Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Twenty-Four

MelRose POV:

For the next few weeks that passed, I rarely got to see Kai. And although I was emailed like the rest of the staff that ExEx Idol will be performing by the end of this month. It was obvious that they were gonna be busy, however, whenever I would text Kai. He would never reply, and when I would see Jin or Zack at the company, I would ask how Kai is doing. And it was always the same response, ‘he’s doing fine, just busy.’ But I feel like they were avoiding telling me anything...

“Hey MelRose, can you bring me the box of towels over there.”

“Yeah, here you go.”

Though I’ve been fairly busy myself in getting the private rooms for the members ready. Since the concert will be taking place in the city, the company rented out a huge building where ExEx Idol will be performing at. And right now I’m setting up Jin’s station for when he needs to rest and when I need to do his makeup. I know that I’m not the one that will be singing and stuff, but I’m getting nervous for some reason. In just a few days, the makeup I do on Jin’s face will be seen live across the world! Never thought I would be a celebrity’s makeup artist, such an amazing and terrifying thing to be. I love that my work will be shared with the world, but it’s always frighting not knowing if people will hate it or love it...

“Alright, I think we’re done for today. Will finish the rest tomorrow. Everyone, be safe when going home, okay. It’s already starting to get late, I’ll report back to manager Sang so make sure you all come here early tomorrow morning, goodnight everyone.” Mrs. Kim said with a stern tone once she left.

Bowing my head along with everyone else, I grabbed my belongings and was ready to leave. I was so tired but mostly hungry, the staff members were nice to ask me to grab lunch with them but I kindly denied their invitation since they were going to a bar. And from what I learned it’s kinda rude to refuse a drink when they pour you one. So I would rather not be disrespectful and just not go at all. I’ll just drop by a cafe and grab something there, I’m sure I saw one down the road when I was in the cab earlier. It should only be a few blocks away from where I’m at so it shouldn’t take too long getting there on foot. I’ll just call a taxi to pick me up when I’m ready to go home...

So as I began walking, my mind went back to thinking about Kai. I’m certain he’s avoiding me, but why? Did I do something- well I did accidentally show my breasts to him. But he sounded completely fine on the phone when we were talking after that, this is annoying! I don’t care if he is busy or not, Jin and Zack still make time to hang out with the staff members when we would be at the cafeteria. But Kai would never show up, it’s like he’s trying to ignore me as much as he can. I wish I could stop thinking about him, but living in Korea shows how impossible that is with his face and ExEx Idol being plastered everywhere in the city! Posters, signs, stores, and even people who drive by in their cars would be playing their music!

“So annoying...”

I voiced out in a heavy sigh while pulling out my phone. Dialing my sister’s phone number, I decided to give her a call. What I need is to talk with someone from back home, and it’s probably super early in the morning in America since it’s already starting to be night over here. With the sounds of my phone ringing, I was expecting her not to answer. But I was so happy once I heard Sam’s voice!

“Mel? Why are you calling me so early? Did something happen?” She asked sounding a bit worried.

“Hey, sorry if I woke you. Everything is fine, I just...wanted to talk with someone.” I replied feeling gloomy.

“It’s no problem, I need to start getting used to waking up early once I start going to school again. So what’s up, you sound tired.”

“Yeah, I’m a little tired. Had a long day today, I’ma stop by somewhere to eat and head back to my apartment.”

It felt nice talking on the phone with my sister as I walked. I didn’t feel as lonely, and I guess I was starting to get homesick. Being at a university back in America, I grew used to living in the dorms. I was only a few hours away from my family, but it’s completely different now. I literally live in a different country and can’t really see my family that easily. I wonder how my Dad did it? How was he able to leave Korea and start a new life in America? I should ask him next time...

“Oh! Mel is it true that ExEx Idol will be performing this week in Korea?!” She asked with excitement in her voice.

“Huh? Uhh, yeah but how’d did you know-”

“I’ve been checking the updates on this fan website I’m in that gives out information about the members! I don’t know how some of these fans gather these types of info, but there are even rumors about a new song coming out soon! I wonder if Kai is going to sing it at the concert!? Oh, I wish I could be there!? Hey, I know I told you to stay away from him...but, do you know how he’s doing? Or if you’ve heard anything around the company talking about him?”

“Okay, first of all, that’s kinda scary that these over obsessive fans know that much. I mean it’s not a secret that they’re performing here, but I didn’t think it would spread out that fast and...I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about a new song nor have I heard from Kai- I mean like people talking about him. I’m sure he’s probably just busy...”

