Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Two

Melrose POV:

It’s been almost a month since my graduation, and honestly...I feel so frustrated! For these last few weeks I’ve been looking for work, however, it hasn’t been easy. So every morning I’ve been going for a run around my neighborhood to clear up my mind. If I stay home all day I’ll only end up stressing myself out. Here I thought that by getting my beauty license I would be able to get a job. But I guess even with my cosmetology degree, it doesn’t seem to be enough if I don’t have any experience in working. I already lost track of how many beauty salons I applied to!

I was hoping to be employed this summer, that way I could help Mom and Dad with some of the house payments. Oh well, I shouldn’t expect to get hired so easily. I hate being an adult, too many responsibilities. Can I go back to being a kid, please! Coming around the corner of my street, I was able to see my house finally. So as I slowed down my pace, I tried to catch up on my breathing once I reached the front of the house. However, I wasn’t expecting to have my sister open the door so suddenly!

“WHAT’S THE POINT IN HAVING A STUPID PHONE IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT WITH YOU?!” She shouted at me with tears in her eyes as tossed my phone at me!

“What!? Hey, what’s your problem?!”

I asked her with annoyance as I caught my phone from almost falling. The way she shoved it in my hands almost made me dropped it. But she should already know that I never take my phone with me when I go for a run. I’m always worried that it will fall if I carry it with me. Though I wonder why Sam is crying, did something happen? But before I could ask her what was wrong, she quickly ran away from me and went to the room!

I wanted to just take a warm bath and binge-watch some shows today. But I don’t think I’ll be able to relax today with how my sister is acting. Looking down at my phone I saw how many times she called, what could be so important for her to have called me 36 times!? At first, I thought that maybe a family emergency happened with how panicked my sister looked. But I realized that wasn’t the case when I read the text messages from Mom and Dad telling me to make food for tonight’s dinner. They both left for work early this morning, so it’s just been me and my little sister staying home all day...

“Samantha! What’s going on?! Why are you- uhh...what are you doing?” I asked her looking confused as I opened the door to my room to see a couple of suitcases packed.

“Oh God, Sam... please don’t start with the whole running away drama thing again. I swear, the last time you did this you were gone for 2 hours and came back home because you were hungry-”

“Shut up! It’s not that you idiot! I’m unpacking my shit because Dad told me I can’t go to the concert!” She yelled angrily as she began to unpack her clothes.

“Concert? What are you- OH! That’s right, I almost forgot you bought your concert ticket! Wait, why can’t you go?”

I asked her while grabbing a towel from our closet. I was about ready to take a shower but what Sam told me made me want to almost smack her at the back of her head.

“I...didn’t really ask Mom and Dad for permission if I can go to the concert. So I asked them this morning. I just assumed that they would give me the okay, but it didn’t turn out that way. I don’t get why they won’t let me go! I mean my best friend Lizzy is going with me. She turned 18 a few weeks ago so she was able to book a hotel room for us to stay the night. I already pitched in my half of the room and we were just gonna have a cab drive us to LA-”

“Samantha, are you hearing yourself?! Everything you’re saying sounds completely ridiculous-”

“Ugh! You sound like Dad! I would think you would be the one to be more understanding! Like honestly, you were my age before! Our age difference isn’t even that big! You’re only 5 years older than me! I’m sure there were places that you wanted to go to!” She said with a stubborn attitude as she threw the rest of her clothes on the bed.

“Okay, first of all. I’m an adult and you’re a minor. Secondly, did you really expect our parents to just say ‘yes’ to something like this? Hell, I doubt they would even let me go to LA by myself. Let alone stay the night in such a big city. You got to think these things through before making such plans-”

“Please spare me the adult lecture, I already went through it with Mom and Dad! I don’t wanna hear it from you, listen...this is my last year of being a teen before I have to be an adult. I just wanna be able to have fun... and all I wanna do is go to this one concert, this is supposed to be my last summer vacation before I go back to school. And once I’m done with high school I know I have to start looking for a job-”

“What are you talking about Sam? I thought you wanted to go to college-”

“There’s nothing I wanna study for, I don’t even know what I wanna do with my life yet... besides, colleges are really expensive. And it’s not like we could afford that kind of money-”

“Sam, stop. I don’t want you to just get a job, there has to be something you want to study for, and don’t worry about the expenses. Let Mom and Dad and I worry about that, okay?”

