for my opinion and...you know what, forget it!”

I raised my voice at him feeling shy. But the feeling of his hand resting on my head made me peek over at him as he smiled tenderly at me.

“I’m flattered by your response, you’re cute when you don’t realize it.”

He said as I felt the car suddenly stop, he then pulled his hand back and got off the car along with the rest of the staff members.

I, on the other hand, had to take a moment to catch a breather. Jin just called me cute and it made my heart flutter a bit. However, my mind immediately shifted back to Kai when he first complimented me. As I looked back at my phone, I realized that I had a few unread text messages from my parents. I’ll have to give them a call soon, I’ve been so busy that I forgot to call them yesterday. But as I kept scrolling through my contacts, I saw that I received a message from Kai!

′Hey Rose, the song you heard me sing this morning. What did you think about it?′

Quickly responding, I gave him the truth as I smiled. It feels so long that I’ve received a message from him. Even though we saw each other a few hours ago, it still feels nice talking like this...

′I loved it, it made me feel happy but at the same time. I felt a little sad hearing it, the melody was calming and I felt warm. Your voice only made it sound more beautiful...′

Pressing send, I almost felt too embarrassed re-reading my message. But I wanted to be as honest as I can when it comes to his music. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard any of the ExEx Idols music besides the one song that my sister showed me. I should educate myself in Kai’s group...

“MelRose? Aren’t you coming?”

Said one of the staff members calling out to me. Quickly unbuckling my seat belt, I hurried off the car as I helped unload the equipment.

“Thank you for today, it was the most fun I had in a long while...” I heard Jin say to me as he passed behind me.

Smiling at him, he gave me a smirk in return before leaving with his assistant. As I finished helping the staff, I was told that I was done for the rest of the day. So I hurried back to my apartment since I needed a shower. But the moment I began to strip off my clothes, my phone began to ring!

At first, I thought it was my Mom who was calling since I read her text earlier saying that she was going to contact me later today. So without out even looking at the caller I.D. I rushed myself in answering the call that I noticed that I accidentally clicked ‘video call’. I didn’t really care though since it would be my mother. However, I was completely caught off guard once I saw the person’s face!

“Oh my god! I’m sorry, I thought my mother was calling me so I- Kai? What are you looking at?”

I asked him in confusion as I noticed that his eyes weren’t looking at me. He wasn’t even saying anything either, though his eyes were as wide as ever. Even his face was turning red, what’s up with him? Following his gaze, I looked down and felt my face grew pale in horror! I had taken my shirt and bra off earlier!

My breasts were at full display that I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs as I hanged up the phone! Crouching myself down on the bathroom floor, I wrapped my arms around my chest as I shook my head in disbelief at what just happened! This can’t be real! Just let me die right now! This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me! The first guy that took my first kiss, is now the same first guy that’s seen my breasts! How am I suppose to get married now!? I know it’s my fault that I flashed him by accident, but...

“Kai, you idiot!”

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