I explained to her, it’s crazy that rumors about a new song are already being spoken about. I’m sure it’s the song that I heard Kai singing when I was at his dorm a few weeks back. I don’t wanna lie to my sister, but I can’t give out personal information about the group. I risk getting fired, but I’m curious about something that I wanna ask Sam about.

“Hey, Sam...I know you like Kai. But do you like him for who he is or what he is?”

“Huh? I don’t get it? I like everything about him, he’s perfect-”

“Would you still like him if he left ExEx Idol?” I quickly asked her, though I was surprised by her quick response

“Of course, I will always love him no matter what. And I wish one day I could tell him how I feel, he’s my world and my life.”

“I see...Sam, what’s Kai’s favorite color again?”

I asked her, though I already knew it was white. But I felt the need to ask her because I knew that Sam had fallen for this false image of what Kai was pretending to be.

“That’s a dumb question, it’s gray! But why are you asking? You’re not starting to like him, are you?! You promised me that you wouldn’t get close to him-”

“Relax! I was just asking you a simple question. So you’ll like Kai no matter what, huh. I guess any fan would say the same thing-”

“I’m not just a fan okay, don’t compare me to those crazy little girls that fangirl obsessively about him. I just...”

“You just love him even though you never met him. I get it, not obsessive at all.” I said in a sarcastic giggle.

“Shut up! It’s different, okay! Look, I have to use the bathroom so I’ll talk to you later!”

“I’m only teasing, and okay. Talk to you soon, Bye.”

Once I hanged up on her, I turned off my phone and felt a little better. I didn’t feel as sad, I guess what I needed was to talk with someone. Realizing my surroundings, I saw that I was already close to the cafe. But what stood out to me was that while I was approaching the front door, there was a young girl in a wheelchair having trouble opening it. So I quickly rushed myself towards her and kindly opened the doors for her to enter.

“Oh! Thank you so much!” She kindly responds with a smile.

“Your welcome. Here, you can order first,” I said to her as we both approached the front counter.

“If you insist, I’m only gonna order a sweet lemonade.”

She explained, and once she was done ordering. It didn’t take long for me to order my meal and I was very fortunate to start a conversation with the girl because we ended up sharing a table. It’s always more fun to eat with others, that’s what my mother would always tell me. Soon the girl took off her face mask and I couldn’t stop admiring how gorgeous she looked! She sounded so mature when she spoke, but her face looked so young!

“Is something wrong?” She asked while taking a sip of her drink.

“Oh! I’m sorry...it’s just that you’re so pretty.”

“Thank you, your very kind. But you’re also beautiful. By the way, can I ask you something?” She asked while pulling out her purse.

“Umm, sure...”

I responded feeling nervous once I saw her expression grow serious. She then proceeded in pulling out a pair of earrings and placed them in front of me.

“Do you think...these look nice? They’re not for me! They are for a guy...” She said as I watched her cheeks grow flushed.

“Ooh! Are these for your boyfriend? I’m sure he’ll love anything you pick for him?” I teasingly said to her with a smile as I looked at the set of earrings.

“He’s...he’s not my boyfriend, although I do love him. I just haven’t had the chance to tell him yet.”

She explained in such a calming smile as she grabbed the earring. She then held them close to her chest before putting them back in her bag. I could easily tell that she truly has strong feelings for this guy, and I hope that she’ll be able to tell him soon. Though I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with someone or at least I haven’t noticed I have. But how do you know when you’re in love? Does it just happened instantly or does it take time?

“Hey, if you don’t mind me asking, how long have you loved this person?”

I asked with curiosity as I finished eating my meal. At first, the girl’s expression was a bit surprised by my question, but she was so kind in telling me everything.

“For a very long time, I’ve known him for 8 years. We both helped each other grow when we were young, I may be 3 years older than him, but I don’t care. He’s someone I will always love, and although I’ve been away for a while. I never once stopped thinking about him, I’m sure you noticed that I’m in a wheelchair. I can walk, however, my legs aren’t like how they used to be back then. I was in a car accident a while back and my legs were badly damaged from the incident. My doctor didn’t think I would be able to walk again, but I worked so hard in my rehab to get back on my own two feet. And although I can’t walk as much anymore, I’m just thankful to be alive...”

Hearing her speak about her life, I was moved to tears almost. I didn’t wanna cry in front of someone I just met, so I tried my best to not sob. But it was so difficult, not only is she so beautiful but she’s so strong as well. I’m sure any guy would fall for her...