I explained as I went to approach her while patting her shoulder. But Sam still wasn’t looking at me and just kept her eyes looking at the floor, her sniffles could be heard as she tried to stop her tears from falling.

“If...if you can convince Mom and Dad about letting me go to the concert...then I’ll think real hard about going to college.”

She responded while raising her head to finally look at me. Her eyes were already puffy and I could see upset she was. Honestly, this sister of mine is such a brat. But it’s like she said before, this will be her last summer vacation. Taking a big sigh, I ended up agreeing with her...

“Alright... fine. I’ll talk with Mom and Dad. But there’s no guarantee they’ll say yes-”


Sam quickly shouted in return as she wrapped her hands around me, giving me a strong hug of excitement! She must really wanna go to this concert...

“I love you too, okay...I need to take a shower now and make dinner for later. I’ll ask our parents once they come back from work.”

I explained to her as we parted ways. Still holding on to my towel, I began to exit the room. But before I was about to shut the door behind me, I heard Sam speak her last words as I walked out.

“Thank you...”

She voiced out, I was a bit shocked to hear her say those words since Sam was always the spoiled child. Hearing a ‘thank you’ from her was rare, so I could truly understand how important this must be for her to see ExEx Idol.

Once I entered the bathroom I immediately began to strip off my clothes and enter the shower. Feeling the cool water hit my body felt so relaxing as I thought about what I should tell Mom and Dad. I know it’s not going to be easy to convince them if anything, I’m a bit nervous about telling our Father more than Mom. Since my Mother has always been more lenient, I’m sure she’ll agree in letting Sam go if Dad is okay with it. So Dad is probably the one who I have to convince the most! I swear he’s such a strict parent, I wonder if all Korean Fathers are this strict?

With my mindset still thinking about everything, I stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself off and change into my lazy comfy clothes. Letting out a stressful sigh, I stood in front of the mirror and wiped off the fogged-up glass with my hand. For someone like me who likes to build up other people’s confidence with either makeup or just a simple gesture of complementing them. I don’t have much confidence in my own appearance or in myself, but what keeps me moving forward is my family. They are what motivates me into wanting to become better, to do more. So if I can help my little sister fulfill her little dream of going to this concert, then I’ll do everything I can to make it a reality...

So as I ran my fingers through my long wet black hair, I thought for a moment if I should bleach it blonde? But I know that Dad would never approve of it, he always told me to be proud of how I looked like. That I should never change who I am, but it’s kinda hard not to when you’re surrounded by beautiful women in college. I feel like everyone stood out but me...

“Whatever...this is the face and body I’m stuck with...” I said In annoyance as I finally decided to leave the bathroom and begin to start making dinner.

Time quickly passed by that I didn’t even notice when the sun started to go down. Checking the time on my phone, I realized that Mom and Dad should be coming home any minute now since my mother is a janitor at Sam’s high school, she shouldn’t be working that late if all she’s doing is cleaning the school along with the other janitors during this summer break. But I think Dad is running late again since he works at recycling cars at a junkyard. So as I was setting up the table I couldn’t help but feel guilty for not doing enough. I know I’m doing my part in helping around the house, but I just feel like I could do more...

“Hey, is Mom and Dad not home yet?” Samantha suddenly asked as I watched her walk into the kitchen.

“No, not yet... though they should be coming any minute now-”

Right as I was about to finish my sentence, I came to a halt once Sam and I both heard the front door being opened. Samantha quickly got stiff the moment we saw Dad entering the house and taking his shoes off. My sister is making it so obvious with how nervous she is acting...

“Oh, did you work late again honey?” I heard Mom asked Dad as I saw her enter the house not too long after him.

“Yeah, turns out we had more cars to incinerate than we intended. So it ended up being a long day for me, I need to shower...”

With my parents still taking, I finished setting the table and looked over at Sam who just kept staring at them. She’s only going to make herself more anxious, I swear she has no patience. Samantha clearly likes torturing herself, I know that Dad and Mom are tired. But it’s best to just get this over with! So I immediately began to walk towards the both of them, they were still standing by the entrance of the door.

“Oh, Melissa were you able to make dinner?” She asked while giving me a quick hug.

“Y...yeah, I made something simple. Spaghetti and meatballs, umm...Dad can I ask you something-”

“Did Samantha help you?”

