Our Secret Melody

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Lyric :Twenty-Three

Kai’s POV:



The way she’s calling out my name only makes me want to hear it more. Her small slender fingers feel so soft running down my bare chest. Even her eyes continued to gaze at me so steadily, the smell of her body was sweet and her fragrance was overwhelming. The more I touched her skin, the hotter it grew. Even her delicate moans filled my ears with excitement, I could no longer hold back my urges. Immediately placing my lips against hers, the taste was divine as I kept wanting more. Inserting my tongue in her heated mouth, the warmth of her breath mixed so well with mine.

The sweet kisses that I was giving her grew more intense as I felt her arms suddenly wrapped around my back. Pulling me closer to her breasts, the sensation of her nipples grazed slightly against my pecks and send a tremendous chill down my spine. I never thought I would ever be doing this with her, the way she holds on to me as if she fears that I will suddenly disappear from her. I immediately ran hands through her beautiful long hair to comfort her as we continued to fall deeper into our kiss.

I then found myself sliding my fingers towards her hips as I felt her body beginning to tremble beanthe me. With her waist pushing up against my lower region, the sensation of my hardening shaft was making it difficult not to ravish her body into a mess! Pulling my lips away from her, I instantly brought my mouth towards one of her rosebuds as I began to suck on her tender flesh. Her moans intensified even more as the feeling of her hands moved towards my hair as she lightly gripped it.

“More...don’t stop... please...keep touching me.” I heard her cry out seductively as I buried myself deeper within her chest.

“Rose...let me taste you...” I responded to her in a heated grunt as I slowly began to leave kisses down her abdomen.

Making my way down to her inner thighs, I couldn’t stop myself from sucking on her skin. The many markings I left around her chest and inner thighs were almost as if I was claiming her to be mine and mine alone. Is this real? Have Rose and I gotten this close that I’ve come to want her all to myself? I know I said that I would stay away from her, but how could I when were like this. It’s impossible, she’s just too precious to abandon...

Her heavy breathing grew louder once my heated breath grew near her lower entrance. The sweet nectar of her juices flowed so ever lightly down her core. So without hesitation, I immediately stuck my tongue inside her moist tight walls! I wanted to taste more, feel more of her. Even her er pussy was delectable as her wet cum began to pour out of her! It was driving me insane just hearing her lewd moans of ecstasy increasing every second. Flicking my tongue against her sensitive clit was driving her body mad as she couldn’t control her lower waist.

With my hands groping her breasts tightly, her tension was still traced back towards her womb that I couldn’t stop devouring! I knew that Rose was reaching her peak as I felt her inner thighs beginning to shake uncontrollably. My cock was already aching to feel her as I couldn’t resist pushing my two fingers inside! She instantly screamed in addiction as I felt her wanting to cum. But I don’t want her to climax this way, no...

“I...I need to feel you...Rose...my Rose...”

I moaned out my words as I hurried back towards her. The tears in her eyes were visible as her face grew flushed by the amount of pleasure I was giving her. My body kept aching and my heart was in pain because her smile is what I want to protect. I want to stop myself here and now...but my body isn’t letting me. Even her arms that are beginning to embrace me are making it so difficult to pull away. All I want, is to be safe in her arms like this...but do I deserve it?

The light friction of my dick was steadily touching her entrance as our bodies pressed up against one another. My cock kept throbbing to feel her insides as the passion between us escalated once Rose brought me down towards her lips. She was kissing me and the tears in her eyes were no longer visible, so I steadily brought my hand down towards my shaft as I carefully placed the head against her wet folds that continued to pulsate for me...

“I...I love you...Kai...I love you...”

Hearing her words as she pulled away from our tender kiss, made my heart almost want to stop beating as I saw how pure her smile was. The feeling of her own heart could be felt beating incredibly fast with how tightly she was holding me. Why does she look at me like that? Her fragile smile that I fear of hurting, her soft voice that speaks to me. And her eyes, that never waver. Why? How, can she love someone like me? What do I even say? Do I even have the right to love her after everything I’ve been through?

“I will always be with you...no matter what.”

Once Rose spoke again, she silenced herself as she kissed me. Only this time, I let her devour me as I closed my eyes. Her words made me feel like I really would never have to fear being alone. So I decided to drown myself in her love as I held on to her for dear life as the tears in my eyes finally broke and I was no longer able to hide my sorrow. The pain, the lust, the tension that I needed to release was within her as I finally felt my stiff heated shaft slowly pressing inside her. I will belong to her... and I hope she will be willing to belong to me. Rose...Rose...