“You’re amazing...” I said to her with a tender smile.

“No, I just never gave up...I just wish I could give some of my strength to him. He’s been through far worse than I have, I may be able to make him smile. But that doesn’t mean I’m helping him... if anything...I’m probably just hurting him more. And that’s the last thing I want...to make him sad.”

She finished explaining with heavy sorrow as she looked down. Her words hit deep within me because I kinda understood what she was saying. I’m trying so hard as well to make my family happy as well, trying to give them a better life. But I also don’t want them to think that it’s a burden...

“Being someone’s strength can be difficult, but when it’s for someone you care about. It makes you feel special, knowing that the person you love is smiling because of you. So don’t think like that, I’m sure the guy that you love will be so incredibly happy with your feelings.”

Her once sad expression quickly changed once she heard my response. She instantly smiled as she looked out the window, however, her eyes widened in shock and she couldn’t help but giggle. I was a bit confused by her sudden actions, that was until I heard someone enter the cafe. Looking over her shoulder, I saw that a big guy dressed in a suit was looking around the room. His eyes then landed on the girl in front of me and he rushed himself towards our table!

“My lady! Why did you sneak out of the house!? Do you have any idea how worried your parents are right now?! Why did you leave your phone behind-”

“It’s because I knew you guys wouldn’t stop calling me. Relax, I texted you before I left that I would be at a nearby cafe, so there’s no need to worry.” She explained in a calming matter as she finished the last of her lemonade.

“That’s not the point! We’re heading back home now, it also doesn’t help that there are 10 cafes nearby your house! Do you have any idea how crazy I looked entering each one of them and having to leave when I couldn’t find you? I was about to call your brother and- oh! Excuse my bad manners, I didn’t realize that My Lady was with you. My name is Dong-Hyun, her bodyguard-”

“Can you not call me ‘My Lady’ I feel old when you say that. Just call me by my name-”

“I could never do that, that would be disrespectful. Now come, we have to go. It’s already getting late! Forgive me but please excuse us.”

He said to me in a respectful bow as he began to pull the girl away in her wheelchair.

Quickly standing up I bowed as well and was still a little lost at what was going on. That’s her bodyguard? Is she rich or something? Well, she is very beautiful, so maybe she’s a model or something? The girl then started waving goodbye as she placed her face mask back on.

“It was so fun talking to you, thank you for your time. Hopefully, we could meet again...” She said as I watched her and her bodyguard beginning to leave.

“Yeah! Let’s meet again soon, goodbye!” I voiced out in a cheerful smile as I waved to both of them.

I then watched as the bodyguard helped her enter a car, I wonder who she is? And now that I think about it, I never asked her what her name was! Oh my god! I’m so rude, I didn’t even give her my name either! Oh well, maybe if we ever do meet again, we could properly introduce each other. So once I saw her car take off, I let out a tiresome sigh and decided to head home as well. So as I called for a cab to pick me up, I began to wait outside...

It didn’t take long for my taxi to get here and before I knew it I was already close to reaching my apartment. Letting out a yawn, I was starting to doze off a bit. So I was relieved once the cab driver told me we reached our destination. I just wanted to take a long nap, so after I finished paying for the cab, I exited the vehicle and pulled out my card key from my bag. Entering the building, I undid my ponytail and let my hair down while making my way towards the elevator.

I’m so glad summer is almost over because wearing these long sleeves is making me overheat sometimes, I know it’s a dress code and I have to follow it, but I wish the company could let us wear tank tops instead. Once I entered the elevator and saw that there was no one inside, I waited until the doors closed before taking my shirt off. I felt so much better and it felt a lot more fresh with just my tank top on. Stuffing my shirt into my bag, I immediately stepped out of the elevator once I reached my floor.

Though as I was walking down the hall, I noticed that someone was sitting down on the floor. He had his head leaning down so I wasn’t able to see his face that well, and I would love to just ignore this person. But unfortunately, he was sitting right outside my apartment door! What the hell, I just wanna sleep! What do I even say to this person? Who even is he...

“Umm, excuse me?”

I spoke out to the person with hesitation as I kept my distance. But my nervousness quickly changed to annoyance once I saw the person raise his head to look at me.

“Kai!? What the hell are doing here-”

before I could even ask him anything, he had quickly got on his feet and grabbed my arm. He held a worried-like expression however the tone of his voice sounded very upset!

“Where the hell were you!?” He asked while pulling me closer towards his body!

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