Dad quickly asked sternly as he walked past me. Following his movement, he entered the kitchen and dropped his can water bottle in the sink.

“Huh? Oh...uhh, No. But it wasn’t anything difficult-”

“It doesn’t matter if the task is difficult or not, Samantha. You need to help your sister more around the house instead of being on the computer all day, ever since your sister moved back here. You’ve been lacking on your chores and responsibilities.”

He said in dissatisfaction as he went to look over at Sam who refused to make eye contact with him. But I know my sister well enough that she was becoming annoyed and upset with how Dad was talking to her.

“Are you serious?! Why do you always think I’m on my computer?! These last four years I’ve been doing all the cleaning and cooking while MelRose was at college-”

“You don’t see me or your mother slacking off when we work and your sister has been trying her best to find a job. So the least you can do is clean and cook for the family. We all must contribute something and work to make a living, maybe it’s about time I stop giving you an allowance.”

Father spoke sternly as he raised his voice a bit higher as he began to walk away from Sam. Seeing that she had brought her hands into a tight fist and I could see how angry she was starting to become. I’m never going to understand why Sam feels the need to talk back to Dad. But then again, she is at that rebellious teen phase...

“You know what!-”

“Samantha! That’s enough, just listen to your Father.”

Mom quickly worded in as she entered the kitchen. She then patted Sam’s head in a way of calming her down. However, Samantha didn’t want to deal with whatever Mom had to say as she angrily shoved mom’s hand away and quickly marched towards our room. The slamming of the door could be heard as I looked over at Mom who held a worrisome expression.

So much for a happy family dinner, letting out a sigh I began to rub both my eyes in a tired-like motion. I left mother alone in the kitchen as she began to wash Dad’s water bottle, Mom and I both know that we need to give Sam some time to cool off. I just wish she had patience with Dad. He could come off being very strict, but he’s only strict with us because he loves us. I’ve come to realize that as I got older, so hopefully Sam could understand that one day...

As I walked down the hall, I was able to hear Samantha sobbing a bit as I passed down the hallway. Coming to a stop at my parent’s door, I made sure to knock before entering the room. And once I did, I saw that my dad was sitting on the mattress already taking his socks off. He did say he was going to take a shower, but I should probably talk to him first. He was quick to notice me enter the room as he stood up from the bed.

“Hey Dad, is it okay if I talk to you for a second?” I asked as I watched him rubbing the back of his neck, he has a habit of doing that when he’s stress.

“What is it, Mel?” He asked in a tiresome sigh.

“It’s about Sam going to LA to see that concert-”

“I already said no to her, she has no business in going to a big city alone. I don’t care if she said she’s going with a friend, I don’t know who she is and I don’t trust any strangers with your sister. We all know how sensitive and irresponsible she can be-”

“I get it, I completely agree with you. However, Sam is still a teen...she hasn’t done anything this summer. Dad, I know you’ve raised us to be respectable and to put our priorities first. But life isn’t just about working, it’s also about having fun and being happy as well. And right now, I don’t think Sam has been able to experience neither of those two. It’s like she said, she’s been doing all of the housework since I’ve been gone, so I think she deserves to have fun at least once this summer. Please, Dad, I know the last thing you want is Sam to resent you. If you keep being so strict on her-”

“Alright, alright...I get what you’re trying to say. Honestly, you act just like your mother.” I heard Dad responded with a weak smile as he looked at me.

“Okay then...” He responded next as he headed for the closet to pull out a towel.

“Okay, what?”

I repeated his words back in confusion as he walked past me and headed for the bathroom that was down the hallway.

“I’ll let Sam go to that concert, but only if! You go with her to keep an eye on her.”

He said as he turned to look at me, he then entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him. And right on cue, Samantha had quickly opened the door and looked at me with a look of shock and excitement in her eyes that were still filled with tears. It was obvious that she overheard what Dad said earlier. Great, I’m stuck being the fucking babysitter...

“Don’t make me regret helping you, okay,” I said to her as she rushed herself towards me and gave me a giant hug!

Her happiness was so visible now and I’m glad she could smile again, never knew ExEx Idol could make Sam smile so easily like this, though I wonder how late the concert will be? Which reminds me! I need to pack a bag for myself if I’m going to be staying in LA for a night. Hopefully, everything goes well...

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