Shouting out her name in a cold sweat, I jolted my body forward! The ringing of my alarm went off by my nightstand as I quickly went to turn it off. Confused at what was happening, I looked over at the other side of my bed and saw that there was no one there. Was all of that just a dream? No way, it felt way too real. Running my hand through my hair, I realized how much I was sweating. But that wasn’t what threw me off, it was the feeling of my lower region that caught my attention. Lifting the sheets, I looked down and saw how hard my erection was!


I said to myself in annoyance as I laid myself back down on the mattress. This is ridiculous, did I really have a wet dream about Rose? I’m sick...I have no right to think of her in that matter. But why did I have that kind of dream? My mind instantly went back from yesterday’s incident when Rose accidentally showed me her breasts. I’m sure that’s the reason why! Taking a deep breath in, I tried to calm my body down, but no matter how much I tried. My shaft refused to go down! Annoyed with my body, I decided to just take a cold shower...

As I stood beanthe the showerhead, the cold water began to consume me as I tried to clear all my thoughts of Rose. I need to focus, today is very important that I talk with the music director about my solo album. Even though manager Sang canceled it, that’s not gonna stop me from finishing my song! I’ma be pretty busy this month coming up, placing my forehead against the tile wall. I shut my eyes and reached for the heart locket around my neck.

“Rose...I’m sorry...but I need to keep my distance from you.” I voiced out in sadness...

The moment I was done showering, I hurried up and changed into some clothes before heading out. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast since I received an email from manager Sang saying that he needed to talk with the group. Giving out a heavy sigh, I walked out of my dorm before entering the elevator...

“Kai, good morning. I didn’t think you be up so early since you tend to sleep in.” Said Jin in a surprised tone once we both saw each other in the elevator.

“Yeah...well my dream kinda woke me up, along with my alarm,” I said to him without making eye contact.

The conversation that Jin and I had yesterday still lingers deep and I honestly just wanted to punch him in the face. But what he said was the truth, so I can’t get angry. However, I’m still very annoyed with him. Pressing the button, we both waited in silence until we exited the building...

“Did you have another nightmare?” Jin asked sounding a bit concerned as we walked towards the main company building.

“It wasn’t a nightmare this time. It was something different and I rather not speak about it. Anyways, is Zack already with Sang?”

I asked Jin, trying to change the subject I didn’t want him questioning my dream. The last thing I’ll ever do is discuss what happened between me and Rose...

“I’m sure you already know, Zack is the exact opposite of you. He always wakes up early to go for a jog, so I’m positive he’s already waiting for us. Though I’m curious what manager Sang has to say to us that’s so important. Usually, he never does meetings like this unless it’s important.” He said as we reached closer to the building.

“I don’t know how the fuck Zack could do that? I could never be an early bird like him.”

I responded as we both tried to make small talk, I swear...Jin and I are always arguing and making up. But I feel like the tension has been growing a lot more between us because of-

“Rose! Good morning, your working early today?”

Hearing Jin suddenly call out her name made me automatically follow Jin’s gaze. Rose was with a group of staff members moving boxes out of a truck. Though she stopped what she was doing once she saw us! Her eyes were a bit hesitant to look at me and I couldn’t blame her. Even I was feeling a bit embarrassed, especially after that dream I had!

“Morning Jin, hey...Kai. Uhh, yeah...I got an email from Mrs. Kim saying that we got a new shipment of makeup brands that wants to sponsor you guys. So we’re gonna go through them and see what brands we should use.” She explained looking shyly at the both of us. I wanted to say something to her, but I can’t...

“Oh well that’s exciting, I’m looking forward to what you decide to pick for me,” Jin said with that stupid smile of his, though Rose didn’t seem to pay attention to his expression as she went to look at me.

“Yeah, It’s gonna take a while to see what I want for you. Umm...Kai, do you think-”

“Sorry, but I’m really busy right now.”

Quickly cutting her off, I walked away from her as I entered the building. The sound of Jin’s footsteps could be heard following behind shortly after.

“You could have at least said good morning to her,” Jin said as we entered a different elevator that would take us to the lower floors of the building.

“Weren’t you the one that told me to leave her alone-”

“I meant to keep your distance, but not be rude to her.” He explained himself, the cracking of my knuckles could be heard once I brought them to a tight fist.

