Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Twenty-Seven

MelRose’s POV:

“Mrs. Lee, can you hand me the brush next to you.”

It’s been so difficult for me to smile these last few days, my heart feels so heavy and my mind has been so clouded. It’s been stressful for me because I’ve never gone through something like this. Like, is this normal? I’ve checked my temperature this morning and it came out fine. So I know I’m not getting sick...

“Mrs. Lee? Did you hear me?”

Ever since I overheard the conversation that Zack and Kai had a few days ago, it’s like that’s the only thing I could think about. I hate it, I hate myself for letting it get to me. Whatever relationship Kai and Lily have together shouldn’t be any of my business and I’m disgusted by these emotions of mine. Feeling angry, upset, even being jealous...

“Mrs. Lee!”

“Huh!? What did you say?!”

I responded in confusion. Coming back to my senses I noticed that one of the staff members has been calling out to me!

“I’ve been calling your name this whole time, are you okay? I was asking if you can please hand me the brush next to you. I need to fix Jin’s hair real quick...”

“Oh! I’m so sorry, here you go. I’m just spacing out...” I quickly apologized while handing him the comb.

It was the night of the concert and it’s been so hectic since the morning with getting everything together. I need to focus and stop overthinking so much, I have a job to do! But since finished doing Jin’s makeup a lot quicker than the other stylists, there really isn’t much I can do. Though I’m sure Jin noticed something was off about me with how I was acting. Because not too long after the staff member left the room, Jin had grabbed my hand.

“What’s wrong?” He asked sounding concerned as he kept himself sitting.

The last thing Jin needs is more things to worry about, so I can’t put a burden on him. Especially right now, he’s about to perform in front of thousands of people. Not only that, but there’s the situation with his mother too. I wonder if she’s doing okay, but it’s not like I can ask him that. This is ridiculous, not too long ago I told Jin that I wanna be able to make him smile along with the rest of the members. Yet here I am, unable to smile on my own...

“I’m fine, I guess...I’m just a little nervous about today.”

I said to him with a bittersweet smile. Though just as I said that, I quickly avoided making eye contact with him as I pulled back my hand and began to clean up my station.

“I see... shouldn’t I be the one feeling nervous?”

Jin asked in joking laughter as I heard him getting off his chair. Chuckling a bit by his comment, I looked at him and smiled.

“You make a good point, which I’m surprised you aren’t. Well, you don’t look nervous, but if you are-”

“After performing for many years, you kinda get used to it. Though it will always be a different experience each time. And after tonight, I think it will be a show of a lifetime.”

He explained in a devil-like smirk as he placed his big hand on top of my head.

“Huh? What makes you say that?”

I asked him with a confused stare as he suddenly ruffled my hair. Grabbing his hand to stop, he laughed as held onto my little palm.

“You’ll find out soon enough, though it is a shame. I was hoping to stand out tonight to impress you, but I think someone else will catch your eye...in fact, I think everyone’s eye will be on him by the end of this.”

He explained in a tiresome sigh as he kept looking at me. I was still so lost at who he was referring to, but I decided to squeeze his hand back and give him a cheerful grin!

“You will always stand out to me, each and every one of you. It’s like I said before, you’re all special. So I’ll always be looking at all of you!”

I said to him in reassurance, what I want is to give Jin courage and confidence in himself. He’s been working so hard these last few weeks for this exact moment, and I won’t let him bring himself down!

“Here’s the Melrose I remember, always finding a way to make me smile. I always feel a lot better when we speak, thank you...”

He said so sweetly as he suddenly brought his forehead down against mine! At first, I was surprised by his actions, but when I realized how nervous he was breathing. It was obvious that he was feeling anxious, he’s so bad at hiding it. With his eyes closed, I chuckled a bit as I gave him as much time as he needed to calm his nerves. In a few minutes, ExEx Idol will be performing live. And I’m sure many people throughout the world will be watching them. I wonder how Zack and Kai must be feeling? Soon the sounds of someone walking down the hall could be heard and Jin and I immediately backed away from each other as he began to fix his mic that was attached to his ear.

“Yo! Jin, are you ready!? Because I’m not, I’m getting butterflies in my stomach again. I pooped this morning, but my intestines still feel-”

Zack had quickly stopped talking once he saw that I was still in the room. His eyes grew big with embarrassment as his face grew red as he covered his mouth with his hand! Unable to hold my laughter, I burst out my giggles as I felt my tears beginning to water.

“Pretend you didn’t hear any of that!”

“I think it’s too late for that, Zack. Melrose now knows that you take nervous poops before we perform.” Jin said with a wicked grin as he walked up to him.

“Don’t worry, Zack. I won’t tell a soul.”

I said to him as I followed Jin from behind. I guess Zack gets the runs when he’s nervous and Jin breathes heavily when feeling anxious.

“Zack! I told you to wait until I was done fixing your eyeliner.”

I suddenly heard one of the staff members running down the hall, he then proceeded in putting the eye makeup on Zack’s face.

“Your makeup came out amazing, Zack,” I said to him as he tried to avoid looking me in the eye. I’m sure he’s still embarrassed by what he said earlier.

“What are you saying, Jin looks way better looking than me- ouch! What was that for!?”

He pouted as the staff member next to him punched his arm jokingly. But once he was done doing Zack’s eye makeup, we began to head towards the main hall where it would lead to the main stage.

“Where’s Kai?”

Jin asked Zack as they both were on stand-by, with staff members fixing their mic sets more securely. I decided that I should head back towards my station to finish cleaning. But it was also just an excuse because I didn’t want to hear them talk about Kai in front of me...

Walking further away from them, I made my way down the hall while running my fingers through my hair. Everywhere I looked, staff members were running back and forth getting everything set up. It’s insane how crazy it could get backstage! Working in the entertainment business can be hectic, I could only imagine how the members feel. Looking forward, I saw that I was passing by Zack’s and Kai’s station rooms. It’s annoying that Jin’s room is passed there’s and is the furthest. But whatever, it can’t be helped-

“Dang it! Why of all days- oh! Mrs. Lee! Thank goodness! I was about to go crazy running around the building looking for someone to finish doing Kai’s makeup! I just got a call from one of our staff members and her car broke down a few blocks from here, and it just so happens that she has the limited edition posters that the V.I.P badges get! It’s very important that we give them the merch by the end of the concert, so I need to go get them right now! There’s no way I can let manager Sang know about this, he will only freak out more with how busy and stressed out he already is! So please, just finish putting on his lip tint and don’t worry about cleaning up my station, I should be back before the concert is over! I’m counting on you!”

With Mrs. Kim rushing herself to explain everything, she pulled me into the room as she grabbed her bag and car keys before leaving!

“Wait! I don’t think I should-”

Just as I was about to speak, the slamming of the door silenced my words until I felt my nerves taking over me. Slowly turning myself around, I saw that Kai kept his head down as he was leaning his body against the vanity.

The way he looked was almost intimidating, his black outfit stood out from the other members with how tall he was. Even his eye makeup intensified the color of his green eyes. He looked much more masculine with the way he was dressed. His shirt buttons were loosened to his bare chest, and his sharp collarbone was almost visible through his shirt! His cologne could even be smelled from where I was standing, and if I’m being honest...I’m kinda scared to approach him right now. The last time we were alone didn’t really end well, it just became awkward and I don’t know what to feel right now...

“Are you gonna stand there and just look at me?”

He finally spoke in a serious tone, feeling my body stiffen I slowly made my way towards him. The beating of my heart escalated with every step that took me closer to him. My chest tightens and my breathing grew uneven once I stood in front of him. Without saying a word, I picked up the lip tint that Mrs. Kim had laid out on the table and nervously looked over at Kai who was now staring at me!

“Can...can you please bend yourself down a bit so I can-”

I didn’t even need to finish my sentence of what I had to say, because Kai had quickly brought his face closer to mine! Averting my eyes, the sensation of his breath hitting my neck sent chills down my spine until I clenched my jaw tightly. Focus Mel! Don’t lose your composure, just hurry up, and then you could leave! With that in mind, I only paid attention to Kai’s lips and began to paint the dark tint shade against them. However, the shaking of my fingers made me smudge the ink a little so I gently wiped the edge of his bottom corner lip with my thumb carefully. His lips felt soft and tender to the touch that it made it that more difficult to concentrate! His intense glance isn’t helping me either! Kai, please stop looking at me like that!

“There, I’m done...”

I quickly said as I hurried in putting the lip shade down. Without making eye contact with him, I hurried to the door! But just as I was about to place my hand on the knob, my body was immediately pulled back into being embraced! The feeling of his arms being wrapped around me was tight as I felt his face being buried by the nape of my neck! What the hell is Kai doing right now!?

“Kai...let...let me go-”

“I’m sorry...”

He whispered close to my ear, he then forced my body around until I was facing him. The gap between us closed, as I felt one of his big hands being placed behind my back, with both my hands resting against his chest. I refused to look at him as I bit my lower lip. Why? Why, is Kai doing this right now?! He’s about to go on stage soon, but more importantly...

“Why are you sorry?”

“For what I’m about to do...”

He quietly said as he lifted my chin. His dark luminous eyes caught my attention as I wasn’t sure what to do, but my expression of uncertainty changed once I saw what Kai did!