“You get angry too easily-”

“Look who’s talking, you easily get upset and jealous whenever I steal your fans.”

I said in a malicious smirk as I looked over at him, his eyes soon grew stern and the image of him clenching his jaw harshly was fairly visible. Just like how he could easily push my buttons to the brick of anger, I could do it just the same in return. We were both done speaking to each other once the doors slid open. Walking down the hallway, we entered manager Sang’s office, and sure enough. Zack was already sitting down looking through his phone. It took a while for him to notice us enter the room, but once he did he quickly got off his chair and made his way towards us.

“Wow, you’re not late this time!”

Zack said to me in a burst of joking laughter as we all began to wait for manager Sang to come to the room.

“Ugh! Why does Sang have us come here so early when he’s not even here himself! This is stupid...”

Zack voiced out in a heavy yawn, though he noticed that Jin and I weren’t speaking much.

“Don’t tell me you guys are still mad at each other from yesterday- oh! That reminds me! You both need to explain to me right now what happened back in America! I feel like I’m missing something because you said that you and Rose got involved with each other back in America. What did you mean by that?”

Zack pointed at me as he demanded answers. Though I wasn’t in the mood to explain the situation, so I looked over at Jin and he let out an annoyed sigh as he began to tell the story. At first, his expression was a little confused, but that slowly began to change in disbelief as his eyes grew wide in shock. He then looked over at me as if he needed confirmation to know if Jin was telling the truth.

“It was her! No fucking way! Why didn’t you say anything!? Who else knows about this!? Wait! So she’s not married-”

Quickly covering his mouth with my hand, I gave Zack a stern stare so he could shut up with his many questions.

“Only the three of us in this room know about this. Including Jung, and that’s how it’s going to remain, it’s also best that you don’t say anything to Rose about this. I’m sure Rose will only stress out more if she found out we told you. I’m sure she has her hands full already with working here and being away from her family. So the less she has to worry about, the better... understand?”

I said to Zack as I removed my hand away from him once he nodded his head in agreement.

“Whoa...this is crazy. This is like one of those crazy soap operas you see on TV!”

Zack said with an amusing smile as he laughed soon afterward.

“You saw what on TV?”

The sudden hearing of his voice made all three of us quickly get off our chairs! Turning our heads, we saw that manager Sang and our music director entering the room. I’m sure he didn’t hear anything about Rose’s secret. But we’re gonna have to be very careful from here on out, because if anyone of us slips up. It will be our fault...

“Oh! It’s nothing, I was just telling Kai that I stayed up late last night watching a show...uh. Anyways what’s this meeting about?” Zack asked while trying not to sound suspicious.

“I called you here because I got a call yesterday from one of our sponsors, they want ExEx Idol to perform a concert in the city of Seoul. It’s for charity, it will be good for your reputation. The date is already set for the end of this month, which means that you three have a lot of work to do. The tour for Europe is still a few months away but this will be good publicity for when you announce the new upcoming album. Which by the way, Kai. The song you finished writing yesterday, I went over it and so did the music director. It came out amazing, so we will be adding it to the album as well-”

“What about my solo album? Is that still canceled?” I immediately interrupt what Sang was saying as I sat back down on my chair.

“I’m not gonna discuss that with you right now. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you release your solo album next year-”

“Bullshit! I’m not waiting for another fucking year! I worked hard for this song of mine!”

I raised my voice at him with anger and frustration. I could easily tell that manager Sang was upset at me for how I reacted, but I didn’t care because I won’t ever let someone control my music!

“I don’t have time to argue with you Kai, I have important things to intend to. My words are final until I say so. Zack, Jin...start memorizing the new lyrics.”

Once manager Sang finished speaking to us, he left the room as began to make some calls. However, our music director stayed behind as he handed the music sheets to everyone. Looking at the paper, I leaned my head back as I thought of what I should do. Sang made it very clear that he won’t let me perform alone with my song. However...

“Hey, guys...I need your help with something.” I said to Zack and Jin. Our music director was then looking at me in confusion.

“I know that look all too well...” Jin said in a smirk as he looked my way.

“Let me guess, you wanna sing your song at the concert.”

Zack voiced out as he laughed while jokingly punching my shoulder. Unable to hold back my laughter, I looked at both of them as I stood back up on my feet. Despite how much I fight with these idiots, we will always have each other’s backs. Even with what we all went through in the past, were still holding on to the group we created. Because it’s the only thing that matters to us...

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