“What are you-”

The feeling of his strong lips made me unable to speak, his hand that was once resting on my chin had moved to the back of my head as he refused to let me go! His intense eyes stared at me as all I could do was grip onto him strongly. I was scared, happy, and so confused about what I should feel right now. Because I don’t know what Kai is thinking, but what I do know is that I want him to keep kissing me. It makes me feel special, and I hope...that he feels the same way.

The beating of his heart could be felt against my hands as I brought myself to my tiptoes, arching my head back I accepted his kiss as he pulled my body against his. Our kiss grew more heated as I closed my eyes, the taste of his tongue was addicting as I began to breathe out heavily. I wanted more, so much more. This feeling that I missed having with him was almost too much for my heart to bear, I’m so selfish for wanting him to myself. He isn’t mine...but at this very moment, he is. Kai, why do you continue to make me ache for you?

“Why do you make this so difficult for me...why is it you? Why can’t I...get you out of my head...Rose. Look only at me...don’t look at anyone else...”

He spoke heavily out of breath once he pulled himself away from me. I didn’t even realize when my eyes began to water but the feeling of his slim fingers wiping them away made me automatically wrap my hands around him! I didn’t want to let him go, as I buried myself deeper into his chest. His words touched me as if I longed to hear them. He even wrapped his arms around my body, but this feeling didn’t last long once we had to go our separate ways...

The hearing of his footsteps getting farther away from me felt like broken glass piercing through my heart. I tend to forget who Kai really is, he may be a person like anyone else. But he’s different...as I went back to my station, I finished up cleaning before heading backstage. My lips still felt the tingle of where Kai touched them, my heart still couldn’t stop beating so fast. The loud cheering of the crowd mixed with ExEx Idol singing only escalated it more...

Standing next to the rest of the staff members, I saw that manager Sang was watching very carefully at the member’s performance. He was also answering emails as well but from the sound of the music playing in the background. It seems that the concert was coming to a close, I guess I took a while packing everything in my station. I really wanted to watch the boys perform more, huh? Why is only Zack and Jin walking off the stage?

“What the hell is going on!?”

Shouted manager Sang as he approached one of the staff members. The look of panic and anger ran through his face until he grabbed Zack from the shirt the moment he was out of the crowd’s viewpoint.

“Jin, what’s happening? Why is Kai still out there?”

I asked him once he came walking towards me, with Zack being yelled at by manager Sang. Jin gave me a mischievous smile as he looked back at where Kai was standing.

“Remember when I said it will be a show of a lifetime... you’re about to find out why.”

Jin voiced out, and right on cue. The lights focused solely on Kai and not too long after, the crowd of thousands of people filled the entire stage until a song started to play!

“That’s it! You three are enlisting in military service after the tour in Europe is over! This behavior is unacceptable-”

“Relax Sang, you can decide for us to go once Kai is done singing. And who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind once you start getting calls.”

Zack quickly explained to him, soon the crowd and everyone else backstage were silenced once we heard Kai beginning to sing. His voice was so mesmerizing and the way he stood on stage was so amazing to witness. It was like he belonged on the stage, he shined so brightly with his appearance that it left me speechless. Watching him like this, made me grip my chest tightly as I could replay the words that Kai told me earlier...

“Look only at me...”

My thoughts were interrupted by the roaring sounds of the heavy crowd suddenly screaming once I saw that Kai had ripped off his shirt! His abs were in full display and the trace of his muscles stood out, feeling my cheeks flushed. My eyes were soon quickly covered by someone’s hand! Until the only thing, I could hear once Kai was done singing was Jin speaking dangerously close to my ear!

“A married woman shouldn’t be looking at another man.”

Soon the ringing of manager Sang’s phone went off, and that was when Jin finally pulled his hand away and looked at me teasingly. And before Sang answered his phone, he looked over at Kai who was now walking towards us. Though Kai’s eye was solely focused on me as I saw the amount of sweat that ran past down his hot body.

“Will discuss this tomorrow, now hurry up and fix your shirt. You three still have to meet the V.I.P fans after this...”

With manager Sang being strict as usual, he left us once he answered his calls.

“I’m sure that the performance you gave now has a lot of people wanting to sponsor us. Looks like our manager is gonna be busy for the rest of night-”

“Jin? What’s up with you? What are you looking at- huh?! What the hell are you doing here?! How’d you get here?! Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?!”

With Kai and me following Jin’s gaze and Zack walking towards someone. I instantly smiled when I saw that it was the girl I met a few days ago at the coffee shop! I wonder if Zack knows her personally? I was about ready to approach her myself when I suddenly heard Kai call out her name!


My heart felt like it sank, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The world around me stopped moving as I watched the girl in the wheelchair make her way towards where Kai was standing. Her eyes never wavered away from him as all I could do was take a step back as I saw the way Kai was looking at her. His eyes looked like they were about to break into tears as he crouched himself down to her height. So this was her, this is the person who Kai loves...

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